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Building a Website for Free

How to Build a Website for Free

Starting a business for free is possible and with that comes building a website for free. There are so many sites that offer website building for no money at all, but is there a catch? Is it possible to build a website for free? Well, here I am going to tell you how to make a website for free.


Free Domain

In my article “Name Your Business” I wrote that it is important to have a domain name. These normally do not come for free, although they do not cost much is it possible to have a domain name for free?


Well, you can get a free domain name when you also host your website at certain sites, after 1 year however you will need to start paying the domain name hosting fee which is around $10 a year for a .com although I have seen them cheaper, so you can search for a cheaper price but the time you are searching also can be considered a waste when you only save $2 or $3 per year.


Hosting for Free

You will be able to find hosting solutions for free. So if you are indeed not willing to pay anything for hosting than this might be a solution for you but always do remember that there might be some catch. I always say, only the sun is for free, the rest you have to pay for. It is just that simple, there must be something to “lure” you into ordering a “proper” hosting environment including domain name in a later stage.


This “proper” hosting environments can be in a variety of ways that includes a cPanel, do not worry if you do not know what this is, or just an environment with a WordPress installation so you can build your site.

 www - building a website


Building a Website for Free

Once you have registered the domain name and sorted out the hosting, the building of your website can start. The question will pop up, and you should have answered that a long time ago, are you building your business website yourself, save the money and learn, or do you outsource the building of the website and spend the time that developers are building your site on other matters that you need to start your business.


If you are the one that same like me do it yourself, learn to set-up the site and install a CRM then why not contact me. I can host for you like I host for others. I do not advertise the hosting “adventures” but it certainly is possible. For your information, I host with Kualo in the UK but they also have a data centre in the USA if that is more convenient (faster Internet access) for you and your customers.


If not hosted by me, please read on so you have an understanding what needs to be done.


Customer Relationship Management

You have made the decision to build it yourself, it is a small business and you do not have much budget and just cannot afford to pay expensive developers building a website. I have been an IT Project Manager for a long time and know how it is, projects always delay, therefore are more expensive and the customer must pay.


If you build your site yourself then there are a few options to make it easy and that is to build in WordPress. I know there are more CRM options but I know both WordPress and Joomla so will stick to that, if you rather go for another CRM please do so although looking at WordPress and some statistics then WordPress must be good enough for your business and it is free, you do not need to pay anything for WordPress.


Keenclick is built in Joomla because that is how I started and to switch over to WordPress is not really an option, I have other sites in Joomla but also in WordPressHere at Keenclick I write about blogging and that you can make a good living with it, and basically you can make a business out of blogging, you are not the only one that writes from the heart and the passion, the love they have for their niche.


Another option for a free site is to build a website at Wealthy Affiliate, it is not only building the site but also how to monetize your passion, your niche, your business.


Check out if the name of your business is still available, it is free to test it out.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes


Content must be Unique

The most important part of your website is the content, this content will drive traffic to your website, the visitors to your website that you would like to turn into customers. Often you see websites with content that is copied, especially Amazon affiliates, they just copy the product information from Amazon and although it looks perfect the problem is that the content is not unique.


If you are not building an affiliate site but a business showing what you can for example on content writing or data mining, then you need pages on your website describing exactly that. Do not copy content from other websites but write your own content or rewrite the content from others so that search engines will see your content as unique.


Quality in your Content

Have you even been to a website and you just wonder what you are reading? Just a load of crap, a lot of words but saying nothing, this sounds like politicians :-) and what you do when you get to these sites? You leave, going to the next site where you hopefully can find what you are looking for. And when you found it then it means that there is quality because you found what you were looking for.


Quality in your content is important, quality will rank you in search engines, get you to top spots in the search engines and by doing that you will get more visitors and visitors can turn into customers and customers pay.


Writing the Content

When you write your content I advise to write not directly on the website but use a word editor or same like me use Google Docs or Microsoft Word if you prefer.  Content is stored, saved automatically and when the content is ready or nearly ready I copy this content to my website, update the look and feel, add pictures that I would like to use, go over the content again, update a few things before I publish it. Once I have published it, I copy and past the published articles back into the same Google Docs page so I have always a copy which I can update and the process starts again.


Even after a few weeks I go back to the same article, read it again and update if needed to make the article better. Quality is important because just like me you need to have the visitor in mind that is going to read the article.


Length of Content

The length of content always will be a tricky one to answer because I have seen pages with only 300 words high in Google and pages with 10,000 words lower in Google. The point is that the quality of the content must be good, you name an article like this one “building a website for free” and write the content around it. If I can do that in 300 words then great but I do not like pages with only 300 words, I rather go for 1500 to 2000 words and I have pages with close to 3000 words.


Did I ever bother with that? No, I did not and that was one of my mistakes. I was writing quantity, many pages with no meaning, not written with quality in mind. And that is what I have learned and I am still in the process of updating the Keenclick website removing old pages or updating pages so they are better because at the end I am here to help you, to serve you if possible with information so you can start building your website for free or maybe for money, or better to say start building your business and become successful.


Learn to Build a Website

I just wrote only a few items when you start building a website for free and I did learn a lot myself but that took a few years because I did this next to my normal daily work as IT Project Manager and when coming home in the evenings I had not the energy anymore to go online and learn more I rather closed my eyes or watched a movie on Netflix.


That all changed when I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and did learn the steps of building an online web presence talking about my passion, or better in my case helping people setting up businesses or help them in thinking how you can earn money online by setting up a business, work from home and be successful.


I do not say that you need to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate but they have a lot to offer and the first lessons are free of charge. Just check them out and decide later and when you do not like it, you just leave.


Traffic to Your Website

green buttonWithout traffic your site is only for you and that should not be the purpose. The website is developed for visitors to read what you have to offer and these visitors need to become customers so you can make your business successful.


Traffic is important but not all traffic, you need quality in your traffic, it is better to have visitors that are really interested in your product rather than a visitor that arrives on your site and leaves after 3 seconds. It is the same as a retail store, have you ever been in a shop where you walk in, look around quickly and leave, well that are the 3 seconds visitors and useless for you as a business owner.


You need the people coming in, walking around, look at the products, ask questions about products and when you can make a sale you both are happy.


The 3-second visitor is not happy because he did not find what he is looking for and it was all so quickly you did not have the time to ask the visitor.


The traffic you need must be quality traffic and that is one of the reasons why you need quality content. Search engines will understand if your content is unique and will understand if there is quality, a few years ago the search engines could not read or understand that but technology is progressing and so are search engines.


Images & Video

Part of your website are images and video. A picture says more than a thousand words and that is indeed the case. You can write, just like me in this article, a lot of words but a picture says sometimes a lot more. The only problem is that search engines do not understand pictures, they cannot read the image and the same is for video.


How important can it be to have a video on your site explaining what you do, or how the visitor can use a product or solve a problem that he or she has? A video is important and should be one of the elements on your site. It does not mean that you put a video on every page although if that video says exactly what the visitor needs to know then why not. It is maybe some effort to create a video but eventually it will pay off.



In this article I wrote that it is possible to build a website for free, although there might be a catch especially in the hosting and domain name, these are normally not for free.


If you have your domain name and hosting then you can think of the software you are going to use, my recommendation is WordPress because there are so many sites already in WordPress and not just blogging sites. See the list of companies that use WordPress. This is a screenshot, well part of it from the WordPress website:

 Screenshot 2016 08 04 at 22.03.04


And when these large companies use WordPress then it cannot be crappie software. Just imagine what will happen with a newspaper when the site crashes all the time, no visitors, no paying
customers and sponsors and advertisers also will leave.


To learn about WordPress and especially about setting up an online business using WordPress and to make this business successful I would recommend that you look at Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member but so are others, just look at the following post of a guy called Craig.


I can confirm that Craig joined Wealthy Affiliate on the 2nd of August 2010 and follow the following link to read his blog about these 6 years at Wealthy Affiliate.



If you have any questions then please contact me via the comment section below, in the forum or chat with me on the right, where you can see if I am online and yes when I am I will answer.



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