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Today, 24 August 2017, I signed up for Userfeel because it is one of the companies where I can test websites and be part of the crowd tester community. This Userfeel review is one of the many reviews I wrote and will be updated along the path of becoming a Userfeel Crowd Tester.

Interestingly enough, I felt very comfortable when I signed up for Userfeel, obvious I need to wait if they accept me but having experience now in usability testing, I think I already love them, but let's first wait for the approval of the qualification test and the first real test that will earn me money online.



userfeelcertifiedtesterBefore describing the signup process at Userfeel, let me explain what Userfeel is and what they do. On their website, it is written in simple words


Remote Usability Testing


It is just that simple, remote usability testing. A platform where businesses can test the usability of their website or app by using a wide variety of testers.

These businesses might not have the number of testers required or just do not have the devices that are required for testing. What better than to use the crowd where there are testers having the exact devices business is looking for.

I, myself, have a few devices, a few smartphones, a smart TV, game consoles, laptops and although I also do not have a few devices like a Mac it still gives me plenty of opportunities to test websites and apps and earn money online along with the way.


At Userfeel business can sign up and have access to many testers who are willing to test the businesses websites or apps. These tests are usability test and therefore the crowd-testers are not searching for bugs, the bugs should already have been tested before and removed. There are other sites where bug testers can be found like or but at you will find usability testers.


Userfeel for website and app owners

Website and app owners will use Userfeel for usability testing and you will need to think about processes. Is the process of selecting an article through the payment gateway to final payment correct?

This is a valid question because when there are hiccups or inconsistencies visitors or potential buyers might drop off and do not buy the product. That is simply a loss in revenue and businesses just do not like that.

The processes on the website or in the app should be easy to follow and give the right results. For example, if the search function is not delivering the correct results then visitors will drop off and look for competitors.
The competition is one keen click away and that is simply what you do not want. Better to spend a little more on usability testing than having visitors run away.


userfeel scenario

The image writes it perfectly.

  • Specify the website
    • Your website with landing URL
    • Number of users per device
  • What are users going to do?
    • set the scenario
    • What do you want to see from the test?
  • Watch videos
    • When the test videos come back, watch them, and follow what testers are doing
    • What on your site or app do you need to improve?


There are more topics to think of but that is for businesses to decide, as a crowd tester you will read that scenario and put test with that scenario in mind.


Become a tester and earn $10 per test

Userfeel is “just” one of the companies for crowd testing however it feels comfortable as a tester and becoming one is straightforward.

Before joining Userfeel, there are a few things to know as that might pull you of becoming a member.

  • Each test will take about 10 to 20 minutes.
  • You need a microphone which is available on every computer and laptop
    • Advisable is to buy a headset which does not need to cost much.


Usability Testing

Userfeel need usability testers this means that they are not looking for bug testers. If you are more someone who loves to search for bugs then you need to look for alternative websites which I will mention later.

A usability tester is as it describes checking the usability of the website or the app.

Nothing is so frustrating of a website

  • when you cannot find what you are looking for but you know it is available
  • when you go through a maze of pages without the feeling that you get close to what you are looking for
  • when you are using a search function that does not work properly
  • when you go through the payment checkout process that is not logical


Some sites are so frustrating that you just do not go back to it anymore and with you many others, therefore, it is so important for websites and apps to be user-friendly.


Buying Equipment

As mentioned before, officially you do not need to buy anything although you need to have a desktop or laptop that already has a microphone and speakers. The microphone of a desktop, sometimes in the keyboard, or a laptop is crap and it is better to buy a proper headset as I have done with the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset


For mobile testing, I use a Plantronics ML18 Bluetooth headset but your original wired headset will work perfectly.



During testing, you might want to be anonymous and use a fake name and email address for signing up for these to be tested websites. These companies do not need to know who you are, the only link that they have is that someone with your email address is testing and they might not even know the email address because from Userfeel they only might have a user ID and the profile that fits their requirements. If you are using fake data, you will not be penalised because it is not a requirement to use real data.


Payment Processes

In case you are testing a payment process then never ever fill in your credit card or PayPal details. If the company want to have the whole payment process tested then they should provide credit card details and a PayPal email address. The Credit Card companies like VISA and MasterCard have test card numbers available and that should be provided and for PayPal, they provide a TEST Sandbox that you, as a tester, might not be aware of but you do not need that. The main point is, do NOT use your own Credit Card details or PayPal email address to test.



Today, I signed up and one of the question during sign up was my native language which is Dutch and that means that the qualification test, which you will do for free, is in Dutch.
The funny part is that I never did a usability test in Dutch, it has always been in English.


Qualification Test

When you have signed up and your email address is verified you will have to go through a qualification test. Mine was in Dutch because of my native English, so I assume that your qualification test is also in your native language and according to their website they provide tests in over 40 languages. This qualification test is not really difficult, it is for Userfeel more to get the feeling about you and if you are up to the task.


An important aspect is the rating, the first rating will give your profile a boost and hopefully get you many more tests and the higher the rating the more tests you get.


I do not know my rating yet and what I also do not know yet, if I get tests in only Dutch or also English. During the signup process, I wrote that my native language is Dutch and second language English and obvious there are more tests in English, therefore, more money to earn online in English tests, but I only can wait and see.


Qualification Test Result

Although Userfeel writes on their website that the checking of the qualification test that new testers make can take 7 to 15 days, in my case, I already received a notification that I was accepted and with a 5-star rating which is not bad.


Congratulations! Your qualification test on was rated with 5/5 and that sets you as a certified tester!

We have created a certification badge and a personal "hire me" link that you can place on your website or blog, or share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Anyone using your personal link will be directed to's home page with a cookie that will have you as a preferred tester when they order.

You can find your badge and personal link at your account page:


The badge has been placed at the start of this article to show that I am now a certified tester, whatever that means. More important to me is to see if I indeed get many tests to send me to me.


Can I always do Userfeel Tests?

Like other websites and similar to survey sites, the Userfeel clients only want to have particular testers for their websites. If they want native Dutch than native Brits will not get these tests. If the test is about taking train rides and you never take the train then you will not do that test, unless you lie during the screener question. Needless to say, that you will be kicked off the system when they find out that you are not telling the truth in order to do a test where you do not fit the Userfeel client requirements.


Are you a good tester?

Being a tester is simple, but becoming a good tester is another question. When you test you will need to put your mind to the test itself.

You are not testing how wonderful the site is but putting the processes to the question. Always be honest, never lie, at the end, you want to help the Userfeel client to have a better website.

Of course, you have a different approach than another crowd tester, but together it gives the Userfeel client two different opinions about the process and from that, they can move on to make it even better.


The All-important Payments

Userfeel will pay $10 for 10 to 20 minutes test and will pay that money in your PayPal or Payoneer account. The payment will be done about 1 week after the approval of your test.


Reasons not to get Paid

I mentioned it before, when Userfeel finds out that you are lying, you will be kicked from the system but they also want quality.

  • Sound; if the recording is lacking quality the test can be disapproved and you will not get paid.
  • Noise; if there is a lot of background noise, then the quality is lacking and it is possible that you are not paid.
    • Always do the test in a room where it is quiet and where you are not disturbed.
    • Turn of your mobile.
    • Logout from Skype or any other software on your computer that might give a sound.


Avoid being Interrupted to Spoil your Test, Lose Money and Rating



Are there Limitation to the amount to Earn?

There is no limit, the higher your rating, the more tests you will get as long as the test is for your demographic area.

Currently, I have only done the qualification test and wonder if they give me a test to do for Dutch websites or English, I only can wait now.



I recommend becoming a crowd tester at Userfeel, even if you do fail for the qualification test, then you at least know that usability testing is nothing for you and you might be happier with bug testing.
If you want to become an Userfeel crowd tester and start making money online then go to the Userfeel website and register yourself.


rsz530 userfeellogo




I wrote a few reviews about other crowd tester websites, some are similar to Userfeel like Whatusersdo or UserTesting.
However, there are also sites that want bug testers and then you need to look at Utest or TEST.IO and some sites that are a mixture like Testbirds.
I am personally a member of all these sites and indeed do get plenty of tests although I cannot do all of them because

  • the screener test tells me that I am not in the target group
  • no time, due to other business
  • the test is already gone which happens often at TryMyUi

Nevertheless, I keep on testing because I personally like it and hopefully you do too.