Testbirds Review - Crowd testers earn money testing apps and websites.

Testing mobile apps and websites is a must for everyone who wants their customer to get a great feeling using their website or app. This Testbirds review is for testers who like to join Testbirds and start earning money finding bugs and other vulnerabilities in the apps and websites of Testbirds customers.


As a tester, you already will earn $5 once you have done the sign-up test. This test is to see if you are qualified and from that, you need to wait for more tests to come. If you have more than one device then please add them all the more devices you have to test on the more money you potentially can earn and that is good for your wallet. Think about websites, smartphones, tablets, wearables smart TV with an internet connection, if you have them add them.


Testbirds has good paying tests, you will be able to get tests paying €25 or more for a test report however it is certainly possible that you do not get jobs after you accepted the invitation and that is a negative point. I will come to that later. 


The Big Question

Once I sign up do I get tests tasks?
Yes, you do. It may take some time but once you have done the pre-tests you will get more tests and you all can do these in your own time but there is a deadline by when the test must be done. Customers of Testbirds have their deadlines, their app or website must go LIVE.

The Speed of Receiving and Acceptance of Tests

Do not be surprised that it can take weeks between applying for a test and receiving the approval or decline. In May 2016 I applied for a test and got a decline in mid-July, that was more than 6 weeks. Now I do understand that companies sometimes take time, and I do not mind the decline, but in the meantime, there have been no other test requests.
You might wonder how many clients Testbirds have because so far it does not look that much. Looking at other sites like Whatuserdo, TryMyUi and Utest then clearly these other sites have much more test and really there is real money to be made.


Testbirds Training

Once you are approved as a tester and I hardly cannot see why anyone would be disapproved it would be good to follow the basic training. Here you will learn how to create a bug and test report. Writing a test or bug report in your own words will make best birds much busier than writing it in a dedicated format and together with the screenshots of the bugs, you will become a good tester.
One part of the training is the usability training. There is a difference between a bug and-and usability.
  • Bug: something just does not work or gives the wrong result and this "something" must be fixed
  • Usability: the process flow that users go through on a website is not natural.....

Testbirds goes in more detail and will show you how to describe these in the test report for the developers of the clients to pick up and solve the issue.


Do check out their blog to get a better understanding of Test Birds but it is too good an opportunity to miss out on.

Why would a customer use Test Birds?


 Test Bird


Target Group

Testbirds has over 60 demographic criteria based on extensive tester profiles to ensure that the crowd of testers represents your typical end user.



Testbirds' crowd consists of thousands of different devices, operating systems and browser types. Testers test on their own devices in real-life conditions to ensure the consistency of your application across all platforms.

I have added some devices

  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • Android Phone
  • Smart TV
  • Windows 10 computer

There are more like Linux, different iPhone and how many Android phones are out there?



The diversity of Testbirds' crowd gives you an external perspective unbound by organisational bias.


Is your development team swamped with other priorities? The Test Birds testers and project managers work around-the-clock to make time-consuming testing a breeze.


Join as a Tester

If you want to become a tester at Testbirds then please join them at their site.

When you join you will become one of their over 100.000 testers. This sounds a lot and you might be scared away thinking you do not get any tests however if there are so many testers than companies automatically go to them because of the diversity. You just need to become better than others to get yourself a higher rank. The higher the rank the more test request you get.


Who are their clients?

Think about Deutsche Post, Allianz, Henkel, DHL, Audi to name a few.



You can earn money by telling Test Birds your opinion about software. The payments are proportional to the complexity of the task. For a regular usability test, you would earn around 20 Euros or 15 pounds for example. There’s usually a fixed amount for your test report and additional payment for every Bug (defect) you find. If you find serious technical Bugs, you’ll earn even more! For each bug, they pay €1 or for the more complex bugs, you can earn up to €5. The more bugs you find the more money you earn.

In short, join Testbirds to find out more and get paid for testing websites and apps.



8 March 2017

I wrote at the start that I like Testbird and soon will be able to start a new test on my Android. Without going into much detail, which is not allowed, the test is as mentioned on my Android and is all about Anti-Virus. Earnings will be €40 for a report and on top of that a yearly license that is worth at least £25.

On top of the earning, there will also be earnings for every bug that I find. Isn't that great?



Payout for Low Bug £0.85
Payout for Medium Bug £1.71
Payout for High Bug £2.56
Payout for Critical Bug £4.27


A Skype chat is part of the job but that is fine.

Skype update; I had a Skype chat and although they expected it to last 10 minutes, it was more my fault that it took longer. I just discussed my experience with their app in more detail and what I would change or not change. At the end I have been paid and look out for the next challenge.


22 March 2017

On the 22nd of March, I received a request to Test the Prototype Website of a Famous Restaurant. It is unknown which restaurant yet only that the test is on a Windows 10 machine.

The earnings will be £30.65 for a test report.


Update 23 March 2017

Despite their acceptance today I received a decline and that means to me that Testbirds is not the best company out there. There is no reason why they declined it except that they claim that I was too late, which I was not or that there are better testers out there, which I doubt.


Decline Acceptance.

Testbirds sends an invitation and then decline your acceptance. As you can read about the Test the Prototype Website of a Famous Restaurant project, Testbirds did send the invitation which I accepted. It is then strange that Testbirds decline the acceptance.

This is the same as inviting someone for a party which they accept and then telling them they are not welcome. That is strange, they should know beforehand who they are going to send an invitation to and not decline the acceptance.

This is a big negative point and basically bad behaviour.

I did receive an email from Testbirds that wrote that my acceptance was declined, I replied back to them with the following:


In my review about Testbirds, I pointed this as very negative.

You send me an invite, which I accepted, then you decline it.

This is the same as sending an invite to someone for a party upon which the invitee accepts and they it is declined.

The invite should never have been sent.


The answer:


Thanks for reaching out. I apologise for any frustration caused. I can also accept that our systems are not perfect, especially when we have a tricky target group which cannot be easily translated into hard criteria which we can implement in the online platform. Therefore we have to invite testers we feel are close to meeting the criteria, and then manually assess eligibility.

You are not alone in feeling this way and we take testers’ feedback very seriously. We will be trailing new methods of invitation in the coming weeks and months and hopefully, we can find a resolution very soon that does not frustrate our testers.

Apologies, and I hope you can understand our position. We hope to do more testing with you.


The fact that I got a reply makes it less negative, it is what they call engagement and that is important.


Update 8 May 2017

On the 8th of May 2017, Testbird introduced a way to earn money and Community Points with the Testbirds GRDN; The Global Real Device Network. This network connects your mobile to the Testbird network and clients will be able to test their application remotely on your phone while you are asleep. It will earn you €5 an hour which is great news.

Just log in to the Testbird network with your phone and you will not only earn €5 an hour when a client us using your phone to test, you will earn 24 Community Points every day as long as it is connected. There is no need for any clients to test on your mobile to earn these Community Points, just make sure that your telephone is ready for testing.

The Testbird Global Real Device Network is in Beta testing therefore not everyone is part of it but that soon will change. I have not received an official LIVE launch date but as soon as I find out I will place it here at Keenclick.


Update 12 May 2017

Today I have been selected to do an app test for an electric toothbrush. It is just the app, not the toothbrush itself. The test itself will start in a couple of days but looking at the payments then I say, it is great to get paid for a report:


testbirds toothbrush payout


I do wonder what a toothbrush app is going to do or let me know. Personally, I have an electric toothbrush and just ask me the question if I would use an app. What am I missing here?

Well, the test itself will start next week and only then I can download the app and once done and tested I can let you know how the testing went.

Just have a look at the deadlines which are fine, but it gives you an indication how Testbirds works.


testbirds toothbrush deadlines


3 August 2017

Test Overview - Usability Study: Test the Website of a Famous Restaurant

A very interesting Usability Study, testing the website of a famous restaurant. Many times when you want to perform a test you will find a questionnaire and often it means

  1. you have to lie in order to get the test
  2. you do not get the test because you do not lie

In this case there was no questionnaire and I could do an interesting test which took about 20 minutes in total and paying £29.96.


The description of the test:


In this test, we will assess the website of a famous restaurant for all aspects of usability.

The goal of the test is to test and evaluate the website of the restaurant by completing a set of Use Cases. Then you will give your detailed feedback, opinions, and suggestions to make the website even better. Always feel free to leave extra feedback or suggestions even if it was not asked of you. You can always retake Use Cases if you want to get a better feel of the user experience.

What are your tasks?

  • Find the test websites under the "Access Data" tab.
  • Follow the instructions given in the use cases.
  • Take regular screenshots to document your testing.
  • Answer the rating questions as honestly as you can.
  • Take the time you need to fulfil every use case.
  • Giving as much feedback in the open questions as you possibly can!


There were absolutely a few comments in which I think the website could be better, not just in the text itself because even me as non-native could see those, and I wrote them but on the design, the functionality, the process. The website itself was stunning looking but not enough images or video about the dishes or the wine they have.

I was missing the images of the restaurant itself. Obvious it is not easy to bring over the atmosphere of a restaurant with a single image, therefore more images or a video would be great.

This test was done on the 3rd of August at 01:00 am, and with a deadline of 10 am that same morning I was on time. The nice thing that happened was that when I woke up the £29.96 was already paid and is on my way to my bank account as I write this.



I hope you enjoyed this Testbirds Review but if you are reading this then you indeed did come a long way.

  • Join Testbirds
  • Update your profile, add all devices you have that you can make a test on
  • Follow the Birds School that is shown on your dashboard
  • Do the first test and earn €5 straight away
  • Wait for test to come, you will receive an email
  • Earn more

My recommendation is to join Testbirds and become a tester. but be not surprised when do not get many tests. As a matter of fact, I only get 2 in one year and one was declined after 6 weeks, that is not much. I do not want to be negative, although 2 tests in a year will not overload my bank and are hardly useful. However, I will see if I get more tests and then I can update this article better with more experience. If you, however, get many tests, I would like to know so I can share your experience with readers. 

Invitations come and go, you might get declines but the tests at Testbirds are very interesting. Personally, I love these tests more than for example at TEST.IO where you only get paid for a bug and the payout can be low.

If you ask yourself the question, should I join Testbirds and make money online? Then my definite answer is YES if you like testing websites and apps.



==> Join Testbirds <==



As mentioned earlier a big negative point is that you might waste time accepting an invitation which then is declined. This can be a waste of time because you do have to read the test and during that time you could have tested at TEST.IO test websites and apps or Utest.



Here at Keenclick we search the internet for opportunities to make money online. The money is out there, it is only the way to find it and then make your money through work you love. We believe, you only will make money out of passion and for some, the passion of testing websites and apps through websites like Testbirds is a great way to make money online, for others it is cheating and hacking or setting up a business and making millions.

Alternative Opportunities

If you are just as lucky as me to get only 2 tests in one year you might be looking elsewhere like Whatusersdo or start your own blog, write about what you like, your passion. You might think it is not for you, but you will be amazed when I have a chat with you, just discussing the opportunities.