Enroll Website Testing

Enroll Website & App Testing Review

Earning money by testing websites and apps is very interesting. This Enroll Review will help you to decide becoming an Enroll member and do a proper job helping companies making their websites better and you ultimately get paid for it. Without testing knowledge, you can sign up at Enroll do a pre-test so you understand what kind of tests you can expect and you will receive an email once a test is available.


You will read in this Enroll review that I am not so keen on Enroll, maybe that is because I live in the UK but every time that I get an email about a test available at Enroll then a) the test is gone b) the money is rubbish, but I will update this Enroll review everytime I get a test from them which at the moment is not that many.


These tests are very simple and straightforward and that is because the website owner wants to see the user experience and usability of their website. Visitors who come to their website should stay to read their content and perform an action like buying something.

To understand this tester do not need to have testing experience it is far more important at this stage that the website is delivering the content to the visitor in a natural way. You click some button and the next step in the process should be logical and easy to find.


What does Zurb do?

Enrollapp is part of the Zurb which is a product design company founded back in 1998 and based in California, USA. Zurb is doing more than just websites and apps and has different areas in their business that is interesting for customers.

  • Studios; design of products, websites, and services to make these better and faster.
  • Notable; A platform to collect and organise feedback on new or updated product.
  • Foundation; a free responsive framework for any device to design websites, apps and emails.
  • University; become a better product designer by following the Zurb training and courses.



For all the built websites, apps and other products Zurb need testers and to become one of these testers you will need to sign up at the Enrollapp website.

Signing up is not difficult, just your name, email address and hit the sign-up button. Update your profile, do the first example test and then you are ready.

When a test becomes available you will receive an email, login and do the test after which you get paid. Do not expect to earn a lot of money and also do not expect to receive many emails. Maybe they look more for testers in the US rather than the UK. I have signed up back in 2015 and believe I have received a total of 2 emails and when I logged on the test was already gone. I am not too worried about that, to me it is just one of the test sites that I signed up with together with other sites that fortunately send more emails with tests become available. I personally earned more with Whatusersdo than Enrollapp.


Other Zurb sites

What struck me the most is the latest Enroll update dated November 2013 (http://zurb.com/notable/blog/updates/enroll) You might think that Zurb is not doing anything anymore, however, looking at Notable (http://zurb.com/notable/blog) then the last update was May 2016.




The 6th of June 2016 I have sent an email to Zurb Notable requesting more information on their Enroll programme and if that is still valid and by having done that I cannot make any recommendation yet until I got their response. 


In the meantime if you are indeed looking for testing opportunities I would recommend Whatusersdo, they have many opportunities to test websites & apps and Whatusersdo pay, read my review here at Keenclick.


Update 17 May 2017

Unfortunately, I never received any answers from Enroll but got a few tests in the meantime. I never updated this Enroll review and thought it is now time because today I did another test. The test itself basically answering the question "Where would you go to SEARCH on this site?"

I assume that they have some kind of software to see where I go with the mouse before clicking. The camera on my laptop is not working so they cannot see my eyes in case they are trying to do that.


As mentioned, I did some other tests in the last couple of months and as you can see the earnings are fantastic as you can see from the table below.


With these dollar cents, it is just not worth to do any test with Enroll. I wonder if anyone of you does go better-paying tests with Enroll. Just let me know in the comment, I really appreciate it because so far I would not recommend Enroll.



There are some very good Crowdsource Testing Websites of which I am not only a member but for sure earn money testing websites and apps.


Whatusersdo; You will earn £8 for each test which can take around 20 minutes. Do not expect to make a fortune, do also not expect to test 100 websites a month but a few a week is certainly possible. Together with other website and apps test you definitely have to add Whatusersdo to your portfolio of sites you use for website and app testing. Check out my review on Whatusersdo.


TEST.IO; I joined TEST.IO not that long ago and have been testing almost on a daily basis. Especially in the weekends which you can understand because the results of all that testing will be available on Monday morning for the developers to pick up and start solving these bugs. If you have never heard of then please check out my review on TEST.IO.


Utest; This is probably one of the best sites for testing websites and apps. You will start searching for bug and get paid for bugs you find. There is a large community here and there are testers who make enough money to stop their day job. I do no say that you will be able to do that, but the opportunity is there. When you start at Utest.com make sure you read the blogs, the information available and it will make you a better website and app tester. Go to my review on Utest.


TryMyUi; Many testers like TryMyUi and they are good, you will get websites tests but do not expect to get so many that you can stop your day job but in combination with Utest, TEST.IO, Whatusersdo you are making good steps to become a full-time tester. You have to be online and start testing the app or website when you receive the email that a test is available, waiting too long means that someone else took the test to hand. I wrote an article about TryMyUi.


There are other alternatives that I have not reviewed yet or are just not good enough, maybe they do not get many customers and therefore not many tests. If you know of other sites then please let me know so I can join and review them. 



Have you been able to do tests at Enroll then please leave a message so I can update this site with your experience. You also can go to the forum and leave a comment there, I leave that up to you.