Whatusersdo Review Test Websites & iOS and Android Apps

This Whatusersdo Review is all about why I love to be a Whatusersdo tester testing websites and apps, helping websites and app owners testing their websites and apps for usability and making a nice income through Whatusersdo.


With Whatusersdo you will make money online, testing websites or apps and will earn you decent money. This Whatusersdo review has been updated because due to the economic climate, Whatusersdo has decreased the payments from £8 to £5 per test and that is a big decrease. Besides the money being less now you will get a lot of tests living in the right country.


In some cases, the earnings are much more than just £5 like an app test for a food company and did receive £25 for the work, which was great fun.

Whatusersdo Pay £5 Pound for a Website or App Test

Website and app owners not only want to find bugs but also if the websites and apps they developed give their clients a good user experience. You can help them with the usability testing and you get £8 £5 per test.


You can help them with the usability testing and you get £8 £5 per test although in some cases you can earn more like the test I did in November 2017.


In the title of this review, which is based on experience, I wrote £8 £5 per test and that is indeed what they pay. Whatusersdo is no SCAM and I would put them on top of the list of websites on your list when it comes to a website and app testing.


They belong to the best of the Usability and User Experience Website and App testing sites out there and interestingly enough you do not need major experience. It is probably better to have no experience at all and that is because the customers of Whatusersdo want to catch the real experience of end users.


Whatusersdo Usability & User Experience

The majority of us have loads of experience searching and browsing the internet, you know how to go through websites and you know what to do when you get stuck, well the most will leave and just would think what a rubbish website.


If the usability or user experience of a website is bad the visitor will leave the website and that is exactly what businesses want to avoid. Visitors means potential customers and you do not want to lose them only because the usability of the website is crap.


whatusersdo user experience testing participants small

In other words, you the tester will help not only make the website better but increase the companies revenue and when that is indeed the case with next websites or updates they might ask you again.


At the same time at Whatusersdo your ranking goes up and when you have a good ranking or higher more website testing request will come to you and that means earning more money online.


Make Money Test Websites

You are making more money testing websites and by doing a good job the customers of Whatusersdo are looking for you. They want to make sure their website is user-friendly giving the visitor the experience of their life. You do not need technical knowledge like sites where you do a lot of bug testing like Utest.


Obvious you will find bugs but that is not a problem. During the test, you are recording everything on your screen and once your test is done the screen record is uploaded to Whatusersdo and then you have to wait for the approval. This might take time, at the end you are not the only one doing the test, but 1 maybe 2 weeks and once your recording is approved you will get paid.



I had a disapproved test and did not get paid. This happens but more interesting was that I still got 2 stars out of 5 so I asked the question why I got 2 stars where the website owner was saying that I am not concentrated on the user experience but only mentioned this not good, that not good.

I compared it to the LIVE website that I have been to a couple of days before. Anyway I never received an answer but I am not bothered about that, plenty of other testing tasks came my way and still do.


Not Just Website Testing

Over the last couple of months, I earned money by executing website user testing tasks.This Whatusersdo Review is based on experience testing websites and APPS for iOS, Android (smartphone and tablet).

Whatusersdo Multi Device Tests

Whatuserdo is not just a website and trying to get customers having their websites tested, no there is an organisation behind Whatuserdo that is growing since 2009. And because they are growing you get the opportunity to earn even more money online.

In the early days of website building, nobody was really interested in the usability of the websites, it was all technology. The so-called professionals used their “own” thoughts about websites and just never listened to the end users. Users were not important at all and here Lee Dudell, the founder of Whatusersdo, stepped in making the users feedback important, for the IT professionals to listen to the feedback and update the websites and apps to make the usability better.



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Is Usability and User Experience Testing So Important?

When you have the fastest performing website, you have over 1,000,000 visitors coming to your website every 30 minutes then everyone would be more than happy but when these 1,000,000 visitors are just visitors and leave in  3 seconds because they cannot find what they want then all these visitors and top of the art infrastructure is worth nothing.

Usability vs user experience

If your visitors cannot generate revenue then these visitors are just guest nothing more. It might be enough for you but a lot of companies rely on earnings to survive and being online you have the opportunity to turn visitors into consumers buying your products and or services.

If these same potential buyers and consumers leave after a few seconds because the usability is lacking then yes usability is important. Understand what the customer is looking for and guide them in a friendly that is easy for them to the check-out page with the confirmation of the sale. Well, this is just an example of a process and every company has their own process to make more money or to be lower the overall costs and still achieve the same or better results.


Client Website Testers Can Earn Vouchers

Whatusersdo gives businesses the understanding of usability and user experience of their website. This can be done by testers like you and me or the customers own testers or clients. A large supermarket might have a campaign where they ask their customers to test their retailers website and in return the clients of this retailer will not earn money online but get a voucher in return which obvious they need to spend in the retailers shop online or they might be adding some money to the retailers earning card, anyway that is part of the marketing. It is more important for the retailer to understand their website from an end users point of view.


schoenmaker van toen
Oil Painting: Experienced Shoemaker
Wim Alphenaar (Artiform)

User Experience (UX)

Have you ever come across a website you left after a short while totally NOT satisfied. Your experience was so bad you never would come back to that site. What would the website owner do in this case? Indeed get in touch with Whatusersdo to improve the User Experience of their website.

All websites owners and it does not matter if it is a shop or static website they want to keep their visitors from the online retail sites to make money for the static website to provide information. All good but when the user experience is crap visitors do not come back.

Whatusersdo has the experience to help their customers by providing tests for end users (you) to execute and learn that way how to improve their websites. And you, the visitors, the website tester, can make money doing that.

The thoughts of Whatusersdo are based on 7 principles.


The 7 Whatusersdo Principles

Experience Is Everything

Businesses are building or having a brand that is recognised all over the world this will bring them, customers, buying their products. Nowadays brands rely on the internet much more than before, the internet can make or break brands and therefore you want to know the experience of the customer on your website or app.

Whatusersdo 7 Principles

Users, Only Users

Expensive consultants who tell you what is the best for your website or apps might not tell the same as the website and apps testers testing your product(s). It is all about users and Whatusersdo does have these users available or via your own customer base or the online panel.


In The Moment

Users come to your website and you want them to buy your product. That moment of buying your product but they do not. What are they doing on your website and leaving or use the search finding a product they cannot find directly. That “in the moment” action is captured for you to act on to keep your customer and sell them your product.



The testers that test your product work from their own home on their own computer tablet or smartphone. These testers say what they are doing instead of writing so you even hear any emotion in their voice.





The data you gather on your website is coming from Bing or Google Analytics. That data is important for you to understand the behaviour but there is one question that is not answered and that is WHY is the visitor to my website doing this? To get an answer on that WHY question Whatusersdo provides real end users testing your website or app answering that all-important WHY question.


Whatusersdo Platform

Capturing the experience of the end users testing, the video, the analysing on that experience that is all done on the Whatuserdo platform.


Common Sense

In the early days and not even that long ago IT was the department where all decision were made even but even IT has evolved and it is not more than common sense to listen to your customers. Your customers are the base of your existence listen to them.


Whatusersdo Customers Need a High Turnover

Large brands are part of the Whatusersdo clients. Businesses like Tesco, Virgin Atlantic, and Standard Life made it happen that Whatusersdo is now one of the fastest growing business in the UK with a potential £100m turnover before 2020. But without you the tester they would not have come that far and to grow even bigger they need more testers so they can provide their clients with the perfect customer service and at the same time you make money, don't you want to have a part of that turnover? Whatusersdo is paying a fair price for the amount of work.


Purpose Usability Testing Websites

The purpose of usability testing is to understand the behaviour of participants and users coming to your website or app. Is the website or app indeed functioning as expected? Once you give the tester a task does they indeed execute that task as you expect or are there any flaws. From a business perspective, the usability of the website is important because it can generate more revenue or save costs when you understand what users are doing on your website.

For example, you want users to find certain elements, pages on your website. Is the arrival of that page indeed as expected or is the end user struggling to find it at all?

What is the usability experience of the checkout process? Is this smooth and straightforward or are there any hiccups that need to be addressed by the professional team?


Whatusersdo Services For Businesses

A business that would like to have their website or app tested has a choice between Full Service and Basic Service.


Whatusersdo Full Service

This full service is based on three principles

  • Research Platform
    • Website user experience testing captured and made available for the business to see the “in-the-moment” experience which is important to understand the behaviour of users on your website or app.
  • Online Panel
    • Who is doing the testing of the business? With the full service, the business has access to real testers but are also able to invite their own users to the private panel.
  • UX People
  • With the full-service businesses will have access to user experience professionals helping you and your team with the research and reporting on the insights.

usability testing

Whatusersdo Basic Service UX Website and App Testing

The basic website user testing provides business with an unlimited amount of remote testers testing their websites and APPS. These remote testers do use their own hardware and software, businesses do not need to worry about office space licenses, nothing of that. They just need to concentrate on the usability of their website and apps.

Three principles

  • Set tasks
    • What do you want users to test, is it a website or an app and what kind of tasks do you need users to do?
  • Select Users
    • Based on your requirements like device, gender, country, age etc you select the users that will test your website or app.
  • View Results
    • The result comes in the form of a video that includes voice. This gives the business the understand what the end user is doing not only visible but you also will hear what they say while they are executing the tasks.

The usability testing help business to increase revenue or lower costs:

Just a few examples. On the website of Whatusersdo there are more case studies:


Customer Benefit
AO.com Sales up by 9.5%
Lovehoney AOV (Average Order Value) up by 12
Dogs Trust Lower the costs by 15%
ClickMechanic Increased new website conversions by 50%
Lowcosttravelgroup Found 40 bugs in 2 days by international website testers.



For businesses, Whatusersdo is perfect for analysing and understanding their website or app from an end users perspective because these businesses need to generate more revenue, increase sales, save costs, provide information, improve user experience or whatever the business model is Whatusersdo can provide them with a platform giving access to that all important information.



Website App Testers

The website user experience testing as mentioned earlier is a testing cycle where businesses learn from the experience of end users. These end users can be their own customers or testers like you and me who make around £$€5 for a test.

One single test takes about 20 minutes and you absolutely do not need any experience except for that you have been using the internet.


Other Requirements Whatusersdo Expect From You

  • Broadband connection for fast internet. A video will be created while you are doing the test and this video will be to be uploaded.
  • A computer Windows 7 or higher and a minimum 1 GB of RAM and install Java which you can freely download and install. If Java is not detected during registration or when you apply for a test it will request you to install Java before executing any task.
    • If you have a Mac make sure it is running OSX 0.7 or later
  • You need a microphone, recommended is a headset that is comfortable.
  • A Paypal account. If you are living in the UK you might request a check but Paypal is so much easier and you also might become a tester at other websites and let them pay in your Paypal account also.
  • Make sure that your browser is IE7 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher, Safari 3 or Chrome.
  • You need to understand English. The majority of the tests are in English although if you do speak another language you might be getting a test in your own language.
  • You will need to install the screen recorder software, a link is provided on the registration page but also at the dashboard where you will be able to see all available tests but also all tests you have executed with the payments.


The first test you are going to make when you sign up is a practice test. The screen is recorded during the session and then uploaded to Whatusersdo and during the session, you will need to do some tasks. This first test is about Expedia and is really straightforward: 

  • Search Google for Expedia and navigate to the official Expedia website
  • What are your first impressions
  • Find a hotel of your choice on any date in a destination of your choice.
  • In just a few words please tell us one thing you would change on this website.

You can watch my first video on the Whatusersdo site, please follow the link.


In the screenshot, you see some of the tests I did on my Android and got paid £8 for each test.


Whatuserdo Payment


Whatusersdo Will Pay For The Website and App Testing

The all-important payments are paid in your Paypal account. Each test will pay $£€8 although if you come through one of the Whatusersdo customers you might receive a different rewarding like vouchers.

Whatuserdo has a payroll run on the 25th of each month and then you will be paid and so far I personally always have been paid.


Number of User Experience Tests

I have done several user experience tests but also had to decline a few because of being abroad and not having my laptop with me but only my Chromebook. It is not that you will receive tests every day but a few a month is certainly possible.



Whatusersdo Verdict

My verdict on Whatusersdo is good. I get a notification that a test is available after I do my test I get paid. Whatusersdo is absolutely NO SCAM and very Legit. It will not replace my daily job but together with other sites where you can test websites and apps, Whatusersdo must be on your list. 

One of the main advantages is that you do not need any experience in website testing and that is the real experience website owners need, the user experience. You just do your normal thing, follow the task that has been set out for you and that is it. No need for any testing certifications.


Although the price has dropped I see more tests coming and at the end, I make more money. Tests take 20 minutes or less, so you will make £5 in 20 minutes. Next, to that, I received a nice email from Whatuserdo on the 8th of January.



Clients have been raving about your abilities as a tester - they keep giving your videos the thumbs up, so your star rating with us has gone up!

Well done and thanks for helping us save the Internet. Ciao!



Be Honest Testing a Website at Whatusersdo

Saving the internet is a big thing, I do not see myself saving the internet but giving my opinion on a website or app is a good thing. And if the email from Whatusersdo was based on the last test I did then I probably have saved the internet or at least told the client what I like or better disliked. I was not very nice in that last test because I was very frustrated not finding what the task was and to me, that means that the website is crap and that is what I said during my test and also after the test, there was a survey and in that survey I wrote what I thought and why it was not good.

This also shows that you have, to be honest in what you do if a site or app is crap then say so. 


8 out of 10


Starting a Test Problem

When I compare Whatusersdo with another website like Usertesting.com then these websites have an app in which you can do the test. Whatusersdo, however, has a screen recorder that runs on your desktop and before you can start any test you need to make sure that your tablet or smartphone is visible on your computer screen. Then you need to have your headset connected to the computer which might not be the case due to the number of USB ports.

This all takes too long, you only got 30 minutes to start the screen recorder and even then you are not sure if it all works.

When you click start test, you cannot go back anymore, and you will lose the test and therefore not make any money.

Tests are great but it is unfortunate that the process Whaterusersdo has to capture your screen is not from this age. There are better ways to do this without the hassle you, the tester, have to go through. 


Recommendation on Whatusersdo

If you are living in one of the following countries I definitely would recommend Whatusersdo.

  • France
  • Germany
  • the Netherlands
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • The United States of America

They have a good website and a large number of big clients.  The payments are on time and you get enough tests to make some extra cash online. Not only website testing but also iOS and Android testing for both smartphone and tablet.  I have done several tests and as mentioned definitely would recommend them on your list to make money online.


Update: 8 March 2017

Today I performed a test for an insurance. The test was straightforward, no hiccups and finished in less than 10 minutes. In other words, I earned £5 in less than 10 minutes. Obvious, working for a large company somewhere in a boring office with even more boring colleagues will make you more money but there is less freedom. You have a boss who will tell you what to do, working on your own, as a freelancer means you are your OWN boss.

It is not only the testing at Whatusersdo because I would not be able to live on just the tests they have put together with other sites where I can test websites, mobile apps and I have seen tests for my TV. 

Whatusersdo should be absolutely in your portfolio of websites where you can make decent money testing websites and mobile apps. I understand when you are not living in the countries mentioned it will be difficult but otherwise do have a look and sign up with Whatusersdo.


Update: 30 November 2017

Since a few days, there was a test available testing an app where I can order food for £10 and get paid £25, effectively receiving £15 which is great and was welcome for me and my son. The main issue I had is that I could not find the executable that I needed to download to record the screen.

Mirroring my iPhone and getting a license from X-Mirage is easy, the license is delivered by Whatusersdo, just follow the instructions. I contacted Whatusersdo because of not having the Whatusersdo screen recorder in place and I could not find it on their site. Luckily they sent a link but at the same time "complaint" that I have not tested for a long time which is correct.

I wrote to them that it is irritating to go to their website for a test, doing a survey to find out that I am not eligible for that test. This happened 9 out of 10 and then it is just a waste of time to even go to their website. It is irritating and hopefully, they can do something about it.

Coming back to the test then I had to download the Just-Eat app through the Apple store and after logging in I had to order which I did. The test itself took some time and was a test about the Just-Eat app and a survey before and after eating.

During dinner, the laptop and mobile were just waiting and I only hoped that nothing would break before I could upload the video but luckily it did not.

The app itself is a great app, straightforward and it found my details because I had used the website of Just-Eat before and could see what I had ordered in the past and could re-order which I did.

Are you also looking for these opportunities, then sign up at Whatusersdo and see the tests coming your way.


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If you, unfortunately, do not live in any of these countries then you can sign up but you might be waiting for ages before Whatusersdo is available in your country. If this is the case then please look for alternatives options to earn money online like starting a blog or check out other opportunities where you can test websites and apps.


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