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6 Powerful Freelance SEO Services

The SEO services are affordable due to the lack of overhead and many other costs that SEO Agencies have. The search engine optimisation services will be lower but that is what you can expect from a when we write “affordable”.

The image below is what you already have seen on the homepage but it gives clearly the SEO process flow and that process flow gives away the SEO services I have on the menu.

The whole process always starts with an understanding of the keywords that are more than relevant to your business. You probably already know the keywords but you might miss out on keywords you forgot or just don’t think about.

Freelance SEO Services Workflow
SEO Workflow

Find Target Keywords

Find the target keywords is fundamental to your business. Without the right keywords, your clients are never going to find you and although therefore really good quality time needs to be invested in this.

If your website is running for a while and if you have Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster then several keywords are most likely already listed and that will give a clear indication what we need to look for.

Many keywords you probably already know because they describe your business but we have to make sure that these keywords are not too broad but really need to be spot on.

Check Current Rankings

Using the keywords in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster we make a list of already known keywords and see how well they do in the search engines. The keywords that are describing your business or product will be picked out and used to make your website content better using these particular keywords.

Fix on-site Issues

Any technical issue with your website will be solved. The foundation of your “house” must be perfect for visitors to have a great experience on your website. Some of the issues might be seen by visitors, others they will not see but help search engines to understand your website better.

Optimise Pages

The keywords that are used to target visitors coming to your website will be used to optimise the pages. This optimisation will be done by a native language speaker/writer and someone who has an understanding of the business.

Get Rid of Toxic Links

Spammy links can be toxic and hurt your ranking in the search engines. This service is searching for these toxic links and disavow them with Google.

Build Quality Backlinks

The Holy Grail of SEO. It is not just building backlinks but quality backlinks from high authoritative sites. These links can be from a wide variety of websites but they all bring “juice” to your site giving it a boost by the search engines because of the trust relation build between you and your link partner.

Local SEO

Often is spoken about local SEO and the process written above is also used for Local SEO. There is a difference in that sense that the keywords might have a geographical area and during link building, we look for very local sites.


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