Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdsourced Testing Websites and Apps

More and more websites and apps are developed and with so many websites and apps, there are more requests to have these tested. Large corporations do have the money to have in-house testers or will outsource the testing work to an offshore company but many just do not have that money and for them having their websites and apps tested by the crowd is a very good alternative.


Website testers get paid right now.


There is indeed money to be paid by becoming a website tester and that does not mean testing the speed of the website but the working of the website the functional side of the website. You might not know the website but that does not matter.


The Crowd Tester

I have been a crowd tester for some time now and really like it. As a crowd tester, you will test websites and apps. Working from home, you need the hardware and software to test. With hardware, I mean testing an app on an iPhone when that is requested or testing an app on a computer with Windows 7.


A crowd tester will not be the only one testing a website or app, you are part of the crowd and sometimes there are so many other crowd testers that you really need to be one of the first to start testing finding the bugs.


However, it is not just finding the bugs, you also can test the usability or experience of a website/app and that has to do is the flow from the home page to for example the payment page logical. As a crowd tester, you can have many competitors accepting the same crowd testing job and you are voted out but you will read in one of the articles I wrote that there are crowd testers earning $3000 a month after 6 months and the earnings are growing.


It is easy to become a crowd tester. There is no need for formal education, although some experience in testing would be great. Obvious, you can follow online training but there is so much information already that will help you a lot.


However, there are also tests where you do need experience and a clear understanding of the software process and testing process and if you do not have these skills you just do not get these website or apps tests.


Nevertheless, there are plenty of websites and apps to test and with that testing, you can make a good sum of money.


How Much Can I Make Testing Websites Online?

As you might expect it depends on where you go but paying $10 for 20 minutes testing is not too bad but there are also sites paying, even more, depending on your experience. And it is logical, once you have the experience you write better reports, will be better in finding the bugs or understand the layouts of websites. It will be easier to navigate a website but at the same time, you will see very quickly if you get stuck and that is what you report on.


As I wrote earlier, I wrote about earning $3000 a month after 6 months testing. I read that in a blog at Utest and it just means that you can do that too.


There are crowd testers who have made it their day job and do not work for a boss anymore. They wake up, do whatever they have to do, and then start testing and make good money. And this testing can be 6 hours or 12 hours, it is up to the tester.


In that blog, the tester writes that he is earning $3000 a month working 6 hours a day. He does not write how many days a week he works but if that is 5, then it is good money and he still can do many more hours a week, earning even more.


Getting More Website Testing Jobs

Finding websites testing jobs on the internet is not too difficult, getting testing jobs to do is straightforward, especially when you just sign up. You always will start with a testing your skills test and from that, you get more jobs and the more you do the better you get the better you report the higher the ranking and the higher the ranking the more jobs you get.


Another way of getting more attention from companies to want you for the website testing is qualification and certification.


Website Tester Jobs - TEST.IO

At TEST.IO you will get a fair amount of tests to do and all making you money. Earnings are paid and for some tests the payment is good. Follow the rules and you get paid. You will find here opportunities to earn money not only to test websites but also mobile applications.


When you join TEST.IO you will see that, especially on Friday, many test requests come your way and this is logical when you think about it. The developers develop during the week, let the crowd testers test the website or app during the weekend and on Monday the developers pick up the bugs.


Get Paid to Test Websites - Utest

At Utest you will not only test websites but mobile applications as well. They are truly global and if you cannot make any money here then testing websites is not for you. A large community that and when you are really good you might even become a project manager and earn even more.


Utest MUST be in your portfolio of test sites, they are in mine and I get many requests to test websites or apps. I get the standard requests but also dedicated requests because the website/application owner is looking for certain people living in the UK who must have a certain device. Instead of asking the crowd at Utest they go through the database and send you an email directly.


This way I had direct contact with the project manager to get a better insight of what is requested and they can accept it or decline which sometimes happens like for example a request to test a Samsung Smart TV, at the end I did not have the operating system on my TV that they were looking for but if I had then it would have paid me a good sum of money.


Get Paid $10 to Test Websites & Apps - TryMyUi Review

At TryMyUi you will make $10 per test however, it is not that you will get 100 tests per month. It will be less but together with other opportunities, it will add up to a nice income at the end of the month. At TryMyUi you will do usability testing and not directly search for bugs. The big disadvantage of TryMyUi is that it looks like that they only need 1 tester for a task, several times I wanted to accept and when I went to the site I got the message that someone else already picked up the testing job 10 minutes ago or 1 hour ago.


It sounds to me that TryMyUi is not that big when you only need 1 tester per task but so be it, it is only a waste of time to click a link, log in to find out that you did log in for nothing. As you can understand, they are not high on my priority list.


Test Mobile Apps and WebSites - Testbirds Review

Testbirds will pay but you will not get many websites to test. Maybe I have to go to Testbirds more often but I get so many tests already through other sites like Utest, Whatusersdo and TEST.IO that I have enough on my plate. Nevertheless, sign up with them and you will get tests to do, occasionally.


Personally, I love Testbirds, I have done a few tests and although for some tests I have been voted out because the website/app owner opted for someone else, the tests itself are interesting. One of the big advantages is that there is a base-payout and on then a payout per bug where other sites only pay per bug and if you do not find any, you get nothing.


Unfortunately for Analysia - No Testing - Is Analysia Gone?

I do get a lot of traffic of visitors who are searching for Analysia. Unfortunately, you can try to sign up but it just does not work. I have contacted them a few times, never got a reply and that saddens me because I see it as a missed opportunity, but maybe it is just a missed opportunity for me.


Test Websites & Apps - £5 per Test @ Whatusersdo

Whatusersdo is UK based and you will get requests to test websites or mobile app. You will need to live in the UK or USA to get the most tests but I definitely recommend them if you live in the UK. They pay which I showed in my review, therefore do not hesitate to sign up with them.


Whatusersdo has always been one of my favourite sites, the only issue I have with them is when a test is available I might not get the job because the small survey before the tests might make me not eligible. For example, they might want to have testers who are car drivers and need an insurance or they need a tester who has a bank account with a certain bank.


I do understand that these are "personal" questions and having that information in your database means that you have to go through a lot of other questions during sign-up like you have to do when you sign-up for a survey website.

It means that you might log in, go through the questionnaire and then you can leave again because you are not the target crowd tester for that job.


I read an interesting article at Quora and after reading that I will join more websites as a crowd tester and do some testing and review these sites. It is interesting for testing websites and apps and making extra cash. Just go to Quora and read the article 18 Companies that Pay Users to Test Websites





Utest Get Paid Testing Websites and Apps

A very good opportunity to make money online is by testing websites and apps at Utest and this Utest review will show that you get paid testing websites and apps at Utest. Getting paid for something that is more than interesting is a great way to earn some extra cash. Well, at least for me, I like to test websites and apps for the smartphones and tablet I have next to testing websites on my laptops. It is not that it is easy money, there are a few rules but let me come to that later.


I am a member of a few crowd tester websites where I can test websites and apps and Utest is one of them. I just love it, I make money online testing websites and apps. Money is paid in my Paypal account and with more tests to come, I know that I can make good money at Utest.


You can do that too when you want to earn money searching for bugs and other vulnerabilities and when approved, it is cash in the pocket.


15 June 2019 Update

Every now an then I receive emails from Utest and this one is so interesting especially when you are from one of the following countries. In short, Utest is especially keen to get more Utesters from these countries and I did not want to withheld that information. As you can read from this article, Utest is an absolute must have site if you like Usertesting therefore please sign up and enjoy the user testing.



Utest Website Test Invitations

I am invited into many tests and although I do not accept all of them, I rather concentrate on a few tests rather than do as many tests as I can do because at the end I want quality. Producing quality means that you will be recognised as someone who puts an effort in the work and that means more tests and when you get upgraded in the system more and better payouts.


Quick and Dirty, No Quality

Obvious you can choose to do as many tests as you can do, earning as much as money as possible in a short period of time but when your quality is dreadful you will soon not making any money anymore


Multiple Devices

Having multiple devices available for testing gives more opportunities to test and to make more money, it is not so that you can do a test on multiple devices, you will have to choose between for example iPhone and iPad if you have both devices, however if the customer is requesting this then you can book multiple slots with different devices.


Utest Platform Registration

Looking at Utest then there are so many projects that there will be projects that will suit your skills. During the registration process, you have to create a profile not only with the devices you have but also the skills. If you are a developer in a certain language add that to the profile and you will get tests if your skillset is required by a customer of Applause, the company that have set up the Utest platform for crowd testing.


If you do not have development skills but other testing skills then add these to your profile, even if you think you do not have testing skills then you always will be able to think about usability testing.


Utest Profile

During the registration process you fill in your profile with the knowledge and the testing skills you have and you need to keep this updated. Not only your skills but also the devices you have, operating systems for your devices get updated and that means that you also need to update your profile.


Of course, the testing is important because that will earn you money and that can go very quickly, I get now multiple tests on a daily basis and that makes good money, although these tests alone will not earn me enough to stop working together with other sites and other opportunities I make good money.


Ranking with the Stars or Outrank Them Gets uPoints

The more websites I test the more skills I get and the same is for you. Utest has a large community and following other members will earn you uPoints. Performing certain tasks like the following of someone, writing blogs about testing will earn you more uPoints and the more uPoints u get the more visibility you get and by that, you get more tests. And with more test invites you can choose which tests you want to do, most likely the higher paying once, and at the end, you will earn more money.


The increase of your ranking at Utest will give you much better opportunities and better payouts per test.


Cannot Apply for all Tests

It is not that you can apply for every test available because customers of Applause might want to test a certain app for an iPhone running iOS version 8 and when you do not have that you will not be able to do that test.


Customers can request testers from a certain geographical area, I live in the UK so will not be able to test websites or apps for customers in the USA or Australia but there are enough tests to do making good money.


In some cases, you do have all the requirements and you apply but cannot do the test for whatever reason then make sure that you “unclaimed” your acceptance so others can take your spot. Accepting and not testing is a bad habit and will do not do you any favour and you might lose your ranking.


Writing Articles will earn you uPoints. You can write about anything as long as it has to do with testing websites or apps or maybe a tool you found that helps you with the testing. But this testing can be very broad, it can be a technology that becomes obsolete so you can write about it. Writing articles will earn you uPoints but also commenting on articles written by other community members.



To become a successful tester you do need skills and skills you get not only by testing but also learning. The training provided on the Utest platform is free. This training will not only teach you to become a successful tester but also teach you how to write quality reports.


These quality reports help the developers to understand the problem and solve it as quickly as possible, a lousy report is useless and basically a waste of time. Always remember that you do not write the report for yourself but for someone else that use your report to start solving the problem.


Looking at the different types of courses you can follow

  • Mobile testing; you will learn here how to test mobile applications. More and more companies are developing mobile apps and nothing will be as frustrating as an app that is not functioning. Do you keep an app on your mobile when it does not function?
  • Web & Desktop Testing; think here about the best way to test using certain browsers. We all now that browsers have different engines and can have different results for displaying a website on your monitor or acting different clicking on a button.
  • IoT Testing; Internet of Things, very hot, more and more devices will be connected to the internet. These devices need to work properly and you test these devices and help companies to remove bugs before they go live.
  • Career Advice; testing is interesting but you might become a fully qualified tester working not only from home but maybe on premise. I have seen requests for these where someone can work full time as a tester for an Applause customer.
  • Video Courses; Training by watching video is the way to go. It makes it much more visible and understandable when someone shows in a video the best way to test certain elements in the test cycle.



The Utest forum is used for all kinds of questions you have or remarks about testing. You are not the only one with questions but there is so many people member of Utest that there is always someone who can help you answer the question you have. Or you just write who you are, that you have joined Utest, just a short introduction and this way you get followers and that earns you uPoints.



There are so many test tools available and here you can read reviews of these tools or if you use another tool for testing then you can add your review of that tool for others to benefit. Do not forget, at the end the testing is done for the end client and they expect quality and if your tool is helping in achieving that a very happy customer is then the result of using your tool.



The project section shows all the projects that are running and upcoming projects. You can apply for these projects when you meet the requirements. Requirements can be that testers are needed living in a certain country. I do not live in the USA so I will not be able to test an app where testers from the USA are required. It can be that testers are needed to test a Restaurant Mobile Ordering App but only in a certain area like New York or Sydney.


There are so many different types of projects and pretty sure that there will be tests for you. For me personally, in just 2 or 3 weeks time I got over 8 different tests on Windows 10, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet and all these tests made my money.



The all important payments are a subject on its own and that is because the payouts can be different per test. There are many factors that together will create a base payout but looking at just supply and demand it is obvious that when a test is needed worldwide that the payout will be less because there are so many testers available. When there are more requirements like a test in a city or geographical area than the payout will be much higher because there will be fewer testers available. Just read the following article written by Matt Solar "a-view-into-how-utest-determines-payouts-on-different-cycles", this explains pretty well that the algorithms are “secret” but very logical.


How Much Can I Make at Utest?

I received an email from Utest in which someone writes that he now makes between $2000 and $3000 a month testing websites and apps at Utest and that by testing for about 6 hours a day. 


That is interesting, isn't it? Making this amount of money for 6 hours work. You might make more working for a boss but work at Utest means that you decide which test cycles you want to do and then start testing.


You can read the article of which I received an email at



If you like software, website and app testing then Utest must be one of the sites on your list. They have a lot of information available for free to read, that information makes you a better tester and you get tests on a daily basis. It is not the same as with other sites where you might be lucky to have 1 test a week or even worse one test a month.


I have recommended Whatusersdo before but it is just one site, there are more and Utest must be one of the crowd testers sites you register with is you want to become a website and app tester.


Utest Alternatives

You will find other crowd testing reviews here at Keenclick like the Testbird Review, TryMyUi Review or the Whatusersdo Review next to TEST.IO and the Userfeel Review that I added on the 24th of August 2017. 

If testing is really not your thing then what is? I am more than happy to help you, think with you about opportunities for you to make money online. There are plenty to be in touch with me, you can see if I am online in the lower right bottom. Otherwise just ping me here in the comments. Obvious you can read other articles and then I would urge you to think about blogging and affiliate marketing. If you have a passion then this might be your thing.



I hope you have enjoyed this post about Utest, at least I did writing it and if you like User Testing than clearly Utest must be in your list. Join them and start testing and who knows we might see each other at Utest.

Website Usability Testing Services TryMyUi

I love to be a TryMyUi tester and getting $10 paid in my Paypal account testing websites and apps. This TryMyUi review is for website and apps testers like you and I will write exactly my experience as a TryMyUi tester. It is basically straightforward, you sign up, you do the unpaid test and once that is approved you will get real test earning really $10 per website or app test. If you like to be a crowdtester than TryMyUi should be in your list of crowdtesting website and earning $10 for each test that you successfully execute.


TryMyUi keeps it simple, you get paid $10 for a website or app test which is similar to other sites however you are not really searching for bugs. These kind of tests are usability tests, similar to what you will find at Whatusersdo, but want tests websites and apps earning money then TryMyUi must be on your list.


Here at Keenclick I reviewed TryMyUi that gives you the chance to make some good money and that only by testing websites and apps. This review is based on my experience with TryMyUi and interestingly enough the gap between my initial test, which I took back in 2015 and my latest test in 2016, is a couple of months but that does not matter to TryMyUi. I got several tests, did the majority of them and got paid which I will show you later with some screenshots of the payments.


I joined TryMyUi on the 30th of September 2015 and immediately did the qualification test followed by a few more website tests and left them for about 6 months because too busy with my "normal" work. However today it is the 20th of June 2016 and since I went back to them I made two more tests, all accepted and paid.


This initial test was about going on a holiday in Brazil. It was more to find out what kind of skills you have to find information on a certain website which is not too difficult, everyone can pass, and that means that more tests will come and so they did.


What Does a Usability Test Consist of?

Each test is split into two parts.


  • Video
  • Written Summary to a short survey or questionnaire


To record a video you will need to download their video recording software on your desktop or laptop in case you do a test on the smartphone or tablet you will need to download their app from IOS App Store or the Android Play Store.


When you are doing the test you will need to speak out loud and say exactly what you do, what frustrates you and what you like while performing the test. For this, I would recommend a headset for the desktop/laptop or a Bluetooth earpiece for your smartphone or tablet.


Is There a Limit to the Usability Tests?

TryMyUi is not withholding any tests as long as you follow the rules be clear in your tests and when your ranking goes up you will get more and more test. Think about a few a week but at the same time, it is not enough for a full-time job. You will need other sources earn money or by working for a boss or by registering at other sites where you can test websites.


The All Important Payments

You do not do the usability tests when you not get paid, isn't it? Each test takes about 20 minutes and earns you $10 that will be paid in your Paypal account. If you do not have Paypal make sure you have one because other sites also pay your money in your Paypal account.


The payments are done on Fridays after your test is approved.


Your Score and Rank

It is important to get a good score and then you will rank higher and get more tests. You are scored based on:


  1. How clearly you say everything that is going through your mind as you perform a usability test.
  2. How well you follow the instructions and stay on task.
  3. The clarity and value of your written summary. 


Rating & Feedback

I did write about ranking and this is important because the better you execute the test for the TryMyUi customer the better rating and feedback you get and this increases the chance to get more and more tests.


Below you see some of the ratings I received



Good frame of mind - You did well to take the scenario to heart and put yourself in the appropriate frame of mind.

You spoke clearly and continuously. Well done. It is important to clearly say everything you read, see, think or do at all times.

You did a good job of completing all the tasks. Be sure to say each task clearly out loud before doing it. You checked off each task as soon as you were done. Well done. It is important to complete all the instructions and stick closely to them.

You did a pretty good job of internalizing the frame of mind described by the scenario, and clearly voicing everything that was going through your mind as performed the tasks.

Critical ability - You did a good job at voicing areas where you found the site annoying or frustrating. This is very helpful for the site owner. Please continue to be aware of little annoyances and voice them as you feel them.

Good written portion - Your written portion was thorough and thoughtful. You did a good job of defending your points.



Good frame of mind - You did well to take the scenario to heart and put yourself in the appropriate frame of mind.

You spoke clearly and continuously. Well done. It is important to clearly say everything you read, see, think or do at all times.

You did a good job of completing all the tasks. Be sure to say each task clearly out loud before doing it. You checked off each task as soon as you were done. Well done. It is important to complete all the instructions and stick closely to them.

You did a pretty good job of internalizing the frame of mind described by the scenario, and clearly voicing everything that was going through your mind as performed the tasks.

Critical ability - You did a good job at voicing areas where you found the site annoying or frustrating. This is very helpful for the site owner. Please continue to be aware of little annoyances and voice them as you feel them.

Good written portion - Your written portion was thorough and thoughtful. You did a good job of defending your points.


Good frame of mind - You did well to take the scenario to heart and put yourself in the appropriate frame of mind.

You spoke clearly and continuously. Well done. It is important to clearly say everything you read, see, think or do at all times.

You ran out of time. Please pace yourself. It may be helpful to review the tasks in advance to get a sense of how long you have to complete each task within the allotted 20 minutes. The last few tasks in a review are critical, so it's important they not be cut off in the recording.

You did a pretty good job of internalizing the frame of mind described by the scenario, and clearly voicing everything that was going through your mind as performed the tasks.

Critical ability - You did a good job at voicing areas where you found the site annoying or frustrating. This is very helpful for the site owner. Please continue to be aware of little annoyances and voice them as you feel them.

Good written portion - Your written portion was thorough and thoughtful. You did a good job of defending your points.

Site Owner: 
Great comments!


What is needed?

You do not need much to do these tests. You need to download the software which you can find on their website.


Platform Size
Mac OS 86.5 MB
Windows x86 (32 bit) 84.5 MB
Windows x64 (64 bit) 88 MB
Linux/Unix 51.1 MB


Desktop iPhone Android

The more devices you have the more tests you can do. You even can see tests for both iPhone and tablet at the same time. I have not tried them both but picked the iPhone and once I had done the test and uploaded the video the tablet test was not possible anymore but at the same time I got a new test that is requesting to use the laptop camera and a microphone.


I could not do that test because the camera on my laptop is not working so I leave that to others.


Why Would You Join TryMyUi?

There are a few reasons why you should join TryMyUi.


  • Earning $10 for online website usability testing
  • No testing skills required
  • Test will take about 20 minutes


Why Would You NOT Join TryMyUi

  • They only have a few tests per month, well for me here in the UK.
  • It is not a replacement for your daily job, just not enough tests.
  • You could not be bothered earning $10 for a website tests
  • You do not care about money

And I can go on and on with all kinds of nonsense why you should not join TryMyUi. Well, if you are in the UK maybe you should not, less competition for me but to be fair, you will earn money once you have completed a test and that money will be paid in your Paypal account.


In only a few days I had plenty of opportunities to make money online by testing websites and apps on the usability which is nice to do. It is fun and pays me money. At the same time, there are other opportunities with other sites as well making me, even more, money.


Sorry, You Are Too Late

Added 12 January 2017

Recently, I had a few times that I wanted to test websites or apps through TryMyUi and was too late despite clicking the link at the time the email receives my inbox. In the case of the image below 17 seconds, at one time I was only 3 seconds too late to start this test at TryMyUi.

Bad luck you can call that but at the same time, it shows that you wonder if this business model is sustainable or if they even make money at all. If I am 17 seconds too late and someone else is already doing the test then I wonder how many people are testing at all.

Do these website or app owners only want to have one person testing their website or app? If it is only one person then the question is obvious how are they comparing? How the website and app owners know that the test was good?

There are many testers, some are good, some are bad but having your new website or app tested by only one tester does not say much about the quality of your site/app isn't it?

But as long as we testers earn money testing websites and apps at TryMyUi then it is okay, only that therer are probably now so many testers at TryMyUi that it will happen more often that tests are gone, just before your eyes like the 17 seconds too late.


Wired Wireless or Bluetooth Headset for the Usability Tests

I bought the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset which is excellent for the testing using a laptop or desktop. Next to the wired headset I also purchased Plantronics ML18 Bluetooth headset that is connected to both my iPhone and Android smartphone as well to my Android Nexus 10 tablet.


This keeps my hands free and gives an excellent sound quality for the TryMyUi customer to hear your recorded voice when they listen to your test. Nothing will be more annoying when you do a test but your voice cannot be heard due to a bad headset or not having a headset at all.


Update, 17 January 2017

Due to technical problems, TryMyUi rejects uploaded videos. The question is obvious if that technical problem is on my site or their site and I expect their site. I received one of those rejects on the 10th of January 2017 and I remember that website testing job and at the end, my remarks about the tested website were that it was not the best the best website I have seen. I will not go in detail and maybe there were technical problems because I do not know what the technical problems were I only can say that I am not really happy because I did not get paid for the work done.


3 July 2017

I have not done many tests at TryMyUi but today I did a test and liked this test. It is a trip planner where my suggestion was to make sure that there is an app. In this case, there was a lot of information on sightseeing area's in Thailand but having been there, creating a trip just on the laptop is useless when you cannot have that information on the mobile. I am not writing for which site it was but the comments on my test:

Your performance on the test received a score of 4 out of 5 maximum points from the reviewers, who also made the following comments:


Before you start the test you must set up your screen so the narrow control window is visible on the left and the site is visible on the right at all times. Dont cover the control window with the test site.

Good frame of mind - You did well to take the scenario to heart and put yourself in the appropriate frame of mind.

You spoke clearly and continuously. Well done. It is important to clearly say everything you read, see, think or do at all times.

You did a good job of completing all the tasks. Be sure to say each task clearly out loud before doing it. You checked off each task as soon as you were done. Well done. It is important to complete all the instructions and stick closely to them.

You did a pretty good job of internalizing the frame of mind described by the scenario, and clearly voicing everything that was going through your mind as performed the tasks.

Critical ability - You did a good job at voicing areas where you found the site annoying or frustrating. This is very helpful for the site owner. Please continue to be aware of little annoyances and voice them as you feel them.

Good written portion - Your written portion was thorough and thoughtful. You did a good job of defending your points.


In short, the client was happy, only that I had made the browser smaller and the Java application from TryMyUi popping up so it showed always. The client wrote about my mistakes because I had to click the app and clicked the wrong tab, but okay, it is another learning curve for me, and hopefully, the client can use my remarks to not only his website better but especially an app because his site would be perfect for that.


Today 3 July 2017, I did a test and got good feedback for the client which he clearly appreciated, not that I got 5 stars out of 5, I got 4 stars which I will discuss later in this article.



I definitely recommend you to join TryMyUi and get paid to test websites and apps. The tests are straightforward and with the right set of mind, you can make a few hundred $$$ each month. The more tests you do the more your ranking goes up and the more experience you gain the more money you make.


Make sure you have a good headset and if possible a working camera, I missed out on a test because of that, nevertheless, TryMyUi will make you money online and from home.

The camera is not really needed, I only got one request in all this time so do not be too bothered if you do not have a camera. Just make sure that you have a good headset for your computer and a Bluetooth headset or earpiece for your smartphone.


I mentioned Whatusersdo earlier in this article and they are good, plenty of tests, the only disappointing factor they have is that you need to record the screen where TryMyUi and record straight from the Smartphone. 


If you are more looking into bug finding then check out my review on review on Utest, plenty of opportunities to earn money finding bugs and what you need here for proper testing.


Getting Nuts About Website and Apps Testing

Some might get nuts about testing websites and apps, and then it might be good to focus on something else and then I just write, why not think about a blog. I know there are many blogs out there but for sure you can do that too and absolutely make more money with a blog than testing websites.


Latest Update: 23 March 2019

This article is not being updated anymore. 



TEST.IO Review Website Tester Jobs Online

When you are looking for online website tester jobs then TEST.IO must be part of your list of companies to register with because TEST.IO will send you many invites and opportunities earning money online testing web sites and apps, this TEST.IO Review show the ins and outs of TEST.IO and then it is for you to decide to join them or leave it as is.

You do not need to have experience in website testing although obviously if you have any you will benefit from that experience and you will get more jobs from TEST.IO to test websites and apps.

Unfortunately, they not always pay, despite being in close email contact and not clear in what they want. You can read this review which on its own is positive but be aware that it will happen that they do not pay you, it happened to me, so be warned.


If you want to be a website tester, TEST.IO will have enough website tester jobs for you to stay occupied for a long time to come. And not only websites more and more apps for iOS and Android will need to be tested and that is only a fraction of what is coming. Mobile phonisre becoming more and more important in our lives and with that come apps and they all need to be tested.


Working from home, sometimes to late at night, in only a few days I have done several tests and if you are serious to become a website tester from home and are on the lookout for interesting website tester jobs then register yourself at TEST.IO.


What is TEST.IO?

TEST.IO is a Germany-based company has set up a software test platform where customers can totally independent setup a test or staging environment and have crowd testers test their software on functionality or bugs.


From the TEST.IO point of view they obvious look at their customers first, at the end, they bring the money but on the other hand, customers do not have 20,000 testers available testing their software in just a couple of hours. And that is what TEST.IO brings a large platform where customers can have their websites and apps tested using a large workforce of 20,000 testers which is increasing on a daily basis.


I will not go into the technical detail how customers can use the Jira API to connect their test environment to the TEST.IO environment because for you as a tester that is less important.


You, and me, just want to see the tests coming and execute these tasks, report so the customer can take the reports into account and make their application better.


Excepting a Test

I joined in August 2016 and have seen many tests passing by, I had to decline a few because I could not do all and sometimes I had problems with my iPhone. Is that a bug? Well, more at my site so I declined with technical issues.
But after a decline, new invites are sent to my email account and then make sure that you are quick to react and accept the invitation.


Customers do not need 20,000 people, they want only a few users and that can be 10 or 20 but that means that once all places are occupied you cannot accept the test anymore.


Declining an Invite

Now you also understand that I decline sometimes when I just cannot do the test. I lose my place but that is okay, it is better to decline than to leave it as is, keeping the place occupied and not executing the test.



Every tester is evaluated and that means when you do not decline but at the same time you do not execute the test you will get a bad name and fewer jobs will come to you.


Point of View

Obvious I look from the testers point of view, at the end you want to earn money online and testing websites and apps is an excellent idea, to me it is a better idea than clicking advertisements in PTC sites or doing surveys but okay, that is me, not everyone likes to test websites, testing websites and apps help companies to make their product better and that is what we all want isn’t it?


Read the SCOPE

Before you start any test read the scope of the test. You might see a bug but if the bug is found in an area that is not in scope then your submitted bug report will be rejected. From the customer point of view, I can understand, they only want to test a certain area but for you as a tester you see a bug and report on it.


Example where my Bug Report was Rejected

Let me give you an example, during the testing of a website the customer specifically asked for errors however when I went to the page describing their mobile app the main menu was gone. Clearly a bug but as it did not give an error, it was not in scope. I submitted it as a bug but because there was no error message it was not in scope and therefore rejected.


Of course, it is a bug, very irritating for the visitor of the website but what can you do? Well, read the instructions clearly and keep the bug reporting to the scope. It is the quality, not the quantity the customer is after.


Every bug that you find and is in scope will need to be reported in a certain format and that includes the exact path from the homepage you took to get to that bug. There are guidelines to make sure that your report is of the highest standard and not just a piece of crap. It is not that you and I are the best testers in this word, we are not, but having a clear way of reporting makes it easier for the developers to understand the problem and see what happens before they start solving the issues.

Screenshots & Video


If you find a bug, submit a screenshot so it is clear to see what the problem is. A video definitely will help. Showing how you got to the bug in a video and talk what you do because it might be that you do something stupid and only because of that stupidity the bug was seen.



Describe the path in words and show it in a video, that means that the bug must be reproducible. When I find a bug I go back to the home page, switch on the screen recording and do exactly the steps to get to the bug.


Next step is that the video must be in MP4 format and uploaded, this gives time to describe the bug in the reporting format they would like to have and once the MP4 video is ready I upload this video and submit the bug.


Time and Money

This all takes time. Is it worth the money? Well, yes and no, if you spend a couple of hours testing and earning maybe €10 and then finding out that some “bugs” are rejected because they were out of scope, then you might say it is not worth it.


However, you learn from the tests, same as I do, and from that learning, you also will learn how to find the critical bugs, these pay a lot higher than the low and high-risk bugs. The critical bugs are the bugs that crash the application.


Two typical payout schedules and it all.


In the table to the right clearly, you will get paid for usability and that means that you will need to create a video and talk while you are going through the website. If you compare this sites like Whatuserdo then it is low, where Whatusersdo will pay £8 for a usability test this customer at TEST.IO will pay €2.00

On the other hand, you will get paid €10.00 when you find a critical bug where at Whatusersdo you most likely do not get critical bugs because they have more or less only usability testing.


The Payout schedule on the right shows that a lot less will be paid so you might think that you will not even accept this offer, that is for you to decide. If you do not test, others will, it is just that simple but I would recommend doing any test so you learn how to test and how to report.



In order to get payment directly in your bank account, Paypal or Skrill you do need an EU VAT ID which you should be able to obtain through your local TAX Authorities. This is needed, without this ID you will not be paid.


TEST.IO is based in Germany and the German law just insists that everyone working for a Germany company and is part of the EU will send their EU VAT ID. 


Once you have received this VAT ID then you have to fill that into the payment section.


Hint: Place the code of your country in front of the VAT ID itself.


I am in the UK so had to place GB in front of the VAT ID I received from the HMRC, nobody is telling you that.


Once done you can choose to have the payment sent straight into your bank, Paypal and Skrill. I do not need to say that when you use Paypal you will pay a small commission on to Paypal earning you even less.


I do not know Skrill and will not use them myself, but maybe you have an account already and then it might be useful to get your money into your Skill account instead of your Paypal or personal retail bank account.



TEST.IO used to be good but I cannot recommend them anymore. You can do a lot of work and not get paid only because their requirements are not clear. Yes, you can earn money but the fact that you need a VAT ID, the fact that they do not pay you, I would say check out other sites that do pay.



TEST.IO is not the only company where you can test websites and apps, there are a lot more and although not all are good there are a few that are definitely worth to join like Utest Review, Whatusersdo Review and TryMyUi Review.


Usability Testing

If you are more in usability testing then check out Userfeel Review or Usertesting Review which might be good TEST.IO alternatives to bug testing.



If you are not in website testing, then I assume that you went from the top of the page straight to the bottom otherwise you have been reading for some time now in this article only to find out that you might be more interested in the alternatives rather than becoming a website tester.


Looking at alternatives, it basically comes down to what you want. Do you like to click for pennies, do you like to do surveys for a little bit of money, do you want to start your own business, become a freelancer or write your own blog.


23 March 2019

I have stopped with TEST.IO because I have other interesting business opportunity to explore. I leave this article on for a while although I have removed the images.


Is Analysia SCAM a Missed Opportunity, Gone or Just Too Busy?

A good looking site as Analysia is not what you think it is. On the website, Analysia writes "Test your mobile app" unfortunately as a Tester you can register but nothing happens. It is a pity because I have a few smartphones and tablets and would like to earn some money testing websites and APPS.


But maybe I am just the unlucky guy trying to login and where I fail you might succeed. Making money online testing website is absolutely great, I love it. Earning $10 for 20 minutes work and say your opinion about a website. You are not testing on bugs but just the flow of the site and that is what Analysia should be about.


Whatusersdo Review Test Websites & iOS and Android Apps

This Whatusersdo Review is all about why I love to be a Whatusersdo tester testing websites and apps, helping websites and app owners testing their websites and apps for usability and making a nice income through Whatusersdo.


With Whatusersdo you will make money online, testing websites or apps and will earn you decent money. This Whatusersdo review has been updated because due to the economic climate, Whatusersdo has decreased the payments from £8 to £5 per test and that is a big decrease. Besides the money being less now you will get a lot of tests living in the right country.


In some cases, the earnings are much more than just £5 like an app test for a food company and did receive £25 for the work, which was great fun.


Website and app owners not only want to find bugs but also if the websites and apps they developed give their clients a good user experience. You can help them with the usability testing and you get £8 £5 per test.


You can help them with the usability testing and you get £8 £5 per test although in some cases you can earn more like the test I did in November 2017.


In the title of this review, which is based on experience, I wrote £8 £5 per test and that is indeed what they pay. Whatusersdo is no SCAM and I would put them on top of the list of websites on your list when it comes to a website and app testing.


They belong to the best of the Usability and User Experience Website and App testing sites out there and interestingly enough you do not need major experience. It is probably better to have no experience at all and that is because the customers of Whatusersdo want to catch the real experience of end users.


Whatusersdo Usability & User Experience

The majority of us have loads of experience searching and browsing the internet, you know how to go through websites and you know what to do when you get stuck, well the most will leave and just would think what a rubbish website.


If the usability or user experience of a website is bad the visitor will leave the website and that is exactly what businesses want to avoid. Visitors means potential customers and you do not want to lose them only because the usability of the website is crap.


In other words, you the tester will help not only make the website better but increase the companies revenue and when that is indeed the case with next websites or updates they might ask you again.


At the same time at Whatusersdo your ranking goes up and when you have a good ranking or higher more website testing request will come to you and that means earning more money online.


Make Money Test Websites

You are making more money testing websites and by doing a good job the customers of Whatusersdo are looking for you. They want to make sure their website is user-friendly giving the visitor the experience of their life. You do not need technical knowledge like sites where you do a lot of bug testing like Utest.


Obvious you will find bugs but that is not a problem. During the test, you are recording everything on your screen and once your test is done the screen record is uploaded to Whatusersdo and then you have to wait for the approval. This might take time, at the end you are not the only one doing the test, but 1 maybe 2 weeks and once your recording is approved you will get paid.



I had a disapproved test and did not get paid. This happens but more interesting was that I still got 2 stars out of 5 so I asked the question why I got 2 stars where the website owner was saying that I am not concentrated on the user experience but only mentioned this not good, that not good.

I compared it to the LIVE website that I have been to a couple of days before. Anyway I never received an answer but I am not bothered about that, plenty of other testing tasks came my way and still do.


Not Just Website Testing

Over the last couple of months, I earned money by executing website user testing tasks.This Whatusersdo Review is based on experience testing websites and APPS for iOS, Android (smartphone and tablet).


Whatuserdo is not just a website and trying to get customers having their websites tested, no there is an organisation behind Whatuserdo that is growing since 2009. And because they are growing you get the opportunity to earn even more money online.

In the early days of website building, nobody was really interested in the usability of the websites, it was all technology. The so-called professionals used their “own” thoughts about websites and just never listened to the end users. Users were not important at all and here Lee Dudell, the founder of Whatusersdo, stepped in making the users feedback important, for the IT professionals to listen to the feedback and update the websites and apps to make the usability better.



⇒ Start Your First Website Test at Whatusersdo ⇐


Is Usability and User Experience Testing So Important?

When you have the fastest performing website, you have over 1,000,000 visitors coming to your website every 30 minutes then everyone would be more than happy but when these 1,000,000 visitors are just visitors and leave in  3 seconds because they cannot find what they want then all these visitors and top of the art infrastructure is worth nothing.


If your visitors cannot generate revenue then these visitors are just guest nothing more. It might be enough for you but a lot of companies rely on earnings to survive and being online you have the opportunity to turn visitors into consumers buying your products and or services.

If these same potential buyers and consumers leave after a few seconds because the usability is lacking then yes usability is important. Understand what the customer is looking for and guide them in a friendly that is easy for them to the check-out page with the confirmation of the sale. Well, this is just an example of a process and every company has their own process to make more money or to be lower the overall costs and still achieve the same or better results.


Client Website Testers Can Earn Vouchers

Whatusersdo gives businesses the understanding of usability and user experience of their website. This can be done by testers like you and me or the customers own testers or clients. A large supermarket might have a campaign where they ask their customers to test their retailers website and in return the clients of this retailer will not earn money online but get a voucher in return which obvious they need to spend in the retailers shop online or they might be adding some money to the retailers earning card, anyway that is part of the marketing. It is more important for the retailer to understand their website from an end users point of view.


User Experience (UX)

Have you ever come across a website you left after a short while totally NOT satisfied. Your experience was so bad you never would come back to that site. What would the website owner do in this case? Indeed get in touch with Whatusersdo to improve the User Experience of their website.

All websites owners and it does not matter if it is a shop or static website they want to keep their visitors from the online retail sites to make money for the static website to provide information. All good but when the user experience is crap visitors do not come back.

Whatusersdo has the experience to help their customers by providing tests for end users (you) to execute and learn that way how to improve their websites. And you, the visitors, the website tester, can make money doing that.

The thoughts of Whatusersdo are based on 7 principles.


The 7 Whatusersdo Principles

Experience Is Everything

Businesses are building or having a brand that is recognised all over the world this will bring them, customers, buying their products. Nowadays brands rely on the internet much more than before, the internet can make or break brands and therefore you want to know the experience of the customer on your website or app.


Users, Only Users

Expensive consultants who tell you what is the best for your website or apps might not tell the same as the website and apps testers testing your product(s). It is all about users and Whatusersdo does have these users available or via your own customer base or the online panel.


In The Moment

Users come to your website and you want them to buy your product. That moment of buying your product but they do not. What are they doing on your website and leaving or use the search finding a product they cannot find directly. That “in the moment” action is captured for you to act on to keep your customer and sell them your product.



The testers that test your product work from their own home on their own computer tablet or smartphone. These testers say what they are doing instead of writing so you even hear any emotion in their voice.



The data you gather on your website is coming from Bing or Google Analytics. That data is important for you to understand the behaviour but there is one question that is not answered and that is WHY is the visitor to my website doing this? To get an answer on that WHY question Whatusersdo provides real end users testing your website or app answering that all-important WHY question.


Whatusersdo Platform

Capturing the experience of the end users testing, the video, the analysing on that experience that is all done on the Whatuserdo platform.


Common Sense

In the early days and not even that long ago IT was the department where all decision were made even but even IT has evolved and it is not more than common sense to listen to your customers. Your customers are the base of your existence listen to them.


Whatusersdo Customers Need a High Turnover

Large brands are part of the Whatusersdo clients. Businesses like Tesco, Virgin Atlantic, and Standard Life made it happen that Whatusersdo is now one of the fastest growing business in the UK with a potential £100m turnover before 2020. But without you the tester they would not have come that far and to grow even bigger they need more testers so they can provide their clients with the perfect customer service and at the same time you make money, don't you want to have a part of that turnover? Whatusersdo is paying a fair price for the amount of work.


Purpose Usability Testing Websites

The purpose of usability testing is to understand the behaviour of participants and users coming to your website or app. Is the website or app indeed functioning as expected? Once you give the tester a task does they indeed execute that task as you expect or are there any flaws. From a business perspective, the usability of the website is important because it can generate more revenue or save costs when you understand what users are doing on your website.

For example, you want users to find certain elements, pages on your website. Is the arrival of that page indeed as expected or is the end user struggling to find it at all?

What is the usability experience of the checkout process? Is this smooth and straightforward or are there any hiccups that need to be addressed by the professional team?


Whatusersdo Services For Businesses

A business that would like to have their website or app tested has a choice between Full Service and Basic Service.


Whatusersdo Full Service

This full service is based on three principles

  • Research Platform
    • Website user experience testing captured and made available for the business to see the “in-the-moment” experience which is important to understand the behaviour of users on your website or app.
  • Online Panel
    • Who is doing the testing of the business? With the full service, the business has access to real testers but are also able to invite their own users to the private panel.
  • UX People
  • With the full-service businesses will have access to user experience professionals helping you and your team with the research and reporting on the insights.


Whatusersdo Basic Service UX Website and App Testing

The basic website user testing provides business with an unlimited amount of remote testers testing their websites and APPS. These remote testers do use their own hardware and software, businesses do not need to worry about office space licenses, nothing of that. They just need to concentrate on the usability of their website and apps.

Three principles

  • Set tasks
    • What do you want users to test, is it a website or an app and what kind of tasks do you need users to do?
  • Select Users
    • Based on your requirements like device, gender, country, age etc you select the users that will test your website or app.
  • View Results
    • The result comes in the form of a video that includes voice. This gives the business the understand what the end user is doing not only visible but you also will hear what they say while they are executing the tasks.

The usability testing help business to increase revenue or lower costs:

Just a few examples. On the website of Whatusersdo there are more case studies:


Customer Benefit Sales up by 9.5%
Lovehoney AOV (Average Order Value) up by 12
Dogs Trust Lower the costs by 15%
ClickMechanic Increased new website conversions by 50%
Lowcosttravelgroup Found 40 bugs in 2 days by international website testers.



For businesses, Whatusersdo is perfect for analysing and understanding their website or app from an end users perspective because these businesses need to generate more revenue, increase sales, save costs, provide information, improve user experience or whatever the business model is Whatusersdo can provide them with a platform giving access to that all important information.


Website App Testers

The website user experience testing as mentioned earlier is a testing cycle where businesses learn from the experience of end users. These end users can be their own customers or testers like you and me who make around £$€5 for a test.

One single test takes about 20 minutes and you absolutely do not need any experience except for that you have been using the internet.


Other Requirements Whatusersdo Expect From You

  • Broadband connection for fast internet. A video will be created while you are doing the test and this video will be to be uploaded.
  • A computer Windows 7 or higher and a minimum 1 GB of RAM and install Java which you can freely download and install. If Java is not detected during registration or when you apply for a test it will request you to install Java before executing any task.
    • If you have a Mac make sure it is running OSX 0.7 or later
  • You need a microphone, recommended is a headset that is comfortable.
  • A Paypal account. If you are living in the UK you might request a check but Paypal is so much easier and you also might become a tester at other websites and let them pay in your Paypal account also.
  • Make sure that your browser is IE7 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher, Safari 3 or Chrome.
  • You need to understand English. The majority of the tests are in English although if you do speak another language you might be getting a test in your own language.
  • You will need to install the screen recorder software, a link is provided on the registration page but also at the dashboard where you will be able to see all available tests but also all tests you have executed with the payments.


The first test you are going to make when you sign up is a practice test. The screen is recorded during the session and then uploaded to Whatusersdo and during the session, you will need to do some tasks. This first test is about Expedia and is really straightforward: 

  • Search Google for Expedia and navigate to the official Expedia website
  • What are your first impressions
  • Find a hotel of your choice on any date in a destination of your choice.
  • In just a few words please tell us one thing you would change on this website.

You can watch my first video on the Whatusersdo site, please follow the link.


In the screenshot, you see some of the tests I did on my Android and got paid £8 for each test.


Whatusersdo Will Pay For The Website and App Testing

The all-important payments are paid in your Paypal account. Each test will pay $£€8 although if you come through one of the Whatusersdo customers you might receive a different rewarding like vouchers.

Whatuserdo has a payroll run on the 25th of each month and then you will be paid and so far I personally always have been paid.


Number of User Experience Tests

I have done several user experience tests but also had to decline a few because of being abroad and not having my laptop with me but only my Chromebook. It is not that you will receive tests every day but a few a month is certainly possible.

Whatusersdo Verdict

My verdict on Whatusersdo is good. I get a notification that a test is available after I do my test I get paid. Whatusersdo is absolutely NO SCAM and very Legit. It will not replace my daily job but together with other sites where you can test websites and apps, Whatusersdo must be on your list. 

One of the main advantages is that you do not need any experience in website testing and that is the real experience website owners need, the user experience. You just do your normal thing, follow the task that has been set out for you and that is it. No need for any testing certifications.


Although the price has dropped I see more tests coming and at the end, I make more money. Tests take 20 minutes or less, so you will make £5 in 20 minutes. Next, to that, I received a nice email from Whatuserdo on the 8th of January.



Clients have been raving about your abilities as a tester - they keep giving your videos the thumbs up, so your star rating with us has gone up!

Well done and thanks for helping us save the Internet. Ciao!



Be Honest Testing a Website at Whatusersdo

Saving the internet is a big thing, I do not see myself saving the internet but giving my opinion on a website or app is a good thing. And if the email from Whatusersdo was based on the last test I did then I probably have saved the internet or at least told the client what I like or better disliked. I was not very nice in that last test because I was very frustrated not finding what the task was and to me, that means that the website is crap and that is what I said during my test and also after the test, there was a survey and in that survey I wrote what I thought and why it was not good.

This also shows that you have, to be honest in what you do if a site or app is crap then say so. 


8 out of 10


Starting a Test Problem

When I compare Whatusersdo with another website like then these websites have an app in which you can do the test. Whatusersdo, however, has a screen recorder that runs on your desktop and before you can start any test you need to make sure that your tablet or smartphone is visible on your computer screen. Then you need to have your headset connected to the computer which might not be the case due to the number of USB ports.

This all takes too long, you only got 30 minutes to start the screen recorder and even then you are not sure if it all works.

When you click start test, you cannot go back anymore, and you will lose the test and therefore not make any money.

Tests are great but it is unfortunate that the process Whaterusersdo has to capture your screen is not from this age. There are better ways to do this without the hassle you, the tester, have to go through. 


Recommendation on Whatusersdo

If you are living in one of the following countries I definitely would recommend Whatusersdo.

  • France
  • Germany
  • the Netherlands
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • The United States of America

They have a good website and a large number of big clients.  The payments are on time and you get enough tests to make some extra cash online. Not only website testing but also iOS and Android testing for both smartphone and tablet.  I have done several tests and as mentioned definitely would recommend them on your list to make money online.


Update: 8 March 2017

Today I performed a test for an insurance. The test was straightforward, no hiccups and finished in less than 10 minutes. In other words, I earned £5 in less than 10 minutes. Obvious, working for a large company somewhere in a boring office with even more boring colleagues will make you more money but there is less freedom. You have a boss who will tell you what to do, working on your own, as a freelancer means you are your OWN boss.

It is not only the testing at Whatusersdo because I would not be able to live on just the tests they have put together with other sites where I can test websites, mobile apps and I have seen tests for my TV. 

Whatusersdo should be absolutely in your portfolio of websites where you can make decent money testing websites and mobile apps. I understand when you are not living in the countries mentioned it will be difficult but otherwise do have a look and sign up with Whatusersdo.


Update: 30 November 2017

Since a few days, there was a test available testing an app where I can order food for £10 and get paid £25, effectively receiving £15 which is great and was welcome for me and my son. The main issue I had is that I could not find the executable that I needed to download to record the screen.

Mirroring my iPhone and getting a license from X-Mirage is easy, the license is delivered by Whatusersdo, just follow the instructions. I contacted Whatusersdo because of not having the Whatusersdo screen recorder in place and I could not find it on their site. Luckily they sent a link but at the same time "complaint" that I have not tested for a long time which is correct.

I wrote to them that it is irritating to go to their website for a test, doing a survey to find out that I am not eligible for that test. This happened 9 out of 10 and then it is just a waste of time to even go to their website. It is irritating and hopefully, they can do something about it.

Coming back to the test then I had to download the Just-Eat app through the Apple store and after logging in I had to order which I did. The test itself took some time and was a test about the Just-Eat app and a survey before and after eating.

During dinner, the laptop and mobile were just waiting and I only hoped that nothing would break before I could upload the video but luckily it did not.

The app itself is a great app, straightforward and it found my details because I had used the website of Just-Eat before and could see what I had ordered in the past and could re-order which I did.

Are you also looking for these opportunities, then sign up at Whatusersdo and see the tests coming your way.


⇒ Start Your First Website Test at Whatusersdo ⇐



If you, unfortunately, do not live in any of these countries then you can sign up but you might be waiting for ages before Whatusersdo is available in your country. If this is the case then please look for alternatives options to earn money online like starting a blog or check out other opportunities where you can test websites and apps.



Userfeel Tester read this Userfeel Review

Today, 24 August 2017, I signed up for Userfeel because it is one of the companies where I can test websites and be part of the crowd tester community. This Userfeel review is one of the many reviews I wrote and will be updated along the path of becoming a Userfeel Crowd Tester.

Interestingly enough, I felt very comfortable when I signed up for Userfeel, obvious I need to wait if they accept me but having experience now in usability testing, I think I already love them, but let's first wait for the approval of the qualification test and the first real test that will earn me money online.



Before describing the signup process at Userfeel, let me explain what Userfeel is and what they do. On their website, it is written in simple words


Remote Usability Testing


It is just that simple, remote usability testing. A platform where businesses can test the usability of their website or app by using a wide variety of testers.

These businesses might not have the number of testers required or just do not have the devices that are required for testing. What better than to use the crowd where there are testers having the exact devices business is looking for.

I, myself, have a few devices, a few smartphones, a smart TV, game consoles, laptops and although I also do not have a few devices like a Mac it still gives me plenty of opportunities to test websites and apps and earn money online along with the way.


At Userfeel business can sign up and have access to many testers who are willing to test the businesses websites or apps. These tests are usability test and therefore the crowd-testers are not searching for bugs, the bugs should already have been tested before and removed. There are other sites where bug testers can be found like or but at you will find usability testers.


Userfeel for website and app owners

Website and app owners will use Userfeel for usability testing and you will need to think about processes. Is the process of selecting an article through the payment gateway to final payment correct?

This is a valid question because when there are hiccups or inconsistencies visitors or potential buyers might drop off and do not buy the product. That is simply a loss in revenue and businesses just do not like that.

The processes on the website or in the app should be easy to follow and give the right results. For example, if the search function is not delivering the correct results then visitors will drop off and look for competitors.
The competition is one keen click away and that is simply what you do not want. Better to spend a little more on usability testing than having visitors run away.


  • Specify the website
    • Your website with landing URL
    • Number of users per device
  • What are users going to do?
    • set the scenario
    • What do you want to see from the test?
  • Watch videos
    • When the test videos come back, watch them, and follow what testers are doing
    • What on your site or app do you need to improve?


There are more topics to think of but that is for businesses to decide, as a crowd tester you will read that scenario and put test with that scenario in mind.


Become a tester and earn $10 per test

Userfeel is “just” one of the companies for crowd testing however it feels comfortable as a tester and becoming one is straightforward.

Before joining Userfeel, there are a few things to know as that might pull you of becoming a member.

  • Each test will take about 10 to 20 minutes.
  • You need a microphone which is available on every computer and laptop
    • Advisable is to buy a headset which does not need to cost much.


Usability Testing

Userfeel need usability testers this means that they are not looking for bug testers. If you are more someone who loves to search for bugs then you need to look for alternative websites which I will mention later.

A usability tester is as it describes checking the usability of the website or the app.

Nothing is so frustrating of a website

  • when you cannot find what you are looking for but you know it is available
  • when you go through a maze of pages without the feeling that you get close to what you are looking for
  • when you are using a search function that does not work properly
  • when you go through the payment checkout process that is not logical


Some sites are so frustrating that you just do not go back to it anymore and with you many others, therefore, it is so important for websites and apps to be user-friendly.



During testing, you might want to be anonymous and use a fake name and email address for signing up for these to be tested websites. These companies do not need to know who you are, the only link that they have is that someone with your email address is testing and they might not even know the email address because from Userfeel they only might have a user ID and the profile that fits their requirements. If you are using fake data, you will not be penalised because it is not a requirement to use real data.


Payment Processes

In case you are testing a payment process then never ever fill in your credit card or PayPal details. If the company want to have the whole payment process tested then they should provide credit card details and a PayPal email address. The Credit Card companies like VISA and MasterCard have test card numbers available and that should be provided and for PayPal, they provide a TEST Sandbox that you, as a tester, might not be aware of but you do not need that. The main point is, do NOT use your own Credit Card details or PayPal email address to test.



Today, I signed up and one of the question during sign up was my native language which is Dutch and that means that the qualification test, which you will do for free, is in Dutch.
The funny part is that I never did a usability test in Dutch, it has always been in English.


Qualification Test

When you have signed up and your email address is verified you will have to go through a qualification test. Mine was in Dutch because of my native English, so I assume that your qualification test is also in your native language and according to their website they provide tests in over 40 languages. This qualification test is not really difficult, it is for Userfeel more to get the feeling about you and if you are up to the task.


An important aspect is the rating, the first rating will give your profile a boost and hopefully get you many more tests and the higher the rating the more tests you get.


I do not know my rating yet and what I also do not know yet, if I get tests in only Dutch or also English. During the signup process, I wrote that my native language is Dutch and second language English and obvious there are more tests in English, therefore, more money to earn online in English tests, but I only can wait and see.


Qualification Test Result

Although Userfeel writes on their website that the checking of the qualification test that new testers make can take 7 to 15 days, in my case, I already received a notification that I was accepted and with a 5-star rating which is not bad.


Congratulations! Your qualification test on was rated with 5/5 and that sets you as a certified tester!

We have created a certification badge and a personal "hire me" link that you can place on your website or blog, or share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Anyone using your personal link will be directed to's home page with a cookie that will have you as a preferred tester when they order.

You can find your badge and personal link at your account page:


The badge has been placed at the start of this article to show that I am now a certified tester, whatever that means. More important to me is to see if I indeed get many tests to send me to me.


Can I always do Userfeel Tests?

Like other websites and similar to survey sites, the Userfeel clients only want to have particular testers for their websites. If they want native Dutch than native Brits will not get these tests. If the test is about taking train rides and you never take the train then you will not do that test, unless you lie during the screener question. Needless to say, that you will be kicked off the system when they find out that you are not telling the truth in order to do a test where you do not fit the Userfeel client requirements.


Are you a good tester?

Being a tester is simple, but becoming a good tester is another question. When you test you will need to put your mind to the test itself.

You are not testing how wonderful the site is but putting the processes to the question. Always be honest, never lie, at the end, you want to help the Userfeel client to have a better website.

Of course, you have a different approach than another crowd tester, but together it gives the Userfeel client two different opinions about the process and from that, they can move on to make it even better.


The All-important Payments

Userfeel will pay $10 for 10 to 20 minutes test and will pay that money in your PayPal or Payoneer account. The payment will be done about 1 week after the approval of your test.


Reasons not to get Paid

I mentioned it before, when Userfeel finds out that you are lying, you will be kicked from the system but they also want quality.

  • Sound; if the recording is lacking quality the test can be disapproved and you will not get paid.
  • Noise; if there is a lot of background noise, then the quality is lacking and it is possible that you are not paid.
    • Always do the test in a room where it is quiet and where you are not disturbed.
    • Turn of your mobile.
    • Logout from Skype or any other software on your computer that might give a sound.


Avoid being Interrupted to Spoil your Test, Lose Money and Rating



Are there Limitation to the amount to Earn?

There is no limit, the higher your rating, the more tests you will get as long as the test is for your demographic area.

Currently, I have only done the qualification test and wonder if they give me a test to do for Dutch websites or English, I only can wait now.



I recommend becoming a crowd tester at Userfeel, even if you do fail for the qualification test, then you at least know that usability testing is nothing for you and you might be happier with bug testing.
If you want to become an Userfeel crowd tester and start making money online then go to the Userfeel website and register yourself. 



I wrote a few reviews about other crowd tester websites, some are similar to Userfeel like Whatusersdo or UserTesting.
However, there are also sites that want bug testers and then you need to look at Utest or TEST.IO and some sites that are a mixture like Testbirds.
I am personally a member of all these sites and indeed do get plenty of tests although I cannot do all of them because

  • the screener test tells me that I am not in the target group
  • no time, due to other business
  • the test is already gone which happens often at TryMyUi

Nevertheless, I keep on testing because I personally like it and hopefully you do too.


Testbirds Review - Crowd testers earn money testing apps and websites.

Testing mobile apps and websites is a must for everyone who wants their customer to get a great feeling using their website or app. This Testbirds review is for testers who like to join Testbirds and start earning money finding bugs and other vulnerabilities in the apps and websites of Testbirds customers.


As a tester, you already will earn $5 once you have done the sign-up test. This test is to see if you are qualified and from that, you need to wait for more tests to come. If you have more than one device then please add them all the more devices you have to test on the more money you potentially can earn and that is good for your wallet. Think about websites, smartphones, tablets, wearables smart TV with an internet connection, if you have them add them.


Testbirds has good paying tests, you will be able to get tests paying €25 or more for a test report however it is certainly possible that you do not get jobs after you accepted the invitation and that is a negative point. I will come to that later. 


The Big Question

Once I sign up do I get tests tasks?
Yes, you do. It may take some time but once you have done the pre-tests you will get more tests and you all can do these in your own time but there is a deadline by when the test must be done. Customers of Testbirds have their deadlines, their app or website must go LIVE.

The Speed of Receiving and Acceptance of Tests

Do not be surprised that it can take weeks between applying for a test and receiving the approval or decline. In May 2016 I applied for a test and got a decline in mid-July, that was more than 6 weeks. Now I do understand that companies sometimes take time, and I do not mind the decline, but in the meantime, there have been no other test requests.
You might wonder how many clients Testbirds have because so far it does not look that much. Looking at other sites like Whatuserdo, TryMyUi and Utest then clearly these other sites have much more test and really there is real money to be made.


Testbirds Training

Once you are approved as a tester and I hardly cannot see why anyone would be disapproved it would be good to follow the basic training. Here you will learn how to create a bug and test report. Writing a test or bug report in your own words will make best birds much busier than writing it in a dedicated format and together with the screenshots of the bugs, you will become a good tester.
One part of the training is the usability training. There is a difference between a bug and-and usability.
  • Bug: something just does not work or gives the wrong result and this "something" must be fixed
  • Usability: the process flow that users go through on a website is not natural.....

Testbirds goes in more detail and will show you how to describe these in the test report for the developers of the clients to pick up and solve the issue.


Do check out their blog to get a better understanding of Test Birds but it is too good an opportunity to miss out on.

Why would a customer use Test Birds?




Target Group

Testbirds has over 60 demographic criteria based on extensive tester profiles to ensure that the crowd of testers represents your typical end user.



Testbirds' crowd consists of thousands of different devices, operating systems and browser types. Testers test on their own devices in real-life conditions to ensure the consistency of your application across all platforms.

I have added some devices

  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • Android Phone
  • Smart TV
  • Windows 10 computer

There are more like Linux, different iPhone and how many Android phones are out there?



The diversity of Testbirds' crowd gives you an external perspective unbound by organisational bias.


Is your development team swamped with other priorities? The Test Birds testers and project managers work around-the-clock to make time-consuming testing a breeze.


Join as a Tester

If you want to become a tester at Testbirds then please join them at their site.

When you join you will become one of their over 100.000 testers. This sounds a lot and you might be scared away thinking you do not get any tests however if there are so many testers than companies automatically go to them because of the diversity. You just need to become better than others to get yourself a higher rank. The higher the rank the more test request you get.


Who are their clients?

Think about Deutsche Post, Allianz, Henkel, DHL, Audi to name a few.



You can earn money by telling Test Birds your opinion about software. The payments are proportional to the complexity of the task. For a regular usability test, you would earn around 20 Euros or 15 pounds for example. There’s usually a fixed amount for your test report and additional payment for every Bug (defect) you find. If you find serious technical Bugs, you’ll earn even more! For each bug, they pay €1 or for the more complex bugs, you can earn up to €5. The more bugs you find the more money you earn.

In short, join Testbirds to find out more and get paid for testing websites and apps.



8 March 2017

I wrote at the start that I like Testbird and soon will be able to start a new test on my Android. Without going into much detail, which is not allowed, the test is as mentioned on my Android and is all about Anti-Virus. Earnings will be €40 for a report and on top of that a yearly license that is worth at least £25.

On top of the earning, there will also be earnings for every bug that I find. Isn't that great?



Payout for Low Bug £0.85
Payout for Medium Bug £1.71
Payout for High Bug £2.56
Payout for Critical Bug £4.27


A Skype chat is part of the job but that is fine.

Skype update; I had a Skype chat and although they expected it to last 10 minutes, it was more my fault that it took longer. I just discussed my experience with their app in more detail and what I would change or not change. At the end I have been paid and look out for the next challenge.


22 March 2017

On the 22nd of March, I received a request to Test the Prototype Website of a Famous Restaurant. It is unknown which restaurant yet only that the test is on a Windows 10 machine.

The earnings will be £30.65 for a test report.


Update 23 March 2017

Despite their acceptance today I received a decline and that means to me that Testbirds is not the best company out there. There is no reason why they declined it except that they claim that I was too late, which I was not or that there are better testers out there, which I doubt.


Decline Acceptance.

Testbirds sends an invitation and then decline your acceptance. As you can read about the Test the Prototype Website of a Famous Restaurant project, Testbirds did send the invitation which I accepted. It is then strange that Testbirds decline the acceptance.

This is the same as inviting someone for a party which they accept and then telling them they are not welcome. That is strange, they should know beforehand who they are going to send an invitation to and not decline the acceptance.

This is a big negative point and basically bad behaviour.

I did receive an email from Testbirds that wrote that my acceptance was declined, I replied back to them with the following:


In my review about Testbirds, I pointed this as very negative.

You send me an invite, which I accepted, then you decline it.

This is the same as sending an invite to someone for a party upon which the invitee accepts and they it is declined.

The invite should never have been sent.


The answer:


Thanks for reaching out. I apologise for any frustration caused. I can also accept that our systems are not perfect, especially when we have a tricky target group which cannot be easily translated into hard criteria which we can implement in the online platform. Therefore we have to invite testers we feel are close to meeting the criteria, and then manually assess eligibility.

You are not alone in feeling this way and we take testers’ feedback very seriously. We will be trailing new methods of invitation in the coming weeks and months and hopefully, we can find a resolution very soon that does not frustrate our testers.

Apologies, and I hope you can understand our position. We hope to do more testing with you.


The fact that I got a reply makes it less negative, it is what they call engagement and that is important.


Update 8 May 2017

On the 8th of May 2017, Testbird introduced a way to earn money and Community Points with the Testbirds GRDN; The Global Real Device Network. This network connects your mobile to the Testbird network and clients will be able to test their application remotely on your phone while you are asleep. It will earn you €5 an hour which is great news.

Just log in to the Testbird network with your phone and you will not only earn €5 an hour when a client us using your phone to test, you will earn 24 Community Points every day as long as it is connected. There is no need for any clients to test on your mobile to earn these Community Points, just make sure that your telephone is ready for testing.

The Testbird Global Real Device Network is in Beta testing therefore not everyone is part of it but that soon will change. I have not received an official LIVE launch date but as soon as I find out I will place it here at Keenclick.


Update 12 May 2017

Today I have been selected to do an app test for an electric toothbrush. It is just the app, not the toothbrush itself. The test itself will start in a couple of days but looking at the payments then I say, it is great to get paid for a report:


I do wonder what a toothbrush app is going to do or let me know. Personally, I have an electric toothbrush and just ask me the question if I would use an app. What am I missing here?

Well, the test itself will start next week and only then I can download the app and once done and tested I can let you know how the testing went.

Just have a look at the deadlines which are fine, but it gives you an indication how Testbirds works.


3 August 2017

Test Overview - Usability Study: Test the Website of a Famous Restaurant

A very interesting Usability Study, testing the website of a famous restaurant. Many times when you want to perform a test you will find a questionnaire and often it means

  1. you have to lie in order to get the test
  2. you do not get the test because you do not lie

In this case there was no questionnaire and I could do an interesting test which took about 20 minutes in total and paying £29.96.


The description of the test:


In this test, we will assess the website of a famous restaurant for all aspects of usability.

The goal of the test is to test and evaluate the website of the restaurant by completing a set of Use Cases. Then you will give your detailed feedback, opinions, and suggestions to make the website even better. Always feel free to leave extra feedback or suggestions even if it was not asked of you. You can always retake Use Cases if you want to get a better feel of the user experience.

What are your tasks?

  • Find the test websites under the "Access Data" tab.
  • Follow the instructions given in the use cases.
  • Take regular screenshots to document your testing.
  • Answer the rating questions as honestly as you can.
  • Take the time you need to fulfil every use case.
  • Giving as much feedback in the open questions as you possibly can!


There were absolutely a few comments in which I think the website could be better, not just in the text itself because even me as non-native could see those, and I wrote them but on the design, the functionality, the process. The website itself was stunning looking but not enough images or video about the dishes or the wine they have.

I was missing the images of the restaurant itself. Obvious it is not easy to bring over the atmosphere of a restaurant with a single image, therefore more images or a video would be great.

This test was done on the 3rd of August at 01:00 am, and with a deadline of 10 am that same morning I was on time. The nice thing that happened was that when I woke up the £29.96 was already paid and is on my way to my bank account as I write this.



I hope you enjoyed this Testbirds Review but if you are reading this then you indeed did come a long way.

  • Join Testbirds
  • Update your profile, add all devices you have that you can make a test on
  • Follow the Birds School that is shown on your dashboard
  • Do the first test and earn €5 straight away
  • Wait for test to come, you will receive an email
  • Earn more

My recommendation is to join Testbirds and become a tester. but be not surprised when do not get many tests. As a matter of fact, I only get 2 in one year and one was declined after 6 weeks, that is not much. I do not want to be negative, although 2 tests in a year will not overload my bank and are hardly useful. However, I will see if I get more tests and then I can update this article better with more experience. If you, however, get many tests, I would like to know so I can share your experience with readers. 

Invitations come and go, you might get declines but the tests at Testbirds are very interesting. Personally, I love these tests more than for example at TEST.IO where you only get paid for a bug and the payout can be low.

If you ask yourself the question, should I join Testbirds and make money online? Then my definite answer is YES if you like testing websites and apps.



==> Join Testbirds <==



As mentioned earlier a big negative point is that you might waste time accepting an invitation which then is declined. This can be a waste of time because you do have to read the test and during that time you could have tested at TEST.IO test websites and apps or Utest.



Here at Keenclick we search the internet for opportunities to make money online. The money is out there, it is only the way to find it and then make your money through work you love. We believe, you only will make money out of passion and for some, the passion of testing websites and apps through websites like Testbirds is a great way to make money online, for others it is cheating and hacking or setting up a business and making millions.

Alternative Opportunities

If you are just as lucky as me to get only 2 tests in one year you might be looking elsewhere like Whatusersdo or start your own blog, write about what you like, your passion. You might think it is not for you, but you will be amazed when I have a chat with you, just discussing the opportunities.




UserTesting Review

When you are serious about becoming a crowd tester then this UserTesting Review will help you to understand before joining this UX functionality testing crowd testers platform.


I joined UserTesting some time ago without any regrets so far but that is personal and you might be more looking in earning a lot of money online quickly and then you might leave UserTesting for what they are and concentrate on other forms of making money online where the risks are higher to be cheated upon.


8 March 2018; Today I did a test that I really like because it comes close to my business and invoicing and getting paid. And does not everyone who runs a business want to get paid?



Large companies make use of to test their website or app on especially usability or the UX factor of their website/app. As a crowd tester, you normally do not look at that but when you are a decision maker working at one of these companies then should be one of the sites to go to for testing your website or app.


With over 1,000,000 testers available in many different categories will have the crowd testers available that companies are targeting.


There are so many fake websites where you can lose money while your goal is to make money online and with UserTesting, you will make money. It is, however, not a quick way of making money. With paying $10 for a test and only a few tests per week or month, it is just one of the sites that you need to be a member of to earn a few bucks.


In the table below you see the payments done and a pending payment for a test I did a few days ago. The rating is also interesting, the higher the rating the more tests you get based on your profile.

Clearly to see is that UserTesting does not have that many tests for me or at least I have not done them because before a test starts there is normally a survey upon which is decided if you can do the test.


This UserTesting Review focusses on the money earning part because that is why you came to Keen click but there will be also a part writing about the spending part, especially on UserTesting clients who use the crowd testers signed up with UserTesting and these clients, well at least some of them are really big companies.


What am I Testing with

One of the reasons for visitors to leave a website or remove an app is when they have a bad user experience. This bad user experience can come from a non-logical process or menu items in another place than expected. Or just not finding what you are looking for, it can be anything with a result for you to uninstall the APP or just never come back to that website again.

How many websites have you visited and you got lost in in the menu structure, the call to actions and anything on these websites that gave you a bad experience?

With UX testing the User Experience and behavior of that website or APP are tested and UserTesting has many clients that want you to test their website(s) or APP and get good feedback so they can update their website or APP to make it more user-friendly, to give the visitor a better user experience.

UserTesting, be a Tester

Being a tester at UserTesting makes you a member of over 1,000,000 fellow testers, which sounds great but obvious has its disadvantages like the competition.

All testers want to have as many tests as possible that pay reasonable and it would be great to do a few a day but as a tester, unfortunately, you do not get that many.

A Millennial or Generation Y might get more than people of Generation X and look at the speed of development then it is obvious that companies target group are the millennials and not the older generation.


UserTesting Screen Recorder

Testing a website means that you will need the UserTesting recorder that will record what is happening on the screen and what you say during the recording session.

Personally, I have a headset to speak clearly what I am doing and what I think of the website. Some parts might be confusing, then say it is confusing for a reason. Do not think that the UserTesting client will understand because they want to understand from you why certain parts of the website are giving troubles, you are testing the website on usability and to the user experience. When your experience is bad then say why it is bad and what you personally would like to see or expected to see or do.

This all is recorded with the UserTesting Screen Recorder and uploaded at the end of the test.

Chrome Extension

In certain situations, you might be able to use the Chrome Extension to execute some tests, this Chrome Extension only need to be added to your Chrome version and that is basically it.

There is a pretty interesting help section if you got stuck but at the end, it is easy to follow and just an additional way of executing a test and making extra money.


UserTesting APP

The APPs of UserTesting clients are tested on your mobile phone and for that, you will need to download the UserTesting APP for iOS or Android.

This APP will record what you do and once finished upload the screen captured movie for the UserTesting client to check and give a rating that you would like. The better the rating the more tests you get and without the upload you will not get paid.

The APPs are not officially released APPs, therefore, you do need to trust the APPs and give it permission to run on your mobile telephone.

So far, I have not tested an APP where the camera was used but it is possible obvious that certain UserTesting clients want to test their APP and the usage of the camera, in this case, you will get a prompt to give permission.


How Much Does UserTesting Pay?

It is the all-important question for crowd testers, “How much money can you make on UserTesting?”.

For each website or APP test you will earn $10 but if there is a webcam test then the earnings will be $15. You will need to be invited to become a webcam tester and be living in the United States.

A website or APP test will last 15 to 20 minutes and you will earn the $10 which is maybe not too much and you will not get very rich doing that but if you are interested in earning a few bucks then testing websites and APPs through UserTesting is a great opportunity.

The payments are done in your PayPal account, so make sure that you have a PayPal account but you probably want to be a member of other crowd testing websites as well, and these also pay in your PayPal account.


Is UserTesting Legit or is UserTesting a scam?

Making a legit way of money online as a crowd tester through UserTesting com is absolutely possible. You might have questions about is UserTesting safe or is UserTesting legit, do I not get scammed with UserTesting or be a UserTesting tester.

When you simply look at the clients like Adobe, eBay, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, VistaPrint or Yahoo to name a few then you can imagine that these companies do not want to get involved with a business that is not legit.


And from the personal front, I have always been paid by UserTesting and continue to test with them as long as I get the test to execute.


UserTesting Case Study VistaPrint

You might have an interest in some case study to see the reasons companies have using UserTesting testing their website or APP.


Like the case study of VistaPrint where a new all product page gave an increased exit rate of 16% and led to a 68% jump in the use of navigational links instead of using the links in the page itself. It turned out that although the new design was much better in looks, it was also less functional.


The developer looked at all the videos that were recorded and made several updates to the design to bring the exit rate down to normal levels and the same for the jump in the navigational links.


The VistaPrint Case Study 


8 March 2018

On the 8th of March 2018, I run a test for a company that helps businesses to get paid. The website was okay although at first glance I thought it was not for a business like mine because I send invoices and do not have direct debit. The test was more if the information on the site was a good fit for my business. Having a small IT company I send out invoices and basically, in this case, it means that

a) Ask your clients to set up a Direct Debit

b) Send the invoice and collect the money through Direct Debit

The interesting part of this test was that not only there was a look at the UI/UX but it was more about the approach and the business model where I personally doubt that my clients put on a direct debit so I can collect the money myself through the direct debit.

It shows that not only have tests to verify the UI/UX but also if business models would work and who better to ask than business owners.


UserTesting Recommendation

I hope that this UserTesting Review will answer the questions you might have and will give you the confidence to become a UserTesting crowd tester or when the money is not enough to stay away from them.

I do recommend UserTesting though although do not expect to become rich or make many tests. Your profile might be more interesting than mine, you might be a millennial and therefore get more tests from UserTesting.


Sites Like UserTesting

There are few UserTesting alternatives sites that like UserTesting test the User Experience. These UserTesting alternatives are Whatusersdo or TryMyUI which I am also a member of and a review of Whatusersdo and TryMyUI can also be found here at Keenclick.


Other alternatives to UserTesting are sites that are more or less focused on finding bugs. Read the reviews on Testbirds and Utest

If UserTesting is not your site or you do not like the UX testing then you might consider looking in different ways to earn your money online.


If you are looking for a replacement for your current job then consider setting up a business in your passion and only you can know what your passion is.