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How to make $2000 a month

Work from Home. No Investment. Part Time, 1-2h/day.

So many websites out there writing how you can make money online working from home and if possible earning that money next week. A very interesting question and if possible everybody would do that isn't it?


You see that I wrote "How to make $2000 a month" and that is because earning or making money online is not the same.


Making vs Earning Money

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Looking deep into the difference between making and earning you will understand that "earning" in a way means that you got what you deserve for the effort you put into it like the football team earned the victory. You also earn an income by doing a certain amount of time doing a particular job and the money is paid by your boss.

I can make a certain amount of money working online by myself or do I earn that money, it is my effort but once referrals earn money and a certain amount of their earnings is mine then I do not earn that money I make that money. So, making money is then the money I get by doing nothing, if that was all the case then it would be great however only nothing comes for free and that is not much so we all have to work and creating a blog earning money or get referrals to make money still means that you are busy.

The difference is small I agree and it might be that in other parts of the country or English speaking nation the meaning of making or earning money has a different meaning than what I just described, if so the please comment, I would love to hear your comment.


Niche Marketing

I am running a few websites but never had much money out of it except for an XXX site I had a long time ago but that is gone now and not the type of sites I want anymore. I am more looking in other area's where I have a better understanding with less competition and also something I can do all the time.

Having a child at home an XXX site is not really the best option rather think about a site like this "how to make money online" or a niche where you can be an affiliate reviewing products.


Review Products

Setting up a blog site where you review products is a perfect idea but it means that you or buy the product yourself or do a lot of intensive research to know the ins and outs of that particular product. A cheap product is easy to buy but a High Definition TV 80 inch is more expensive and buying this just for the review is maybe a little bit too much.

Instead of buying you have to collect the data, analyse the data, read users review and finally come up with your recommendation or verdict. This is a long process that takes days and is not just a matter of minutes.


Copy Paste

Many sites show products from Amazon but when you really look deep then all these sites have basically the same in common, they copy and paste the product description and there is nothing unique about what they write and that does not go well with the likes of Google.


Unique Content

Writing this page I absolutely copy nothing, just write it down, maybe not the best English but at the end, the words you are reading right now are popping up in my head and I just put them here in this page. I will review them later before I submit and publish this article. In a later stage, I might put an affiliate link but only when I think it has added value and you are looking for something that I think of.


Wealthy Affiliate

Not that long ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate and that is because of the enormous amount of video lessons courses and other training material that normally would cost a fortune and will set you back before you even have started. Many marketers are a member at WA and they help you with answering questions you have but also create their own content of which you can benefit.

I knew nothing about WordPress before I started with Wealthy Affiliate, this site is setup in Joomla and although there are similarities there are also a lot of differences.

At the end, it really does not matter what you are using but after joining Wealthy Affiliate I automatically use WordPress now and love it. The structure is easier to understand than Joomla and therefore for the majority of the people WordPress just will do it.

You can join WA for free for about 2 weeks and after that, you can become a premium member but once you start earning money the monthly fee will not set you back. Do not expect that you will start earning the $2000 in 1 month or 2 months but I got my very first sale after roughly 5 weeks.

Just check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here at Keenclick.


Difficulties in Reading?

The initial step is always the difficult part. It is not the creation of web pages but the way you think about creating the text. A lot of text is not always good because are you really reading everything.

It is the same as your resume or CV, headhunters and recruiters only have a few seconds to read it to make their decision. With websites, it is exactly the same.


Running Through a Webpage

When you are searching something you know what you want and that means that when you start reading a website the content must basically right exactly what you were looking for. It can be something that you want to learn or something you want to buy but now want to know where you can get it the quickest or the cheapest. Coming to a website does not mean you read everything, it means that your eyes go quickly over the content and within a few seconds you will know if this site is interesting for you.


How to Get to $2000 a Month?

It sounds a lot to make $2000 a month online but when you break it down you will see that it is achievable.

What Do I Mean With Breaking Down?

You need customers, not just visitors but customers who indeed want to buy something and from that buying, you make your money. There are many affiliate sites that give a commission or you have your own product that you can sell on eBay or via your own website.

Breaking the $2000 down and only look what you really get in your pocket then look at the following table:


Number of Items to sell per Month Earnings per Item Total per Month
2000 $1 $2000
1000 $2 $2000
500 $4 $2000
100 $20 $2000
50 $40 $2000
10 $200 $2000
2 $1000 $2000


Would it not be great to sell only 1 item and get $2000 for it, you only need to sell 1 a month and you earned your money but are there many people buying for $2000 if your commission is 100% if your commission is lower what is then the price of the item you sell?

How many people are out there buying something of which you can make the $2000 commission by only selling one of them? I bet there are not that many but before earning you must get into the search engines first otherwise no visitors making you the wanted monthly income. 


search engines


Search Engines

You probably came here through Google or Bing/Yahoo and used a keyword string that put me high in any of these search engines. Keywords are important but less important than a few years ago. The search engines become smart and it is more important now to just write naturally without too many keywords. This article writes about making $2000 a month but you might have searched for making or earning $5000 a month or in pounds or in the euro.

The search engines are smart enough to understand the difference and they will become even smarter over the next years to come.


How do I Know All of This?

I do get a lot of newsletters writing about this, I do my research and got an understanding of it through WA. It opened my eyes because although I have some websites for many years I never made real money. And I am sure that you can do the same, all the information is available on the internet and with a little help you can make indeed $2000 a month. And that is just a starter, there is no limit.


Being My Own Boss

I have worked for many customers being self-employed as a project manager but although working as a contractor it does not mean that I had the freedom that I have right now. I stay home with the family do whatever I want to do. It is still hard work, not just writing down what I do right now but going into more detail research is important.



A lot of text, a few pictures, therefore, a lot to read. I hope you got an understanding that earning $2000 overnight is not easy, it takes time and dedication but at the end, once you earn the money then you know how you can grow your own business and where the sky is the limit earning money online goes beyond that.

Please leave a comment and I will be in touch, do not forget to check Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully we see each other at WA.



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