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Online Deals for Shoppers

Not directly a new kid on the block but that has probably more to do with me then DealSpotr and that all because I am not the one searching for online shopping deals, vouchers or coupons to save money.


Yes, I do get my emails with deals, and yes I browse the internet and see deals but because I am not shopping I am normally not interested however looking at Dealspotr will it be worthwhile to enter that online deal you spot into their database?

As usual, I am normally sceptical, so always need to read and understand a site before even think about a review, but who is not shopping online and interested in a deal? I guess you all do so after the request to write a review, which you can read later,


I guess we all are interested in getting a discount when you buy something.


Friday the 20th of January 2017 Dealspotr approved this review and I received the gold status earning me an additional $50. Gold status will give additional benefits and for that please read on.


Find the latest DEALS for Shoppers here at Keenclick.


Real Time Coupon Codes

Searching for a coupon code basically means that you have the intention to buy and that is the interesting part. You see many sites, even here at Keenclick, with the so-called HOW TO articles. Absolutely great, but if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer then you rather have something like WHERE TO BUY than HOW TO and if you have WHERE TO BUY and get a coupon code to save money, you probably would be more than happy isn’t it?


I also have never been someone looking for deals in the local newspapers, or when I saw it, cut it out and forgot all about it, even when I put it to coupon in my wallet.


You might think, when you are not looking for deals to save money while shopping, never cut out coupons, not have vouchers,  or any app on the mobile that might save money, why are you writing a review about Dealspotr?


A very good question and it took some time for me to indeed write this review. Busy with other stuff, but on the other hand, should Dealspotr be part of Keenclick? Well, it saves money but can you earn money with Deakspotr?


Why a Review on Dealspotr?

welcome to dealspotrSome days ago, on the 28th of September 2016, I received an email from Dealspotr with the request to write something about their website. Okay, what is Dealspotr was my first reaction.

The request was based on my Swagbucks review, and it is always nice to get these kinds of requests.


I copied a small part of that email from Dealspotr, which you can read below:



I read your review of SwagBucks and was impressed with your writing, nice work!

I thought you might be interested in checking out our site, Dealspotr ( Our payouts are far higher than other rewards sites, this one blogger recently said Dealspotr is "faster at racking up the Amazon gift cards than even my beloved SwagBucks."

But more than that, Dealspotr is a carefully-built community of 30,000 deal fanatics who earn rewards for helping to contribute to the world's most accurate and complete database of deals. Think of us as the "Wikipedia of deals" with an important difference, you earn rewards for contributing.

We'd love to have you review our site, I think your readers would love to learn about Dealspotr.



Well, the first question for you, my reader, did you expect this here on Keenclick? Let me know in the forum or leave a comment below.


I, however, was interested in at least to understand what Dealspotr is all about and then write a review.


Question About Vouchers

How many people in your area or maybe even in your family do cut out deals or take the local paper to the local store using the voucher to save money on a deal?

Start counting them, and you might be amazed how many people do that. And why not, you save money and that is great but Dealspotr brings this to another level.


My Dealspotr Review

Coming back to Dealspotr, I had never heard of them and that is not really strange because I just never look at this kind of websites. Yes, I did Swagbucks but that was basically because someone wrote something about it and I started to read Swagbucks and then wrote my review.


All great, but still I did not know what Dealspotr was, so I wrote that I will write 1500 to 3000 words review on my website. That I will be added to their website is great for a relevant backlink, if Google loves this kind of backlinks, then I certainly do.


How Does Dealspotr Work?

Dealspotr is a website where people like you and me can add deals you find on the internet. These deal are added to the database and other members can benefit, same as you, from that deal.


Just think about how much you can save, and how much other people can save?


If you find a deal saving for example 30% of a product that costs $30. You save $10 which might not be a lot for some but for others it definitely is. 

Now imagine that you put that deal into the Dealspotr database and Dealspotr members see that deal and buy that product with the 30% discount then you basically saved other people $10 per person but in total if for example 10 people bought it, then you have saved $100.


Share The Best Online Deals Helping People Saving Money


On the 14th of October, I received a 50% discount on a solicitor fee here in the UK. Normally I do not need a solicitor but in this case, I was very interested. But this is a deal I could have, and maybe should have put on Dealspotr and obvious I forgot all about it. The whole offer was only valid until 6 pm UK time, nevertheless, I could have saved someone a lot of money adding that deal to the Dealspotr database.

Added Sunday 16 October

Interestingly on Sunday I received an extension on the offer so I added it to Dealspotr. And although the extension is only valid for another 5 days, it is well worth if you need a solicitor.

In short:

I received an email with a fantastic offer saving 50% of solicitors fees. Everyone knows that solicitors are expensive, yes, I have the wrong profession, nevertheless, if you need one and you can get 50% off then this is fantastic.

Coming back to the deal that I added, clearly, it writes that you can save 50%. There is a link to the landing page "" although that might not work anymore when the deal expires.


rsz immigation solicitor email

So I added that deal to Dealspotr and guess what Dealspotr writes "The likelihood of this deal working is Low"

Why are they writing that? I just need to make a phone call, send an email to have this deal come true. The likelihood that this deal is working is High.

You might not need a solicitor but then you are not interested in the deal at all, but that has nothing to do with a deal working or not.


dealspotr added deal




In both cases, a lot of money could have been saved, 30% per product or even 50% for solicitor services.

It is more the question who makes the decision to write  "The likelihood of this deal working is Low"?

I will give the phone number mentioned a call coming Monday and just ask, same I will ask Dealspotr who marks the likelihood of a deal working.


*** End of Sunday ***


How to Make Money with Dealspotr?

At Dealspotr you can earn points and when you have enough points then you can redeem these points for a gift card.


In the dashboard, you can see the number of points you have and in my case, I need another 5000 points before I would receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

 dealspotr deashboard

This is not really making money, there will be no money coming to you Paypal or bank account. You might not even want the gift card.


Personally, I use Amazon but it would not surprise me that after the 10,000 points the next gift card is a company I never go to. But I do not know yet, I first need the next 5000 points.


How do I get Dealspotr points?

There are multiple ways to earn Dealspotr points and let me go through them one by one.


Personal Deal Feed

At the time when you sign up, you will get an explanation on Dealspotr and the feed. The feed means basically that you select the categories of your interest. And within that category deals will be shown when you log into Dealspotr.


The feed can come from a large company selling computers, or a category that you are interested in of a community member that always has amazing deals.
The choice is yours and my initial feed is shown in the next image

  dealspotr my interests

More interestingly for you is the type of categories and brands/companies that have deals for you.


dealspotr interestsElectronics & Tech has 69 sub-categories that you can subscribe to

  • Coffee Makers - CDs and MP3s - Waterproof Products - Audio Visual Equipment - Scifi Science Fiction
  • Drones Quadcopters - Science & Technology - Nintendo 3DS & NDS - Smarthome Automation - Xbox One
  • Virtual Reality - Wearable Tech - Email Services - Streaming Media - eBooks - Inks & Tones - Generators - Wii U
  • TV & Home Theater - Smartwatches - Police Equipment Gear - Annual Sale - iPad - Softwares - Tablets - Cell Phones
  • Online Services - Electronic Parts - Audio Books - Computer Accessories - Promotional Products
  • Calling & Phone Cards - Smartphones - Scooters - Metal Products - Car Audio - Web Hosting - Photo Printing
  • Daily Deals - Computer & Tablets - Video Games - Retro Gaming - Apple Products - Radios & Portable Music Players
  • Musical Instruments - Wireless Products - Headphones & Earbuds - Computers - Home Security Systems
  • Printers & Scanners - Entertainments - Movies & Video - Mobility Products - Mobile Applications - PC Gaming
  • Power Tools - DVDs - Remote Control Toys - Cameras & Photographies - Websites - Websites Templates & Themes
  • Cell Phones & Accessories - 3d Printing - Speakers - DIY Products - Music Instruments - Batteries


I can write down all the categories and subcategories but I assume that is very boring, better is to check for yourself because in short there are plenty.


The Deals at Dealspotr

In the following image, you see a part of Restaurant and Eating Out.

You see the deals and in the top right corner, you see that you can subscribe, in this case, I am not subscribed and you can post a deal for the benefit of another member.


dealspotr restaurants & eat out


Saving Money at Dealspotr

It must be clear that Dealspotr primary goal is for members to save money, yes you can sign up for free and can make use of the deals that other members place here, also for free.


For you, there are two parts in this, saving money for others and making money for yourself.


When you find a deal somewhere on the internet then add it to the system but you have to be aware that someone else might have seen the same deal and then yours will be rejected therefore it is important to check that your deal is not just added, if it is then verified that the added deal by someone else is valid and correct.


All deals must be accurate, adding a deal to the system that is not accurate will cost you points and therefore it will take longer to get a gift card, basically you lose money.


Accuracy Score

dealspotr accuracy scoreAt the moment I do not have any accuracy score and that is obvious, I have not added a deal yet for others to benefit from. I wonder what would have happened if the deal I received today of the 50% discount on a solicitor fee, would have helped in the accuracy.

It is too late now to see, but I assume that not many have received that email but okay, I will have to add my first deal and see what happens.


The higher the Accuracy Score the more money you save, the more points you gain, the quicker you get gift cards.


Shopper Requested Brands

There are companies out there who do not have coupons or promotions or not that many. They are a challenge to find but when found it would be great to add the because other shoppers would love to hear and read about them and finally purchase that product they always wanted but now cheaper because of the promo code you added to Dealspotr.


We all know Starbucks and just have a look at a coupon code I found at Dealspotr


rsz dealspotr coupon code starbucks


I guess you understand now roughly how Dealspotr works although there is more, plenty more to earn points and by earning points making money through gift cards.


Spotting Deals at Dealspotr

Do you have a feeling when a deal gets HOT? If you have that, you even can earn points but “guessing” or “gambling” which deals becomes HOT and if it is, there your points go up, but if you get it wrong, well-losing points are the other site of winning.


The Dealspotr Influencer Network

dealspotr influencerIn the email that I received, I left out a small bit on the influencer network. Here at Keenclick I write about making money online and you, the visitor read my blog, story, my review, whatever you want to call it, you read it so you might be influenced by me.


As an influencer, I should get a few things more than a “normal” user but as I still have 0 points I have not made use of that at all, well first let me finish this blog, review, story, publish it and then have my name added to Dealspotr.


To become an influencer you do need a website, contact me if you do not have one, I can setup a website for you and also host it.

Not sure about the minimum of traffic, they did not ask me but because they asked me and I did not ask them, it should be okay. It is more about writing a review, think about SEO and traffic will follow.


I will need to dive deep into Dealspotr to understand and make use of all the benefits, I have as an influencer has, and once I have that, will update this article.


Start a Blog and Make Money with Dealspotr

If you love to write or already have a blog why not start writing about deals and add the deals you find on Dealspotr. Become an influencer yourself and start making money online. I do have some codes that can help you making your first points that can be redeemed to Amazon Gift Cards or better wait and increase your profile so you can redeem the money you make into your Paypal account.


If you are interested in becoming a Dealspotr Influencer and want to make money online then contact me and I send you the codes I received. I do not have a few codes for FREE so do not hesitate but first one to use the code will have the Dealspotr Opportunity to become in Influencer and start to make money online with deals. Just image, you make money and save money at the same time.


Just have a look at Blogs posted by Dealspotr members:


"How to Buy an Apple iPad at the Lowest Possible Price"

Apple technology is some of the most highly coveted in the world. Their innovation-based approach, as well as their keen eye for details has made the brand a household name.

Unfortunately, the Apple product is not cheap. In fact, most Americans will agree that iPads, Macs, and iPhones are an expensive investment, especially when compared to other similar products.

So, how exactly do you buy an iPad at the lowest possible price? We have gathered some tips to help you find the very best iPad deal for you (or for someone you love) – so read on and find out more.


I only placed a tiny bit of the post here and for the remainder of this post please read it at Dealspotr blog. You will find me at Dealspotr as @keenclick  and if you are interested earning 5,000 points then use my link to join today.


Refer New Members

There are so many websites out there that would love you to sign up and Dealspotr is no exception on that. But when you want to save money for others and earn money then sign up and get others to sign up using you as a referral.


This basically means that you will earn on the deals your “member” adds to the system.


You can use the promo code KEENCLICK to get all the promos associated with my promo code and join me at Dealspotr.


join dealspotr

With every system that has some kind of competition, you will have a leaderboard and Dealspotr is not a stranger in that sense. If you want to know who saves the most money you will have to login because I have only the details for on the 14th of October 2016 and although I might be able to update every time again, I rather have you to check for yourself.


High Savers

The leaderboard on the 14th of October 2016 shows that @cutedeals2 is on the top spot.


dealspotr leaderboard



Saving $88k is good isn’t it and only 884 followers, I would assume much more but isn’t it just that more people should start using Dealspotr?

I would join them today and follow @cutedeals2, you want to learn from the best isn’t it?


Added Monday 17 October 2016

Monday the 17th of October I checked a few deals and made a screenshot of these deals, uploaded them to Dealspotr and got some points. Hopefully, someone will make use of these deals which should make me, even more, points, not directly earning money but a gift card from Amazon would also be great.

And I got my first referral which is great. It is not that I made any money yet, or extra points but what not is might come.

*** End Monday 17 October  2016***



Added 12 January 2017

The following image shows that I saved someone $8 through Dealspotr and that is great. You might wonder why only $8 but that is because I am not focussed on Dealspotr like others do.

Dealspotr saved 8 dollars


The leadership board on the 12th of January 2017 shows that @NewAgeMama saved $265.871 and that has all to do with her blog and the number of followers. From this, she definitely will make good money at Dealspotr.

If you are still not convinced that saving and earning with Dealspotr is not possible then I wonder if you even want to make money online. I know that many are looking for the Paypal Money Adder but as that is SCAM it also shows that many are just lazy, easy money that is what we are waiting for. Looking at the amazing @NewAgeMama she is not lazy and with this number of followers she makes a good deal of money and that all at DealSpotr.

Another point about NewAgeMama is that she is using How much do you think NewAgeMama is paying for this blog? Is she paying for anything at all?

How to make money online without investment? Here you got one.


Dealspotr leadershipboard


Receiving Gold Status

On the 20th of January 2017 Dealspotr gave me gold status and that has the benefit of being able to receive money in your Paypal account. There is no reason to redeem money you earned in gift cards but cash in you Paypal account.


Isn't that what we want? Gift cards can be interesting but it is better to have your money in Paypal so you can choose what you want to do with it. There is no reason to get an Amazon gift card and spend the money on Amazon. I still can do that using the cash that soon will arrive in my Paypal account.


If you are still unsure about Dealspotr then I just would say have a look, place deals you find on the internet, start writing about it and money will arrive. I will not say it is easy money because you still will need to find the deals but making money online and at the same time saving others money by letting them know about deals is a great good for you and for the one you have helped finding that deal.


dealspotr gold status


Adding Deals at Dealspotr

In this article I wrote about making money through Dealspotr and many deals can be found at Dealspotr. You help others, and yourself, by adding deals that you find. You might have signed up with some eCommerce shops and get emails send into your mailbox. These deals can be added, I do that too, and that will help others. Adding deals is straightforward and will not take much of your time.



Dealspotr wants to become big, I understand that because at the moment I do see categories or niches with no followers at all and some with a few hundred, but not 1 million followers or 5 million followers, in that sense, Dealspotr is not big yet but using the crowd Dealspotr can become a massive hit.

Seeing the savings that people have made then you wonder why no-one thought of this before. Yes, you can get a voucher or coupon but this is basically bringing the voucher to you for your benefit to buy what you want online and get a discount you would not have found before.

I would recommend indeed to sign up at Dealspotr, it is not only fun to save money but finding out that in total you saved $80k or even more, that must be great and by saving that much money you automatically to save money as well and by doing that you make money online.


Sign Up at Keenclick

Do not forget to sign up at Keenclick to find out more about deals and other saving and money making opportunities.

create free account



There are many ways to make some extra money online and Dealspotr is one of them but if you are looking for something else then why not get in contact with me and we look for opportunities. Of course, you can test websites although that might not be your thing.

I created this site but also have other sites which are affiliate marketing sites that I run at Wealthy Affiliate. I am a paying member at WA but with the training, the lessons, the community there, it just gave this site a boost in traffic and that all because of my membership.

Next to that I do freelancing work via, check them out if you have a skill that is in demand.



If you have a Dealspotr account then let me and our readers know by leaving a comment here or in the forum.

I will make more time free for Dealspotr because everyone likes a good deal and that is what they have for you and your referrals.



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