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Build a Website for Beginners

Building a Website for Beginners

To build a website looks difficult especially for dummies or beginners. But is that indeed the case? Can dummies build websites and be successful? What is it that beginners and dummies need to make their website successful.

Many successful websites started small, created by website builders who knew nothing and started to learn by doing. Do you think that you as a beginner can be as successful as them?


There are basically 3 options for you to have a website build.
  • Hire a 3rd Party Company
  • Hire a Freelancer
  • Do it Yourself


Hire a 3rd Party Company

Hiring a company will be expensive. The costs are unknown until you know the requirements you need but starting a small business you do not need this because you do need to keep the costs under control.



Hiring a freelancer will be cheaper but you still have to look at the maintenance that you probably cannot do yourself so that will be outsourced for a certain amount per month.



Do it yourself is the cheapest option but you spend time on learning to set up the website and learning how your website can help you building your business.


It is not just the website but you need to understand how Facebook, Twitter, Google+ work or at least have your site setup there, you will need to understand how Search Engine Optimisation works, connect it to Google Analytics so you see how many people visiting your site and not only that but learn from it to build better advertisement campaigns.


There is so much to think of but that all can be done by a beginner, you just need to start.


Do I Have to Learn That All on my Own?

The problem many have is that the learning curve is too steep, well, that is what they think but what if I tell you that there is a large community out there that can help you and is willing to help you.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes



What would you do if there is a community that can help you with all questions you have on many topics. Building your site within WordPress and have learned from the best in the field?


In this case, I talk about Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member and you will read some more information about them on my site because they are truly amazing. I do have a few websites in WordPress but I am much more interested in the lessons, the live video classes and the training giving by not only Wealthy Affiliate but also the members, the community that is large, or better to say huge.


Why Wealthy Affiliate?

It depends a little on your business, as you can understand a lot of them is focused on affiliate marketing but not all. You can set up a business without going into affiliate marketing but to understand how to setup a business, how to set up a website and how to monetize a website.


Just the video classes are remarkable good, going back to 2012 and every week a video has been uploaded. These video classes are every week and joined by many members, especially members who just started but it gives a good understanding how to set up a business with for example Local Search Engine Optimisation.

 2u web server

Hosting at Keenclick

Here at Keenclick, we use Joomla and if you are interested in looking into Joomla, just contact us and we discuss it. More websites are running on the same platform where Keenclick is running, so a few more is not a problem. Just contact us for more information.


Do it All by Myself

It is absolutely possible to do it all by yourself without the help of others. There is so much information available on the internet that searching for the right content might take time but on the other hand, will save you money spending on something that is freely available.


Starting to Build a Website

There are many hosting platforms available with free software, open source software, like WordPress and Joomla. There are more, much more, but I concentrate on these two because learning more than 2 is not necessary.


You will need to make a decision to use WordPress, Joomla or any other. My recommendation is to use WordPress, that we also can host, but WordPress is especially good for beginners. There is less need to understand of the underlying platform when you compare that with Joomla.


The Wealthy Affiliate system is built completely for WordPress therefore for a beginner it is excellent, you can build your site, with the help of the community and you can be successful. It depends a little on what your niche is going to be because some niches are very competitive but if you start a local business then your competition is only locally and that might be a big benefit.

 lynx wordpress

Content Content Content

Well, I should write Quality Content because that is king. It does not matter how good you are in website building, you can have a perfect site but when the content is crap nobody comes to your website and when nobody comes then you can be assured that even Google is not interested anymore. You need quality content to get ranked to outperform your competitors.



We are grown up with images, we love images because an image says more than a 1000 words, I wonder how I can change this text to one single image, I probably have to create a process flow on “how to build a website for beginners” and place that as an image on the website. Only that search engines cannot read images, therefore, you will need to write content that reflects your business.



It is maybe not all written content that you want, moving images are an important part of our lives and people just love the video, it might be good for your business to have a video on your site for people to watch and contact you for more information.


Get Ranked

I mentioned it, Google, the search engine that everyone loves or maybe hates, well, it does not matter. Googe is the number 1 search engine so you need to rank them, however, do not underestimate Bing. Especially with Windows 10 and Cortana where more and more searches will be done through Cortana which is straight from the Windows 10 desktop.

Learning how to get ranked is important with all the three options. It does not matter if you use a company, a freelancer or doing it yourself, the content must be good to get ranked.


Written by Third Party

Yes, you can have others creating the content for you but will that content be good enough for your site, remember that you need to get ranked. Do you really think that others will write the way you want? Of course, if you go to large companies they have professional writers but these are expensive, and someone on Fiverr is a lot cheaper but that is probably what you will see in the content and then you are still updating the content to make it perfect.


Starting Your Business

There are many aspects to think about when you start a business to work from home, for the money, for whatever reason, the opportunities are out there. Here at Keenclick we are helping our customers to make the right decision when they start a business, we not decide for you but we just give the information so you can make the right decision yourself.


Starting a business is easier than you think, building a website is easier than you think, it is more to make that decision and the willingness to learn. Success does not come with the wind unless you think about wind power, you have to work hard but that is with every business that is being setup.


Starting to Build your Website

Hope this article does shine a light on the steps to undertake. There are many companies out there willing to set up your website, same as us, or have a good website builder but no company is as good as Wealthy Affiliate when it comes down to training or getting help from a large community.

You can build a website under 30 seconds if you do not know how then check out "Create a Website under 30 Seconds".



The recommendation is to talk to us first so you have a good understanding of all the options before you make that decision and if you have made the decision and only want confirmation if it is the right one then contact us. We are here to help and yes, we would love you as our customer.


If you are indeed a complete newbie in websites then it would be good to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you only stay a few month as premium, the lessons you learn there you will not see for elsewhere. Any training elsewhere is more expensive.


create free account



Please leave a comment below or in the forum. Do not forget to contact us via email or chat. As mentioned before we are here to help


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    Its a great piece to share with all the upcoming entrepreneurs. And to do that making a good and power packed website is not a bad idea at all. Speaking of a third party company, it helps a lot if you get your work done from any other service providers. One tip I want to add up is that if you are thinking to make an e-commerce business or any chat based site, you better have an online chat agents like Outsource Chat Operators kz Live Chat i

  • Well, I am in the process of building my business around Mavenace, that is focused on Digital Marketing. But includes hosting, project management, and so much more. If you are interested then contact me on The website will get a redesign soon. p.s. I have a chat service already which is free.