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Making Money with Clixsense or just a SCAM

Clixsense is one of the better sites and you can make money at Clixsense, good money and by no means a SCAM site. I placed Clixsense under PTC but Clixsense is much more than a Pay to Click sites. You really can do a lot more than just making money by clicking advertisements. If you are serious about making money and you do your research then Clixsense must be in your top list of sites to go to on a daily basis.


Clixense Review 

This Clixsense Review will show that Clixsense is not a SCAM and hopefully gives you enough information for you to decide to join Clixsense or just stay away because although you can make money at Clixsense the earnings will be low but if that is what you are choosing, good on you.

If you do not bother to read but want to go straight to the conclusion and sign up then why not. I do that too, sometimes just too lazy to read.

Go to the conclusion


PTCs are not the only sites out there, plenty to find, plenty to try but always check the review and make up your own mind to join a site. There are many SCAM sites out there and they want your money.

SCAM; Clixsense is NOT SCAM, that is a starter although there are a few things you need to take into account but that for later.

Can you make money with Clixsense?

clixsense review

Oh yes, you can and it goes a lot quicker than regular PTC sites if you do not have a strategy or referrals you will not get anywhere, learning how to get referrals then please check the Rich PTC Kid.


On the Clixsense website they write the following on:

ClixSense is an industry proven method that allows website publishers of every size or budget to direct targeted and unique traffic to their website. This is the same system that the largest online retailers in the world take advantage of for their advertising needs.

ClixSense offers this opportunity to every web merchant whether you are a start-up business with a minimal advertising budget or if your business is already established but you are desiring additional web exposure. For as little as $1.20 you can position your website to be exposed to potential customers.

ClixSense has developed sophisticated online tracking and monitoring systems to ensure that every dollar you spend advertising with ClixSense delivers to you the most bang for your hard earned advertising dollar. Our industry leading software virtually eliminates any type of Internet bots that automatically click through your ads. For this reason, you can rest assured that your ads are being viewed by real customers with true buying power.


How do Clixsense do?

Comparing to other sites then you can say that Clixsense is around for some time, starting back in 2007 they paid their members over $18 million (the mansion to the right is worth $18m) and with over 6 million members you can calculate the average that has been paid. Indeed not a lot but pretty sure that a lot of their members do not even log in anymore and others are clicking "daily".

$18 million mansion


Is it still interesting to become a member? Without a strategy and referrals forget to become a member of any pay to click site. You can be clicking the whole evening or a weekend and at the end, you might be lucky if you have a few dollars. Not worth the effort. You need referrals but even then, if you have referrals you still need to log in every now and then not to lose your money.


However in combination with other money generating opportunities Clixsense can earn you that extra cash to buy that new mobile or anything you wanted to buy. Do not expect to become rich because that is just not going to happen, not even with a lot of referrals. There is no way to get rich besides hard work, a good plan or just be lucky being born in a rich family.


How to Earn Money with Clixsense?

There are multiple ways to earn money at Clixsense. Payments are not great and you need to make sure you earn enough and get the money out because 30 days no logging in and you lose all your money, waste of time. It is all in the fine print but on the other hand, it is just not a PTC site in the sense of clicking advertisements there is more to do here.


Customers submit their advertisements and while you watch these ads you get paid. It depends on what you would like to do but as mentioned there are a few ways to make money at Clixsense and these are Pay To Click Adverts, Clixsense Referral Signup, ClixSense Offers and Surveys, CrowdFlower Tasks, Advertising Sales and when you upgrade your membership to Premium you will even make more.


Get a Sense of Clixsense Earnings

To get a sense of your earnings check out the following. 

There are several Ad Clicks to do and these are called Clixsense Micro, Clixsense Mini, Clixsense Standard, Clixsense Extended and Clixsense Sticky. You will need to watch these advertisements before you can make that online money.


  Micro Mini Standard Extended Sticky
Standard $0.0002 $0.0010 $0.0020 $0.0020 $0.0001
Premium $0.0004 $0.0020 $0.0040 $0.0040 $0.0001
Exposure Type Per Click Per Click Per Click Per Click Per Day
Time (seconds) 3 15 30 60 5
Each Click Requires (Ad Credits)  1 5 10 16 1
Demographic Filters Clixsense cross Clixsense tick Clixsense tick Clixsense tick  Clixsense cross
Premium Filter Clixsense cross Clixsense tick Clixsense tick Clixsense tick Clixsense cross
Detailed Statistics Clixsense cross Clixsense tick Clixsense tick Clixsense tick Clixsense cross
Description Visible cross Clixsense tick Clixsense tick Clixsense tick Clixsense cross
100,000 Ad Credit Pack CPC  $0.0013  $0.0067  $0.0134  $0.0214  N/A




Make More Money with Clixsense



Clixsense Referral Sign Up

A direct referral sign up will earn you $1 for a standard or $2 for a premium sponsor. Meaning that when the referral earns £10 you as the sponsor earns $1 when you are a standard sponsor, start counting if you are a premium sponsor. Talk to your friends, send the referral link to your Facebook or Twitter friends and when they sign up.. well there you go you earned money for absolutely doing nothing but sending a link.

Referrals are the most important part of making money online. It does not matter where these referrals come from as long as you have them and do not think about 1 or 5 referrals if you are really serious then think about a couple of hundred of better in the 1000s.

Once you have in the 1000s of referrals then you really start laughing and you can go back to probably 2 hours a week being on Clixsense which is more to see how much money you have generated online rather than actual clicking, yes the bare minimum. But why would you click if someone else is doing it for you?

Find yourself a PTC strategy that works on Clixsense and only then you are going to make money and this strategy involves referrals.


Clixsense Offers and Surveys

Once you are members and you complete Offers that is joining free sites, shopping and go for the cash back, take surveys, well your earnings are unlimited and you will get a commission here, a standard sponsor gets 5% and once you are a premium sponsor you get a whopping 10% commission.

Here you see my biggest issue with ClixSense, I received an email for a survey opportunity, but is $0.70 for 12 minutes work, and most likely it will be a lot more, because you need to login, you need to go through a few pre-requisites questions before you eventually come to the survey itself. It does not say that you will even do the survey, it might that that during the pre-survey, to see if you are eligible, that Clixsense decline you because you are not in their target people they would like to have. 

 Clixsense email for survey

Clixsense Surveys

There are plenty of surveys to do and these surveys come from well know sites.

  • CINT
  • Global Test Market
  • Your Surveys
  • Opinion Surveys
  • Give Us Your 2 Cents

You can obvious go to each site and sign up but going through Clixsense makes it easier. The surveys are all in the portal and you just start filling them in. Take your time to fill in the surveys accurately, cheaters will be banned from the system as they are completely useless for the researcher wanted your information so they can make their products and services better.



Everyone loves to play a game, maybe not all the time but at every now and then it is just good to put your mind on something else. At Clixsense you can win up to $10.00 on the ClixGrid. An easy game with a great price to win. The is a clicking game where you click anywhere on the picture. Once you click an advertisement is shown for 10 seconds with a notification if you won a price.






Clixsense Offers

Offers come and go but are in one of the categories. You will be earning from $0.01 for a radio offer to $2 for a download offer. For you to make the choice or just go for all to earn more money online. 

  • Free
  • Sign Up
  • Download
  • Radio

Clixsense Screenshot



Have you heard of Crowdflower? If not then in short with Crowdflower you can earn money by executing tasks. These micro-tasks are simple, straightforward but make you in good money. Although you can sign up with Crowdflower directly, you can use your referrals you have at Clixsense to earn from your referrals micro-tasks execution. The commission you get per task is 5% for a standard sponsor and again a whopping 10% for a premium sponsor.


Advertisements & Sales with Clixsense

If your direct referrals purchase Ad Credits or ClixGrid links you even make more money and that for doing really nothing. To get an understanding of the commission then the commission for a standard user is 10% up to $1 or when you are a Clixsense premium user you get 10% up to $2.

Is there any limit? For the standard Clixsense sponsor, the limit is $100 but the premium sponsor has a barrier in his earning here, that is unlimited.


Upgrade to Clixsense Premium

There are 8 levels for the premium sponsor, where if you are a standard sponsor you only get $2 for each referral however when you upgrade to premium sponsor you get paid for the first referral $2 and after these $1. Here is the real power of Clixsense. If you want to earn some money do not hesitate to register at Clixsense.


Benefits of Being a Clixsense Member

  • You can even make more money when you become a member, the money you earn will increase per click you do yourself or your referral.
  • There is no limited on the number of referrals
  • It is possible that there are no daily ads but once you become a member you get these ads to make your money
  • Have a look at the affiliate program. As mentioned before you can make more once you are a member which is a clear benefit.


Benefits of Being a Clixsense Advertiser

  • The available packages are interesting and with the 1000's of customers your sure that your advertisement is seen.
  • The customers can click multiple times on your advertisement, however, Clixsense only counts 1 click per customer this to avoid cheating and you losing money.
  • It can be that you want your advertisement only be seen in a certain demographical area and the filters help you with that. You can avoid this way that you lose money on customers who you are not targeting.
  • Cheaters; these people will always be there but at Clixsense they have the methods available to protect you against them.
  • At the end customer is king and that is what Clixsense is focussing on.
  • Do you have many ads to show go for a discount on your advertisings and save money?


Clixsense Strategy

If you are serious in PTC then a strategy is a must to make any money at all. Of course, you can click for pennies but at the end of the day you earned less than a $1 and that is just a waste of your time. If you are serious making money with Pay to Click then check out how Ritch PTC Kid made his money alternatively you can download eBooks which have a wealth of information and some of them are cheap.

One of the eBooks I would recommend is this eBook from Chittaranjan Dhurat. With Clixsense you can make good money but having a strategy after reading the ebook from Chittaranjan Dhurat you can make your own Clixsense Strategy of which you can be proud especially when the money starts floating in.

Copying a strategy of someone else? I also wonder why someone would give away their strategy for free, the eBook you need to buy and yes I make a commission but a commission on £1 is probably £0.06 and that is not a lot.

This book will not set you back and when you follow the advanced tips and tricks  it will definitely help you to make more money online then you thought would be possible with PTC.

You will learn to see the difference between LEGIT and SCAM sites of which you obvious need to stay away. Earn Extra Income Online with Paid to Click (PTC) Websites: Easiest way to get some extra money in your pocket


Earn money online with Pay to Click

Download this eBook


Read on any Device from ($1.45) (£0.99) (CDN $0.99)


Conclusion & Recommendation

I indeed would recommend making Clixsense one of your main sites to make money online if you love to click every day. There is plenty of choices to earn yourself some extra's, it is good fun and with enough referrals, you even will make more. The main problem, however, is that you need to keep on logging in otherwise your hard earned money is gone and that is a clear negative point of Clixsense.

I had a link here to Clixsense but removed it because I just do not want to keep on logging in at Clixsense I have more things to do.

If you want to join Clixsense just go to their website and log in. Contact your friends on Facebook Twitter Google+ or just send them an email or start earning.


Update 10 May 2017

Today, I closed my Clixsense account. I am too busy with other more interesting opportunities than spending my time on Clixsense. I am confident that others like Clixsense but my freelancer work is taking much more of my time and I just like that more.


Alternatives to Pay To Click

As mentioned I am not really interested anymore in PTC sites, clicking advertisements is not making you any money. You get less than pennies for too much work or staying online. It is just not worth it. Much more interesting is testing websites and if you think you do not have the experience then Whatusersdo is exactly what you are looking for. Check out our review of Whatusersdo here at Keenclick.

Testing websites is an interesting business but why not start making a blog, this can be for free and you make money along the way you build up your website. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and making a 6 figure income is definitely possible although it will not come for free. And this free means you have to work, no payment if you do not want. Learn the ropes of WordPress, have a very large community that can help you and most important tonnes of material that can help you on the road to success. I created a review on Wealthy Affiliate and I would recommend it to read it otherwise just get in contact with me and I can discuss the opportunities of making money online.


Clixsense Affiliate

Of course, you can become an affiliate of Clixsense and start advertising them and use banners and other advertisement opportunities to earn money. All very well possible, you can even create websites for free and start earning money. You definitely will earn more than just clicking advertisements.

If you want to start your own site then contact us so we can host your site at Keenclick or if you look in learning how to setup this website, and it is easier than you think then check if your subdomain is free and once it is you can build your site for free.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes


Keenclick Newsletter

I am positive about Clixsense, you definitely will make decent money here and with a strategy, it will go a lot quicker. Looking further than just Clixsense we write about other money generating opportunities and if you want to know about these please sign up and I will be in touch.



Please leave a comment here or in the forum to discuss Clixsense or any money generating opportunities with me and other fellow clickers.



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