SEO Consultant Services Southampton

SEO Consultant for your Business

Having a SEO consultant assisting you is what our SEO Consultant Services provides for your business. We are based in Southampton and help local companies achieving the best in their search engine optimisation.


Some of our clients only need to consult us every now and then and do the optimisation themselves because they gained the knowledge and like what they are doing.


We appreciate that and encourage them to do so because they want to work ON their business and not just for it but at the same time there are also clients who stick to what they do best and just do not have the time to learn something else and therefore let us run the SEO project.


Local Search Consultant

Based in Southampton means that we run local SEO services for clients and for you it means that you get a dedicated local SEO consultant working with you who is available to you and is not afraid to pick up the phone at 22:00 and discuss issues that you might have encountered and need consultancy on.


Google My Business Consultant

Our local SEO expert is your partner in Google My Business. Together we will set it up and make sure that your business is known to all who use Google as their search engine. Monthly you will get an email showing information that people found your business on Google.



You see in that image the increase for a small business that has been online for some time but with the right strategy and approach the numbers are increasing.


More Than Just Google

Although Google is by far the biggest search engine it does not mean that others like Bing should be neglected. Next to that it is absolutely possible that you run your business where you are more looking for an eBay, Etsy or Spotify consultant rather than a “just” Google consultant.


SEO Contact

There are many companies out there that delivers SEO services which automatically raises the question which one to choose.

Why would you choose Keenclick over any other SEO company?


We can write about how good we are, that we have the best SEO guru’s, that we are the cheapest or that we are unique but they all will write that, nothing new under the sun isn’t it?


We are a small company and like to keep it small, we are not looking to become a very large SEO company where the client is a number.

Our SEO consultants


  • bring the expertise that every business need
  • bring the exclusiveness for your business
  • bring the warmth of our love for SEO
  • bring brightness finding new ways to brings leads


We have an approach where the client can identify their business with and not just one single approach that work for businesses.


Contact Keenclick

There are many ways to contact us, just do not hesitate to use one of them.



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    Phone: 02380 986 595