UserTesting Review

When you are serious about becoming a crowd tester then this UserTesting Review will help you to understand before joining this UX functionality testing crowd testers platform.


I joined UserTesting some time ago without any regrets so far but that is personal and you might be more looking in earning a lot of money online quickly and then you might leave UserTesting for what they are and concentrate on other forms of making money online where the risks are higher to be cheated upon.


8 March 2018; Today I did a test that I really like because it comes close to my business and invoicing and getting paid. And does not everyone who runs a business want to get paid?


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Large companies make use of to test their website or app on especially usability or the UX factor of their website/app. As a crowd tester, you normally do not look at that but when you are a decision maker working at one of these companies then should be one of the sites to go to for testing your website or app.


With over 1,000,000 testers available in many different categories will have the crowd testers available that companies are targeting.


There are so many fake websites where you can lose money while your goal is to make money online and with UserTesting, you will make money. It is, however, not a quick way of making money. With paying $10 for a test and only a few tests per week or month, it is just one of the sites that you need to be a member of to earn a few bucks.


In the table below you see the payments done and a pending payment for a test I did a few days ago. The rating is also interesting, the higher the rating the more tests you get based on your profile.

Clearly to see is that UserTesting does not have that many tests for me or at least I have not done them because before a test starts there is normally a survey upon which is decided if you can do the test.


This UserTesting Review focusses on the money earning part because that is why you came to Keen click but there will be also a part writing about the spending part, especially on UserTesting clients who use the crowd testers signed up with UserTesting and these clients, well at least some of them are really big companies.


What am I Testing with

One of the reasons for visitors to leave a website or remove an app is when they have a bad user experience. This bad user experience can come from a non-logical process or menu items in another place than expected. Or just not finding what you are looking for, it can be anything with a result for you to uninstall the APP or just never come back to that website again.

How many websites have you visited and you got lost in in the menu structure, the call to actions and anything on these websites that gave you a bad experience?

With UX testing the User Experience and behavior of that website or APP are tested and UserTesting has many clients that want you to test their website(s) or APP and get good feedback so they can update their website or APP to make it more user-friendly, to give the visitor a better user experience.

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UserTesting, be a Tester

Being a tester at UserTesting makes you a member of over 1,000,000 fellow testers, which sounds great but obvious has its disadvantages like the competition.

All testers want to have as many tests as possible that pay reasonable and it would be great to do a few a day but as a tester, unfortunately, you do not get that many.

A Millennial or Generation Y might get more than people of Generation X and look at the speed of development then it is obvious that companies target group are the millennials and not the older generation.


UserTesting Screen Recorder

Testing a website means that you will need the UserTesting recorder that will record what is happening on the screen and what you say during the recording session.

Personally, I have a headset to speak clearly what I am doing and what I think of the website. Some parts might be confusing, then say it is confusing for a reason. Do not think that the UserTesting client will understand because they want to understand from you why certain parts of the website are giving troubles, you are testing the website on usability and to the user experience. When your experience is bad then say why it is bad and what you personally would like to see or expected to see or do.

This all is recorded with the UserTesting Screen Recorder and uploaded at the end of the test.

Chrome Extension

In certain situations, you might be able to use the Chrome Extension to execute some tests, this Chrome Extension only need to be added to your Chrome version and that is basically it.

There is a pretty interesting help section if you got stuck but at the end, it is easy to follow and just an additional way of executing a test and making extra money.


UserTesting APP

The APPs of UserTesting clients are tested on your mobile phone and for that, you will need to download the UserTesting APP for iOS or Android.

This APP will record what you do and once finished upload the screen captured movie for the UserTesting client to check and give a rating that you would like. The better the rating the more tests you get and without the upload you will not get paid.

The APPs are not officially released APPs, therefore, you do need to trust the APPs and give it permission to run on your mobile telephone.

So far, I have not tested an APP where the camera was used but it is possible obvious that certain UserTesting clients want to test their APP and the usage of the camera, in this case, you will get a prompt to give permission.


How Much Does UserTesting Pay?

It is the all-important question for crowd testers, “How much money can you make on UserTesting?”.

For each website or APP test you will earn $10 but if there is a webcam test then the earnings will be $15. You will need to be invited to become a webcam tester and be living in the United States.

A website or APP test will last 15 to 20 minutes and you will earn the $10 which is maybe not too much and you will not get very rich doing that but if you are interested in earning a few bucks then testing websites and APPs through UserTesting is a great opportunity.

The payments are done in your PayPal account, so make sure that you have a PayPal account but you probably want to be a member of other crowd testing websites as well, and these also pay in your PayPal account.


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Is UserTesting Legit or is UserTesting a scam?

Making a legit way of money online as a crowd tester through UserTesting com is absolutely possible. You might have questions about is UserTesting safe or is UserTesting legit, do I not get scammed with UserTesting or be a UserTesting tester.

When you simply look at the clients like Adobe, eBay, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, VistaPrint or Yahoo to name a few then you can imagine that these companies do not want to get involved with a business that is not legit.


And from the personal front, I have always been paid by UserTesting and continue to test with them as long as I get the test to execute.


UserTesting Case Study VistaPrint

You might have an interest in some case study to see the reasons companies have using UserTesting testing their website or APP.


Like the case study of VistaPrint where a new all product page gave an increased exit rate of 16% and led to a 68% jump in the use of navigational links instead of using the links in the page itself. It turned out that although the new design was much better in looks, it was also less functional.


The developer looked at all the videos that were recorded and made several updates to the design to bring the exit rate down to normal levels and the same for the jump in the navigational links.


The VistaPrint Case Study 


8 March 2018

On the 8th of March 2018, I run a test for a company that helps businesses to get paid. The website was okay although at first glance I thought it was not for a business like mine because I send invoices and do not have direct debit. The test was more if the information on the site was a good fit for my business. Having a small IT company I send out invoices and basically, in this case, it means that

a) Ask your clients to set up a Direct Debit

b) Send the invoice and collect the money through Direct Debit

The interesting part of this test was that not only there was a look at the UI/UX but it was more about the approach and the business model where I personally doubt that my clients put on a direct debit so I can collect the money myself through the direct debit.

It shows that not only have tests to verify the UI/UX but also if business models would work and who better to ask than business owners.


UserTesting Recommendation

I hope that this UserTesting Review will answer the questions you might have and will give you the confidence to become a UserTesting crowd tester or when the money is not enough to stay away from them.

I do recommend UserTesting though although do not expect to become rich or make many tests. Your profile might be more interesting than mine, you might be a millennial and therefore get more tests from UserTesting.



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Sites Like UserTesting

There are few UserTesting alternatives sites that like UserTesting test the User Experience. These UserTesting alternatives are Whatusersdo or TryMyUI which I am also a member of and a review of Whatusersdo and TryMyUI can also be found here at Keenclick.


Other alternatives to UserTesting are sites that are more or less focused on finding bugs. Read the reviews on Testbirds and Utest

If UserTesting is not your site or you do not like the UX testing then you might consider looking in different ways to earn your money online.


If you are looking for a replacement for your current job then consider setting up a business in your passion and only you can know what your passion is.