analysia300x169Is Analysia SCAM a Missed Opportunity, Gone or Just Too Busy?

A good looking site as Analysia is not what you think it is. On the website, Analysia writes "Test your mobile app" unfortunately as a Tester you can register but nothing happens. It is a pity because I have a few smartphones and tablets and would like to earn some money testing websites and APPS.

But maybe I am just the unlucky guy trying to login and where I fail you might succeed. Making money online testing website is absolutely great, I love it. Earning $10 for 20 minutes work and say your opinion about a website. You are not testing on bugs but just the flow of the site and that is what Analysia should be about.


I like the name "Analysia" so that looks promising but what annoys me is when I registered as a tester the first thing I noticed is a pop-up showing an advertisement. Why they do that for? I only want to register as a tester why do I get an advertisement to see?


Serious Business

Is Analysia serious about doing business or it just a scam? 


The next step they ask for the following:

  • Country of residence
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Household income
  • Employment type:
  • Postal/ZIP code
  • Phone number
  • Computer Expertise
  • Year of Birth

Yes, it writes account created but is it? They wrote exactly the same last year when I registered and I got the feeling it is now more to get your email address rather than serious business. Is Analysia a SCAM?


Is there anyone out there who indeed do TEST website through Analysia?


Another issue for Analysia is that they do NOT show where they are based. Contacting is only through email and that is not good. If it is a company then they should write where they are based and how to contact them. Contacting by email is not working because there are no return or replies.


Making more money with Analysia

An interesting part would be the referral system paying


  • 15% if you can bring a customer
  • 2% if you bring another tester


But when you look at the footer of the same page you will see "Copyright Analysia @ 2010-2012" does that really mean that they have not updated their site anymore since 2012?



Looking deeper in the fact that Analysia does not react it might be that they do not have customers and are just out of business. Although more and more websites are set up every day you might think that the customer base potentially can grow but at the same time, more and more business are set up that do exactly the same. Competition is fears and business come and go, that is just a simple fact.


On the other hand, when an advertisement pops up once you connect to their website something must be "wrong". You can expect a popup showing a special offer they have but not a 3rd party advertisement.


Analysia What They Write 

The benefits of Analysia look promising for their clients


  • Low price & easy to use
  • See how users navigate on your site (or your mobile app)
  • Hear what users are thinking while using it
  • Discover what you can do to improve your site or your app
  • Free telephone support.
  • Easy update
  • Create your first test in seconds.


For testers it looks perfect: A tester will be asked to read some instructions and complete task on a website or app, that session will be recorded, your screen and audio will be saved. It typically takes about 15 minutes and for that, you make about $10. To qualify, you need a good internet connection and a microphone.


Website Testing Checklist


They write that "This opportunity is very popular! Getting paid 10$ for just a few minutes, many testers want that and statisticaly (statistically), they are less (fewer) customers than testers. So you can not expect to do a test per day. It will depend about (depends on) your profile as some company needs specific tester profile. But being on the target profile, you can be invited to do a few test per months!" but we doubt that. There is no response from their helpdesk (help desk), it shows that we already signed up but no emails are arriving.

Note: I use the tool Grammerly ( and that shows 4 errors in the text of Analysia. I have highlighted the words that are wrong, and I know I have many mistakes in my text to but I do not have customers but if I had customers then my texts must just be 100% perfect. Here at Keenclick I write my opinion and we can discuss that, you might think that I am wrong, no problem with that, we live in a free world, but attracting paying customers and not even have the grammar correct that says enough isn't it?


Becoming a Website Tester

gametesterIf you want to become a tester and you click on the link an advertisement pops up and that is annoying and show the nature of Analysia. Forget Analysia for the moment, they might come back later but right now forget about them. There are much better opportunities where you indeed can earn money testing websites and apps like for example Utest or Whaterusersdo.


Analysia Review

When I look at my Google Analytics I see that many of you come to this website searching for Analysia SCAM or Analysia Review and especially the SCAM is interesting because that is the majority of you.


Just like me, you have most likely the same problem with Analysia and that is that there is no reaction. Is it just a SCAM getting your email address?


Contact Analysia

Again I have tried to contact Analysia but still no answer. Has anyone been able to contact Analysia? I really would like to know so I can make this review much more positive than it is right now.


For you the potential tester I expect you to want a proper review and obvious this is not what you are looking for and I bet you went to other sites as well writing you can earn $10 for a test but can you? What have these other webmasters done to make Analysia working because to me they still have to come back?



I registered with Analysia with two different email addresses over the last year and in both cases, nothing happens. If you are serious about earning money online by testing websites forget about Analysia, there are companies out there where you can earn good money and that is what I would recommend, look further than Analysia.


Analysia SCAM or Not?


I hesitate to give a SCAM verdict on Analysia. No reaction can mean that they are not in business anymore but just never removed the website.


Is it Frustrating? 


Yes, it is in the sense that Analysia looked like another opportunity to earn money online by testing websites but luckily there are other sites that have customers whose website(s) need to be tested. It is just another missed opportunity and for you, my dear visitor, it is better to look further than Analysia.


Verdict up to May 2016

I have checked Analysia a few times and so far no changes, therefore, my verdict:



0 out of 10



This all can change obviously once I will be able to contact them and understand why there is no reaction and finally can do some website testing. If that happens, IF, I will update my review again and more obvious update my verdict but until now look further.



When you are really serious about testing websites then check out our Whatuserso Review they are much better, they pay out and looking at the brands that Whatusersdo have as their customers then you know this company is serious. Forget about Analysia go to Whatusersdo, the tests are based on user experience and that is exactly what they are looking for. You the user experiencing the website of Whatusersdo customers.


Utest is an excellent site if you want to earn good legit money, my review is of Utest can be found here at Keenclick. In short, Utest is a site where you help Applause owner of the Utest site customers testing their websites & apps. For this you get paid, it is not only usability testing like what you will do at Whatusersdo but also bug testing crashes. Uploading a screenshot or a video might not be enough, you also need log reports, crash reports but for that, you also will be paid. You can find my review on Utest by following the link to Utest Get Paid to Test Websites.


Another option is to start working as a freelancer or start your own blog and write about your passion which you can also do as a freelancer or as a hobby, whatever your choice there is good money to be made, better than with testing websites because you can consider that as beer money. If you are really serious about becoming your own boss and make money through your business then check out the blog section or get in touch with me.



Please let me know if you have a different experience with Analysia than me, I am more than happy to update my review.