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Paid Surveys Home Scam - Cashcrate

How long have you been searching for a site where you get paid doing surveys from home but at the same time being afraid that these sites are SCAM? Many paid survey from home sites are indeed SCAM but there are for sure a few sites that are legit like Cashcrate.



Cashcrate is around for quite a few years and very interesting when you are from the USA or the UK. When you are living elsewhere in this world, you might not get that many surveys and therefore I almost would say do not bother to go to Cashcrate, on the other hand, sign up and see what you can do to earn money at Cashcrate.


The Cashcrate clients are from the USA or the UK hence the reason you will get online surveys when you live in these countries but with 1.5 million members the customers of Cashcrate are more than happy to get their surveys done and get the information they are looking for.

 cashcrate survey

What has Cashcrate in Offer for You?

There are multiple ways to earn money with Cashcrate and I will go through them one by one. And pretty sure that there is something that will make you join Cashcrate and start earning. If you know enough already then why not join right now and here.


Otherwise just read on with this Cashcrate review and you will see you will join them later when you get to the bottom of this page.


Why Should I Join Cashcrate?

As mentioned earlier, Cashcrate is not SCAM, but I would not be bothered with them when you are not living in the USA or the UK. But if you do live in the USA or the UK then you will have the opportunity to make good legit money.



Start with Your Profile

Once you register, you will need to create a profile and update your profile when your situation changes. Just filling in your profile already will earn you money.


Not filling in your profile will not only earn you NO money at all, but you will not get any money earning opportunities. Cashcrate is not sending you offers, or surveys, or at least not the high paying offers & surveys when you have not filled in your profile. And that is understandable. The Cashcrate clients expecting quality for their surveys and when you are a woman, are you the right person to do surveys on razors? Okay, lady shave, but you know what I mean.

And the same counts for men who are over 50, they hardly know what a 20-year young woman thinks. Yes, they can fill in a survey but is that quality for the Cashcrate client?


Creating your profile will earn you money but more important will get your opportunities to earn money through Cashcrate.



Paid Survey Secrets

The good old surveys, you will see them at many sites and at many sites you will see the same surveys. So, why should you do the surveys at Cashcrate? Well, would it not be handy to have all your income coming from one site, instead of going to many sites, logging in and doing one single survey or maybe multiple but you will not get paid before you reach a certain threshold? Cashcrate also has a threshold of $20 before payment start but you can easily reach that in 1 day.


How Much do I Earn with Surveys?

The question you have, like many others, is that surveys just not always make good money. At Cashcrate you will earn from $0.10 to $7.50


In the screenshot, you see just a few surveys which the earnings for that survey. And this is just a glimpse, there are so many surveys that if the $7.50 survey is not for you there certain will be other surveys for you.


Everyone wants to do the $7.50 survey and if you are eligible to do that and quick enough then you will be able to do that survey but as mentioned you need to be quick, before you know the survey is filled with other members of Cashcrate.


Top Surveys

I am still figuring out what Top Surveys means at Cashcrate. If you know then please let me know because it is not the money that can be earned because that is less than other surveys.

 cashcrate offers

Cashcrate Offers

Earning money with the Cashcrate offers is a good way to fill your bank account. Living in the UK and a profile that probably does not fit any match I only get 4 offers, pretty sure that you, especially when you live in the USA, will get other offers and much more than what I get.


Cashcrate Refer a Friend

As with many another website, sending your URL to your friend and have them signed up will make your money. And not just for the signing up at Cashcrate you even will earn from the friends of your friends. You will earn 20% of what your friend makes online at Cashcrate and a whopping 10% of the friends of your friends. Not many sites do that but at Cashcrate they do.


And on top of that, you will get a $3 bonus when you friend earn their first $10.00 but with a minimum payout of $20.00 your friend definitely will get there.


Cashcrate, Earn Money Watching Video

It is not just YouTube that you should watch, yes, YouTube has great videos but you will not earn a dime unless you create your own video and place it on YouTube to generate an income, see my video section here at Keenclick.


Cashcrate, however, let you earn money watching video from the comfort of your lazy chair. You can watch TV and earn nothing, you can watch a Cashcrate video and money start rolling in. Isn;t that easy money?


You will need to go through a wizard, which you already should have done with the profile and then interestingly enough you do not get videos but instead more surveys and offers. This might be because there are no videos available, yet, and at the same time, there is money not to be missed.

 cashcrate topsurvey

Cashcrate Bonus Survey

The Cashcrate Bonus Survey will earn you more money, this can be a few cents where the “normal” survey pays you $1.00 and the bonus survey pays you another $0.58. Normally when you have accepted and filled in an offer you will not see that offer anymore but the Cashcrate customer does not like you to leave yet, so they give you another option to earn some extra money online.


There are various ways but the bottom line is the Cashcrate customer want you to be a customer of theirs so they pay you. If you at the end do not like what they offer, you just do not go there anymore but who does not like to play games for example?


Cashcrate Bonus Offer

The majority of the companies you see giving a bonus offer are working in the gambling industry. Casino, Sports Betting, Bingo but not all of them, there are bonus offers for filling in surveys or accepting an offer for a mobile phone service.


Some of them are paying out very well, like a bingo paying $22.50 and you get $10 free when you deposit $40. Basically, it means that you get $22.50 + $10 = $32.50 back for a $40 deposit and who says you do not win $100 or even more?


Cashcrate Shopping

The Cashcrate Shopping is for the moment only for the USA. This Cashcrate Shopping is not available in the UK, yet, let alone elsewhere but like other CashBack Shopping sites you can image what you can expect.


For every purchase you make at one of the online details you will get cash back, it does not say that you also will earn money on the spending of your friends, but what is not might come one day because there are sites doing exactly that.


Two Daily Surveys @ Cashcrate

The Two Daily Surveys pays you $0.80 each day, and doing that every day will earn you about $50 a month already and that is only by 2 surveys. Just make the calculation.


cashcrate refer

Cashcrate & Referrals

I mentioned earlier, you really start earning money when you have your friends and other referrals joining Cashcrate because you make money on their earnings. It would be good to add your referral link to you Facebook and when you have many Facebook friends why not ask them to join and the same counts for Twitter.


Cashcrate Points Offer Earn Prizes

Another great way to earn money is by earning points. The points you earn count towards prizes you want to have. There are many points to earn while playing games or in the prize shop. When you have enough points you can get you free vouchers or gift cards that you can redeem in a large retail store.


Crates Game

Did I write before that you can earn while playing games, well, indeed that is the case and not just earning but big earnings. The Crates is the perfect game to win prizes and these range from 1 cent to $1,000 and there is nothing more to do than to pick the winning crate.


Each play will cost you 5 points but if you win the fireworks will go off and then the 5 points are nothing compared to the fun of winning.

 cashcrate games

Play Games

There are multiple other games to play that will earn you money or points that you can redeem for gift cards. You can play in tournaments be in contact with the community, in short, it is a lot of fun to play games at Cashcrate and beating your opponent makes it even better.



I definitely recommend you to join Cashcrate right now. It is for free, there is no monthly fee or anything like that. You already can earn $50 a month just by doing the 2 Daily Surveys but you will earn a lot more with all the money generating options Cashcrate have.


They are not SCAM, but companies are sponsoring Cashcrate and these do not want to be involved with SCAM because it will give them a bad name.



==> Join Cashcrate here <==




Let me know how you get on with Cashcrate, I love to hear from you below in the comment or in the forum or chat with me when I am online.

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