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Crowdsourced Testing Websites and Apps

More and more websites and apps are developed and with so many websites and apps, there are more requests to have these tested. Large corporations do have the money to have in-house testers or will outsource the testing work to an offshore company but many just do not have that money and for them having their websites and apps tested by the crowd is a very good alternative. Website testers get paid right now. There is indeed money to be paid by becoming a website tester and that does not mean testing the speed of the website but the working of the website the functional side of the website. You might not know the website but that does not matter.


The Crowd Tester

I have been a crowd tester for some time now and really like it. As a crowd tester, you will test websites and apps. Working from home, you need the hardware and software to test. With hardware, I mean testing an app on an iPhone when that is requested or testing an app on a computer with Windows 7.

A crowd tester will not be the only one testing a website or app, you are part of the crowd and sometimes there are so many other crowd testers that you really need to be one of the first to start testing finding the bugs.

However, it is not just finding the bugs, you also can test the usability or experience of a website/app and that has to do is the flow from the home page to for example the payment page logical. As a crowd tester, you can have many competitors accepting the same crowd testing job and you are voted out but you will read in one of the articles I wrote that there are crowd testers earning $3000 a month after 6 months and the earnings are growing.

It is easy to become a crowd tester. There is no need for formal education, although some experience in testing would be great. Obvious, you can follow online training but there is so much information already that will help you a lot.

However, there are also tests where you do need experience and a clear understanding of the software process and testing process and if you do not have these skills you just do not get these website or apps tests.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of websites and apps to test and with that testing, you can make a good sum of money.


How Much Can I Make Testing Websites Online?

As you might expect it depends on where you go but paying $10 for 20 minutes testing is not too bad but there are also sites paying, even more, depending on your experience. And it is logical, once you have the experience you write better reports, will be better in finding the bugs or understand the layouts of websites. It will be easier to navigate a website but at the same time, you will see very quickly if you get stuck and that is what you report on.

As I wrote earlier, I wrote about earning $3000 a month after 6 months testing. I read that in a blog at Utest and it just means that you can do that too.

There are crowd testers who have made it their day job and do not work for a boss anymore. They wake up, do whatever they have to do, and then start testing and make good money. And this testing can be 6 hours or 12 hours, it is up to the tester.

In that blog, the tester writes that he is earning $3000 a month working 6 hours a day. He does not write how many days a week he works but if that is 5, then it is good money and he still can do many more hours a week, earning even more.


Getting More Website Testing Jobs

Website Testing

Finding websites testing jobs on the internet is not too difficult, getting testing jobs to do is straightforward, especially when you just sign up. You always will start with a testing your skills test and from that, you get more jobs and the more you do the better you get the better you report the higher the ranking and the higher the ranking the more jobs you get.

Another way of getting more attention from companies to want you for the website testing is qualification and certification.


Website Tester Jobs - TEST.IO

At TEST.IO you will get a fair amount of tests to do and all making you money. Earnings are paid and for some tests the payment is good. Follow the rules and you get paid. You will find here opportunities to earn money not only to test websites but also mobile applications.

When you join TEST.IO you will see that, especially on Friday, many test requests come your way and this is logical when you think about it. The developers develop during the week, let the crowd testers test the website or app during the weekend and on Monday the developers pick up the bugs.


Get Paid to Test Websites - Utest

At Utest you will not only test websites but mobile applications as well. They are truly global and if you cannot make any money here then testing websites is not for you. A large community that and when you are really good you might even become a project manager and earn even more.

Utest MUST be in your portfolio of test sites, they are in mine and I get many requests to test websites or apps. I get the standard requests but also dedicated requests because the website/application owner is looking for certain people living in the UK who must have a certain device. Instead of asking the crowd at Utest they go through the database and send you an email directly.

This way I had direct contact with the project manager to get a better insight of what is requested and they can accept it or decline which sometimes happens like for example a request to test a Samsung Smart TV, at the end I did not have the operating system on my TV that they were looking for but if I had then it would have paid me a good sum of money.


Get Paid $10 to Test Websites & Apps - TryMyUi Review

At TryMyUi you will make $10 per test however, it is not that you will get 100 tests per month. It will be less but together with other opportunities, it will add up to a nice income at the end of the month. At TryMyUi you will do usability testing and not directly search for bugs. The big disadvantage of TryMyUi is that it looks like that they only need 1 tester for a task, several times I wanted to accept and when I went to the site I got the message that someone else already picked up the testing job 10 minutes ago or 1 hour ago.

It sounds to me that TryMyUi is not that big when you only need 1 tester per task but so be it, it is only a waste of time to click a link, log in to find out that you did log in for nothing. As you can understand, they are not high on my priority list.


Website Testing - Enroll Review

I am not very fond of Enroll. I have tried to contact them a long time ago, never got any response and have the feeling that they are more looking for USA based testers rather than the UK. Well, so be it, you might be lucky to get tests and make some interesting money testing websites.


Test Mobile Apps and WebSites - Testbirds Review

Testbirds will pay but you will not get many websites to test. Maybe I have to go to Testbirds more often but I get so many tests already through other sites like Utest, Whatusersdo and TEST.IO that I have enough on my plate. Nevertheless, sign up with them and you will get tests to do, occasionally.

Personally, I love Testbirds, I have done a few tests and although for some tests I have been voted out because the website/app owner opted for someone else, the tests itself are interesting. One of the big advantages is that there is a base-payout and on then a payout per bug where other sites only pay per bug and if you do not find any, you get nothing.


Unfortunately for Analysia - No Testing - Is Analysia Gone?

I do get a lot of traffic of visitors who are searching for Analysia. Unfortunately, you can try to sign up but it just does not work. I have contacted them a few times, never got a reply and that saddens me because I see it as a missed opportunity, but maybe it is just a missed opportunity for me.


Test Websites & Apps - £5 per Test @ Whatusersdo

Whatusersdo is UK based and you will get requests to test websites or mobile app. You will need to live in the UK or USA to get the most tests but I definitely recommend them if you live in the UK. They pay which I showed in my review, therefore do not hesitate to sign up with them. Whatusersdo has always been one of my favourite sites, the only issue I have with them is when a test is available I might not get the job because the small survey before the tests might make me not eligible. For example, they might want to have testers who are car drivers and need an insurance or they need a tester who has a bank account with a certain bank.

I do understand that these are "personal" questions and having that information in your database means that you have to go through a lot of other questions during sign-up like you have to do when you sign-up for a survey website.

It means that you might log in, go through the questionnaire and then you can leave again because you are not the target crowd tester for that job.

Become a Game Tester

If you love games and would like to make money testing games then check out Become a Game Tester and make good money a month. 



I read an interesting article at Quora and after reading that I will join more websites as a crowd tester and do some testing and review these sites. It is interesting for testing websites and apps and making extra cash. Just go to Quora and read the article 18 Companies that Pay Users to Test Websites





Userfeel Tester read this Userfeel Review

Today, 24 August 2017, I signed up for Userfeel because it is one of the companies where I can test websites and be part of the crowd tester community. This Userfeel review is one of the many reviews I wrote and will be updated along the path of becoming a Userfeel Crowd Tester.

Interestingly enough, I felt very comfortable when I signed up for Userfeel, obvious I need to wait if they accept me but having experience now in usability testing, I think I already love them, but let's first wait for the approval of the qualification test and the first real test that will earn me money online.



UserTesting Review

When you are serious about becoming a crowd tester then this UserTesting Review will help you to understand before joining this UX functionality testing crowd testers platform.


I joined UserTesting some time ago without any regrets so far but that is personal and you might be more looking in earning a lot of money online quickly and then you might leave UserTesting for what they are and concentrate on other forms of making money online where the risks are higher to be cheated upon.


8 March 2018; Today I did a test that I really like because it comes close to my business and invoicing and getting paid. And does not everyone who runs a business want to get paid?


Become a Game Tester

Get Paid to Test Games From Your Own Home

The gaming world is a multi-billion dollar market and that world you can make you tons of money by becoming a game tester and play video games from your own home. Here at Keenclick we specifically look at testing video games, because before a video game comes on the market it must be tested.


Just imagine you are playing a game you just bought and it freezes because it has not been tested properly, what if you can play that same game and get paid by testing it.


Often you can keep the beta video game versions although they will become pretty boring after a while because they are just beta versions and not the real deal but on the other hand when you get paid between $10 and $80 per hour then you absolutely you will be thrilled testing a video game for a couple of hours and watching your bank account filling up.



TEST.IO Review Website Tester Jobs Online

When you are looking for online website tester jobs then TEST.IO must be part of your list of companies to register with because TEST.IO will send you many invites and opportunities earning money online testing web sites and apps, this TEST.IO Review show the ins and outs of TEST.IO and then it is for you to decide to join them or leave it as is.

You do not need to have experience in website testing although obviously if you have any you will benefit from that experience and you will get more jobs from TEST.IO to test websites and apps.

Unfortunately, they not always pay, despite being in close email contact and not clear in what they want. You can read this review which on its own is positive but be aware that it will happen that they do not pay you, it happened to me, so be warned.



Utest Get Paid Testing Websites and Apps

A very good opportunity to make money online is by testing websites and apps at Utest and this Utest review will show that you get paid testing websites and apps at Utest. Getting paid for something that is more than interesting is a great way to earn some extra cash. Well, at least for me, I like to test websites and apps for the smartphones and tablet I have next to testing websites on my laptops. It is not that it is easy money, there are a few rules but let me come to that later.


I am a member of a few crowd tester websites where I can test websites and apps and Utest is one of them. I just love it, I make money online testing websites and apps. Money is paid in my Paypal account and with more tests to come, I know that I can make good money at Utest.


You can do that too when you want to earn money searching for bugs and other vulnerabilities and when approved, it is cash in the pocket.



Website Usability Testing Services TryMyUi

I love to be a TryMyUi tester and getting $10 paid in my Paypal account testing websites and apps. This TryMyUi review is for website and apps testers like you and I will write exactly my experience as a TryMyUi tester. It is basically straightforward, you sign up, you do the unpaid test and once that is approved you will get real test earning really $10 per website or app test. If you like to be a crowdtester than TryMyUi should be in your list of crowdtesting website and earning $10 for each test that you successfully execute.


Enroll Website Testing

Enroll Website & App Testing Review

Earning money by testing websites and apps is very interesting. This Enroll Review will help you to decide becoming an Enroll member and do a proper job helping companies making their websites better and you ultimately get paid for it. Without testing knowledge, you can sign up at Enroll do a pre-test so you understand what kind of tests you can expect and you will receive an email once a test is available.


You will read in this Enroll review that I am not so keen on Enroll, maybe that is because I live in the UK but every time that I get an email about a test available at Enroll then a) the test is gone b) the money is rubbish, but I will update this Enroll review everytime I get a test from them which at the moment is not that many.



Testbirds Review - Crowd testers earn money testing apps and websites.

Testing mobile apps and websites is a must for everyone who wants their customer to get a great feeling using their website or app. This Testbirds review is for testers who like to join Testbirds and start earning money finding bugs and other vulnerabilities in the apps and websites of Testbirds customers.



analysia300x169Is Analysia SCAM a Missed Opportunity, Gone or Just Too Busy?

A good looking site as Analysia is not what you think it is. On the website, Analysia writes "Test your mobile app" unfortunately as a Tester you can register but nothing happens. It is a pity because I have a few smartphones and tablets and would like to earn some money testing websites and APPS.

But maybe I am just the unlucky guy trying to login and where I fail you might succeed. Making money online testing website is absolutely great, I love it. Earning $10 for 20 minutes work and say your opinion about a website. You are not testing on bugs but just the flow of the site and that is what Analysia should be about.



Whatusersdo Review Test Websites & iOS and Android Apps

This Whatusersdo Review is all about why I love to be a Whatusersdo tester testing websites and apps, helping websites and app owners testing their websites and apps for usability and making a nice income through Whatusersdo.


With Whatusersdo you will make money online, testing websites or apps and will earn you decent money. This Whatusersdo review has been updated because due to the economic climate, Whatusersdo has decreased the payments from £8 to £5 per test and that is a big decrease. Besides the money being less now you will get a lot of tests living in the right country.


In some cases, the earnings are much more than just £5 like an app test for a food company and did receive £25 for the work, which was great fun.