Utest Get Paid Testing Websites and Apps

A very good opportunity to make money online is by testing websites and apps at Utest and this Utest review will show that you get paid testing websites and apps at Utest. Getting paid for something that is more than interesting is a great way to earn some extra cash. Well, at least for me, I like to test websites and apps for the smartphones and tablet I have next to testing websites on my laptops. It is not that it is easy money, there are a few rules but let me come to that later.


I am a member of a few crowd tester websites where I can test websites and apps and Utest is one of them. I just love it, I make money online testing websites and apps. Money is paid in my Paypal account and with more tests to come, I know that I can make good money at Utest.


You can do that too when you want to earn money searching for bugs and other vulnerabilities and when approved, it is cash in the pocket.


Utest Website Test Invitations

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I am invited into many tests and although I do not accept all of them, I rather concentrate on a few tests rather than do as many tests as I can do because at the end I want quality. Producing quality means that you will be recognised as someone who puts an effort in the work and that means more tests and when you get upgraded in the system more and better payouts.


Quick and Dirty, No Quality

Obvious you can choose to do as many tests as you can do, earning as much as money as possible in a short period of time but when your quality is dreadful you will soon not making any money anymore



Multiple Devices

Having multiple devices available for testing gives more opportunities to test and to make more money, it is not so that you can do a test on multiple devices, you will have to choose between for example iPhone and iPad if you have both devices, however if the customer is requesting this then you can book multiple slots with different devices.


Utest Platform Registration

Looking at Utest then there are so many projects that there will be projects that will suit your skills. During the registration process, you have to create a profile not only with the devices you have but also the skills. If you are a developer in a certain language add that to the profile and you will get tests if your skillset is required by a customer of Applause, the company that have set up the Utest platform for crowd testing.


If you do not have development skills but other testing skills then add these to your profile, even if you think you do not have testing skills then you always will be able to think about usability testing.


Utest Profile

During the registration process you fill in your profile with the knowledge and the testing skills you have and you need to keep this updated. Not only your skills but also the devices you have, operating systems for your devices get updated and that means that you also need to update your profile.


Of course, the testing is important because that will earn you money and that can go very quickly, I get now multiple tests on a daily basis and that makes good money, although these tests alone will not earn me enough to stop working together with other sites and other opportunities I make good money.


Ranking with the Stars or Outrank Them Gets uPoints

The more websites I test the more skills I get and the same is for you. Utest has a large community and following other members will earn you uPoints. Performing certain tasks like the following of someone, writing blogs about testing will earn you more uPoints and the more uPoints u get the more visibility you get and by that, you get more tests. And with more test invites you can choose which tests you want to do, most likely the higher paying once, and at the end, you will earn more money.


The increase of your ranking at Utest will give you much better opportunities and better payouts per test.


Cannot Apply for all Tests

It is not that you can apply for every test available because customers of Applause might want to test a certain app for an iPhone running iOS version 8 and when you do not have that you will not be able to do that test.


Customers can request testers from a certain geographical area, I live in the UK so will not be able to test websites or apps for customers in the USA or Australia but there are enough tests to do making good money.


In some cases, you do have all the requirements and you apply but cannot do the test for whatever reason then make sure that you “unclaimed” your acceptance so others can take your spot. Accepting and not testing is a bad habit and will do not do you any favour and you might lose your ranking.


utest options

Writing Articles will earn you uPoints. You can write about anything as long as it has to do with testing websites or apps or maybe a tool you found that helps you with the testing. But this testing can be very broad, it can be a technology that becomes obsolete so you can write about it. Writing articles will earn you uPoints but also commenting on articles written by other community members.



To become a successful tester you do need skills and skills you get not only by testing but also learning. The training provided on the Utest platform is free. This training will not only teach you to become a successful tester but also teach you how to write quality reports.


These quality reports help the developers to understand the problem and solve it as quickly as possible, a lousy report is useless and basically a waste of time. Always remember that you do not write the report for yourself but for someone else that use your report to start solving the problem.


Looking at the different types of courses you can follow

  • Mobile testing; you will learn here how to test mobile applications. More and more companies are developing mobile apps and nothing will be as frustrating as an app that is not functioning. Do you keep an app on your mobile when it does not function?
  • Web & Desktop Testing; think here about the best way to test using certain browsers. We all now that browsers have different engines and can have different results for displaying a website on your monitor or acting different clicking on a button.
  • IoT Testing; Internet of Things, very hot, more and more devices will be connected to the internet. These devices need to work properly and you test these devices and help companies to remove bugs before they go live.
  • Career Advice; testing is interesting but you might become a fully qualified tester working not only from home but maybe on premise. I have seen requests for these where someone can work full time as a tester for an Applause customer.
  • Video Courses; Training by watching video is the way to go. It makes it much more visible and understandable when someone shows in a video the best way to test certain elements in the test cycle.



The Utest forum is used for all kinds of questions you have or remarks about testing. You are not the only one with questions but there is so many people member of Utest that there is always someone who can help you answer the question you have. Or you just write who you are, that you have joined Utest, just a short introduction and this way you get followers and that earns you uPoints.



There are so many test tools available and here you can read reviews of these tools or if you use another tool for testing then you can add your review of that tool for others to benefit. Do not forget, at the end the testing is done for the end client and they expect quality and if your tool is helping in achieving that a very happy customer is then the result of using your tool.



The project section shows all the projects that are running and upcoming projects. You can apply for these projects when you meet the requirements. Requirements can be that testers are needed living in a certain country. I do not live in the USA so I will not be able to test an app where testers from the USA are required. It can be that testers are needed to test a Restaurant Mobile Ordering App but only in a certain area like New York or Sydney.


There are so many different types of projects and pretty sure that there will be tests for you. For me personally, in just 2 or 3 weeks time I got over 8 different tests on Windows 10, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet and all these tests made my money.

 Utest app testing


The all important payments are a subject on its own and that is because the payouts can be different per test. There are many factors that together will create a base payout but looking at just supply and demand it is obvious that when a test is needed worldwide that the payout will be less because there are so many testers available. When there are more requirements like a test in a city or geographical area than the payout will be much higher because there will be fewer testers available. Just read the following article written by Matt Solar "a-view-into-how-utest-determines-payouts-on-different-cycles", this explains pretty well that the algorithms are “secret” but very logical.


A few examples of the payouts, I will and cannot reveal names of customers but the examples clearly show that payouts are not bad.


The following was for a survey on a usability test, that could be done within an hour and by uploading and earning an extra $10 which I did.


Screenshot 2016 08 01 at 22.00.14


The following payout was for a mobile application to be installed on an iPhone 5, unfortunately, I could not do this test because my contract with my mobile provider was and is PAYG and this only could be tested with a contact.


Screenshot 2016 08 01 at 22.04.15


The following test shows a base payout and on top of that bug payouts.  

Screenshot 2016 08 01 at 22.06.44


To receive payment I would recommend Paypal


How Much Can I Make at Utest?

I received an email from Utest in which someone writes that he now makes between $2000 and $3000 a month testing websites and apps at Utest and that by testing for about 6 hours a day. 


That is interesting, isn't it? Making this amount of money for 6 hours work. You might make more working for a boss but work at Utest means that you decide which test cycles you want to do and then start testing.


You can read the article of which I received an email at Utest.com



If you like software, website and app testing then Utest must be one of the sites on your list. They have a lot of information available for free to read, that information makes you a better tester and you get tests on a daily basis. It is not the same as with other sites where you might be lucky to have 1 test a week or even worse one test a month.


I have recommended Whatusersdo before but it is just one site, there are more and Utest must be one of the crowd testers sites you register with is you want to become a website and app tester.


Utest Alternatives

You will find other crowd testing reviews here at Keenclick like the Testbird Review, TryMyUi Review or the Whatusersdo Review next to TEST.IO and the Userfeel Review that I added on the 24th of August 2017. 

If testing is really not your thing then what is? I am more than happy to help you, think with you about opportunities for you to make money online. There are plenty to be in touch with me, you can see if I am online in the lower right bottom. Otherwise just ping me here in the comments. Obvious you can read other articles and then I would urge you to think about blogging and affiliate marketing. If you have a passion then this might be your thing.



Leave me a comment and I will be in touch.