Competitor Analysis

Analysing the competition

Just like setting up a business
competitor analysis is important
to understand who you share the space in your niece with.

You will need to understand
the strengths and weaknesses
of your competitors and the best way is
to start a SWOT analysis.

Clients come from all over the world like the UK, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy have asked for competitor analysis and being I was happy to do so. Understand the competition locally nationally and internationally.

Analysing the competition is an essential part of every SEO campaign, you do want to know what the competitors are doing and when you know then you can build a tactical plan to beat them in the search engines.

Competitor Audit

One part of the competitor analysis is the audit the website of this competitor. Understand the structure of the website and if it has any flaws.

The question will pop up how to benefit from the flaws in the website of a competitor. It sounds maybe a little nasty however in every sport people do the same. Look for the weakness of the opponent and use that for your benefit.

In the SEO world you will look for the weakness in your competitor’s website and make sure that your website is strong. A weakness can be for example bad reviews or they are not using Social Media in full. These weaknesses must be found and explored upon which you can create a plan to use your competitor to your advantage

SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends - Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Of all the tools to analyse competitors, I have chosen SEO SpyGlass for the simple reason it is the best, affordable and brings the result that my clients want to know.

If you want to find out how SEO SpyGlass works by yourself then download a FREE copy which is more than a trial version because it is FREE forever.

Local Businesses

Luckily for the majority of local business owners they only need to compete with other local businesses although these local businesses can be a major retailer with more budget and manpower and therefore much more difficult to compete against.

Still, it is absolutely possible when you understand the process of competitor analysis within the SEO market and understand where your business can excel because competitors are not using that part of your business.

It is essential to understand who you are competing against and what they do to get their website high in the search engines.

SWOT Analysis

  • STRENGTHS - Your brand, cost effective, great domain name, your expertise, the good keywords, more organic traffic than your competitors, high value backlinks, error free website.
  • WEAKNESSES - No optimisation done, (hence you read this article), low domain authority metrics, duplicate content, no or spammy backlinks, no relevant traffic, no budget.
  • OPPORTUNITIES - Update the current "crappy" conent, add more high quality content, build links from authoritive websites.
  • THREATS - Analyse competitors to understand who is strong and who is weak, startups poke in the same niece, search engine algorithm change

Competitor Backlink Analysis

A great plus of analysing competitors is that you can see directly their backlinks and if these websites link to your competitor then why would they not link to you?

Once you know these sites than it will become easier to contact the owners of the websites using LinkAssistant which is part of the SEO PowerSuite applications and start building these backlinks which are really beneficial for your ranking especially because we know backlinks are an important ranking factor.

Analysing Never Stops

The analysing of competitors is not a one-off job. Your competitors are most likely also busy to rank their pages higher in the search engines. It is a continuous effort not only to analyse but also take action if needed.

We can help you with the analysing and monitoring and report on a monthly basis and if action is needed, we discuss this with you.


Optimisation; and before that (same owner)

It was a little bit tricky because after optimising the very large images were a little bit blurry and that was because the client was using a high resolution 4K monitor and I was using HD resolution.

Decided was to keep bigger images and take it as a consequence that it would slow down the initial load of the website.


WordPress Migration & Local SEO
New website in WordPress followed by SEO including keyword research, content creation, competitor analysis, a montly website audit, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Bing Webmaster.

Local search engine optimisation focusing on Southampton including citation and adding to local business directories.

Social Media setup; New Sky on Facebook

Umbraco Upgrade & SEO

It started with migrating Umbraco to the latest version a few years ago, since then several small projects.

iOS HTML Signature File
hreflang implementation
updating images
speed optimisation
SEO including a monthly keyword tracking reporting
Google and Bing analytics progress report

WebSite Audit & Keyword Research

I created a FREE WebSite Audit report for B&20 British School and researched keywords for a school teaching English from London.

PrestaShop migration & Technical SEO

PrestaShop migration
Migrated Klaregade14 eCommerce website from PrestaShop on Windows 2003 to Prestashop on Linux.

Added and updated PrestaShop modules, documented the entire upgrade and changes.

Technical SEO
Performed Technical SEO after the WebSite Audit.

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