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Drive New Car For Free

Driving a Car for Free

Did you always wanted to drive a free car and if possible for free? We all think about driving a Ferrari one day. Driving along the coast with your beautifull girlfriend or for the girls with your handsome man although I think that men rather drive themselves.

Anyway, a new Ferrari is probably far away from reality however to drive a new car for free is not. Maybe not in every country but for sure if you are a permanent citizen of the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France or Spain it is possible to drive a car for free.


Are you Qualified?

There are a few requirements but these are the obvious once you can think for yourself
  • You must be at least 18
  • You need to posses a valid driver license
  • You need to fill out the provided application form
  • In some cases a credit check is requested
  • You need to be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France or Spain

Then you might get questions like:

  • Do you have a clean driving record?
  • How many miles do you drive annualy?

Well, this is not too difficult unless you just have your driver license then the mileage might be an issue.


 drive a bugatti for free?


How Does it Sound to Drive a Car for Free?

It sounds to good to be true isn't it but there are so many people driving a car for free and you can be one of them. The reason is that car manufacturers and car dealers let you drive this car for free because of the advertisement. The car is on the road and people see that car and are asking questions. Not to you but they go on the internet checking out the car you drive and this drives people to the car dealer and at that time sales takes over. 

You have done your job bringing customers to the car dealer and you keep in driving bringing that car to the attention of others who also might buy the same car you are driving.

These sponsored cars are also available in your neighborhood and to make it even better keep on reading because this might be for you, the one that always wanted to drive a brand new car and when you can do that for free the question is what will stop you?


Get Paid To Drive

Driving a car for free is perfect but getting paid to drive a car and driving it for free is the perfect combination isn't it? You do not only advertise the car but sponsors add advertisements to the car and you are just advertising these sponsors while being on the road.

This Free Car Solution is straightforward, once you apply and your application is approved you will find all dealers in your area that have a car for free to drive. You do need to pay for the gas and insurance but with advertisements on the car itself you not only drive the car for free but get paid to drive and that can be sufficient to pay for the gas and insurance.

You will not drive an old car, the newest cars are available and then you talk of more than 100,000 latest car models that are waiting for you, to be driven on the road.

The money you can make driving advertisements can go up to $3200 a month but that all depends on the sponsor company. Can you imagine $3200 a month, that is more than some people get by working 60 hours a week. But do not think this is a quick rich scheme, you will need to drive and drive so the advertisements on your car are seen by as many people as possible.


What Car Do You Like?

As mentioned it is not the old cars, that is not interesting for the car companies. They want people to visit them so sales can sell them a car. You like to drive a Toyota then search for a company that have these available for you to drive for free. You only pay the gas and insurance this also means that driving a Porsche can be very interesting but these cars drink petrol that it almost will look like driving from gas station to gas station not to mention the insurance.

You might get a good deal for your insurance, which is a good thing, you still have to pay but main thing is that you can drive a car for free and hopefully it is the car you always wanted.


Do You Aready Have Your Own Car?

How does it sound if you can get paid driving your own car next to having the free car to drive? Does that not sounds fantastic, driving and getting paid. Go to your work in the new car and let the misses drive your own car with advertisements that earns you enough dollars to pay for gas. The more you drive the more you earn.

The car you can drive for free must become your primary car but that would not be a problem, you always wanted to drive a new car and now can drive one.



You do not need to be scared about the maintenance, the new cars are new and that means they have a warranty. You will need to go to the dealer for the regular maintenance but there will no costs involved, it is a new car remember. 

 on the road

How Long Does It Take To Get a Car?

Driving a brand new car can be as quick as one week. The sponsor or car dealer will check you that you are who you are. This will take a few days, too often crooks have been driving away not to return anymore so it is more than normal that sponsors want to go through a credit check, they have learned from the past.


You Still Do Not Believe It Is Possible To Drive a Car for Free?

There is no catch, there are companies out there who want to talk to you because it is in their benefit. Cars in the showroom are nice but bringing advertisements to the road attracting more and more customers, driving brand new cars on the road gives the car dealers and sponsors much more attention and brand awareness that they are looking for.


Can I Choose the Car?

The car dealer do have cars available and will offer you a car. If you do not want that car you can say no but you cannot keep on saying no. It is understandable that you want to choose the car especially when you drive a car for a couple of years however if you have your own car you might get the primary month maybe even only 1 month.

It all depends on the car that is available and if you have your own car to understand the length you can drive the new car. Reckon that if you have your own car it can be from 1 month to 2 years, if the new car is your only car then think in terms from 2 to 5 years.


What do I Have to do to Drive a Brand New Car for Free?

The only thing you need to do is sign up at the page following the link and that is it the first email or phone call is on the way with the acknowledgement that a new car is available for you to drive for free.


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