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In today's digitalised world data entry is still done by hand. Although it seems to be very boring many people around the world have joined a data entry services company so they can work from home and do the required tasks in their own time.


Data Entry Tasks

Tasks and jobs are scheduled to be done by a certain date but that date is so far in the future that even the slowest typist can do it, it is more on the "not making errors" than the speed although there are sites where they expect you to be able to type with 10 fingers.


Typing with 10 Fingers

Well, I still can type with 10 fingers, once I learned that but I hardly use all my 10 fingers the way I learned it.. especially the backspace with my little finger on my right hand is heavenly used :) 

But if an easy job is for you, making some money for your vacation then data entry can be your thing.




Axion Data Services

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Data Entry Jobs Working from Home

Axion Data, who has not heard of them. Well, I did not but when you love data entry jobs working from home then Axion Data Services should be on your list. They provide services that should not be missed although there are some question marks and I will come to that later.



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Vritual Bee Work from Home Review

Virtual Bee data entry help, solid for earning money online, however, the money is not too much. Logging on to the Virtual Bee worker portal it will show you that you will not get rich as a matter of fact you will not even get a decent income, just a snack for the vacation but if you like to help with data entry and getting paid for it then why not?



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What is Clickworker

Clickworker is more than a data entry service for their customers, make the service plural because the data entry services are state of the art, in the cloud, and bring a workforce of over 700.000 colleagues called clickworkers on the virtual doorstep of the businesses who need data entry services for their business.



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A large piece of data mining or data enrichment is the type of work that is split in many small pieces that can be executed by the crowd. That is what CrowdFlower do. Using the Crowd to source freelancers in the world to help companies on their data mining or data enrichment tasks. They post tasks which you have to do for which you get money. Working from home it is an excellent idea to work through CrowdFlower although the work itself is really not very interesting.