Over the years Keenclick has had several purposes but only recently the domain keenclick.com is used for the Digital Marketing services specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media marketing and implementation of Bitrix24.

You might find some “old” articles on the internet but hopefully, these are soon all gone which is part of Technical SEO, the deletion and removing of “old” articles that are not relevant anymore.


What is left are some articles about Crowdtesting as that is important businesses that want a website but do not have the test personnel in-house, then crowdsourcing is a very interesting idea. Our CEO has done that, knows what it is about and because of this, we left the articles and hopefully you find something interesting in that.


Coming back to SEO and Social Media, the digital marketing services, yes, there are many competitors out there and they all are fishing in the same tank of customers but it is good to compete because this not about Keenclick, it is about you.


Too many times when you go to a website and start reading the about page, it is all about what “the company” can do but you already know what that company can do otherwise you would not come to that website.


The point is more that we want to understand more about the problems you are facing because only then we can look at a solution.  Whether this is ranking your website higher in the search engines or implementing an efficient marketing tool into your business.


What is so special about Keenclick, well, to be honest, and without being arrogant we think that after listening to you we will understand the problem and are able to solve that problem in a way you want. As mentioned before, it is not about us but about you.


When you are happy then we are happy and that only will be the fact after implementing a solution to solve the problem(s) your business is facing.


But let's start with step 1 and that is for you to contact us via chat, email, phone call, facebook or even walk by if you are nearby.