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Earn Money as a Freelancer

Earn Money as a Freelancer

There are so many people out there that wish they have their own business and earn their income as a freelancer. Being your own boss, dedicating your time to your business and not someone else's.


Maybe have more time with the family, you might even have a freelancing job working from home and use the internet to contact your clients and doing your work.

That is not for all some freelancing jobs are just not online like for example a photographer making pictures during a wedding.


A journalist going to a war zone can be a freelancer making pictures and video to be published by their client which is not their employer. Still a freelancer and not working from home.

There are also jobs out there working as a freelancer from home, sitting on your lazy chair watching your screen and typing your content and maybe talking to people you have never seen before but at the end you do not care you make money paid but that is not regular compared with having a boss and working in an office with colleagues.


Why Are We Not All Freelancing?

{modue 105}That is a very good question but some people just do not want to make that step or are totally not interested. Working for a boss is what they prefer, someone to say to them what they have to do. And the boss is happy because they have someone to bark at when it goes wrong.

Companies also do not want just freelancers working for them and there can be several reasons for that but it all comes down to money and risks. They might save money hiring a freelancer but the risk is that the freelancer is leaving and when you have many freelancers leaving the knowledge is also leaving. Having someone on a "permanent" basis makes the knowledge stay in the office.


 home office


Why Are Some Freelancing?

For years you might have been working as an employee and just get fed up with the office, your colleagues, the work itself. It is boring, nothing new, every day the same. The only time you really like to be that employee is your when your monthly payment is coming into your bank account and your paid holidays.

Becoming a freelancer suddenly gives you much more freedom. It is not that you do work less, most likely you work a lot more but especially when you work as a freelancer from home you got so much more time with the family.

And this freedom is attracting more and more people and they decide to become a freelancer.


What do I need to Become a Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer is very simple and you even can start when you still are working as an employee but basically, you need a skill set that people are looking for and willing to pay. This skillset can be anything in the professional world of working.

Just to name a few


The jobs that freelancers get are paid by the hour or the day where a professional day is 8 hours but as you are working from home you can split these 8 hours over more days, it is more that the job must get done within a certain timeframe.

Here at Keenclick we specifically look at making money online and that means that as a freelancer your work is the internet.


Web Designer / Developer / Programmer

Without any skills, it will be much more difficult to even get hired by a company to do some work but  f you have a skill set that is in demand why not use it and get paid by the hour.

Can you develop a website? And what does that development mean? Are you good in Java or have you set up websites in WordPress? A big difference but both Java knowledge and WordPress might give you jobs. You can do Jave development work or WordPress training, it pays and if you can do that online then you only need to be sure that you have an office space at home where it is quiet so you can concentrate without the kids running around.



Maybe you are good at writing and are searching for writing jobs. You even can think of writing your own blogs next to writing for companies. These can be legal documents although you most likely need a background in this area. I personally will not get these jobs because I know nothing about Legal Documents.

Then you have of course the Data Entry where you help companies typing the words and numbers of scanned documents in a database for them to use elsewhere. 



Do you possess the skills writing, reading, listening or better understanding multiple languages next to your native language? Companies would love to talk to you so you can translate, this can be per hour or per word.

Not that long ago I translated English words to Dutch and that for a car navigation system.

Just think about the following situation. You are driving in your car and want to know the nearest hotel because it is getting late. What do you say to the navigation system? Do you say something like "nearest hotel" or "find me the nearest hotel" and that went on for some time and I earned money by thinking and saying what I would say to the navigation system? As a matter of fact, I saw something similar again at Clickworker so I might go back and start that job.


And so there are plenty of jobs to find that you can do as a freelancer.


 wireless home office


Business Plan

Before you start as a freelancer it is always good to create a business plan because at the end you are starting a business, maybe very small but it is a business. And with that comes a business plan. Within that business plan, you should write what your business is doing. If you write freelancing to earn money online then it does not really say what you do.

If you write Wedding Photography then it is clear what you do, although not online you are going to make pictures.

Also, you need to think about your marketing and how to get new jobs, crowdsourcing is great but it is better that customers ask you to do some work because you will make more money.

The financial side of freelancing is important. You do need a certain amount of money per month just to live but then you have not done anything else. Your retirement plan, your savings all should go in there and every 3 months or so you get back to your business plan to see if you have achieved the goals you have set out. Were the goals realistic or do you need to update them?


Freelancing is not just more free time

Many people choose to start working as a freelancer because of having more free time. Well, that all depends on your goals. Starting a business is never easy and hard work but at least you work for yourself and not for someone else. Do you have more free time? It depends on how many hours a week you want to spend on your work. If 15 hours is enough and you make enough money then why not but is that enough, look in your business plan and the financials, will these 15 hours be enough?

Then I not even talk about the taxes to pay.



We need the government for our law but one law we all hate and that is the law of paying taxes. Still, we all know that we have to but we do not want to pay too much so we are looking at becoming a freelancer and work as a sole trader or you start a Limited company. With both you the best would be to have an accountant that basically do all the necessary paperwork so you can concentrate on your freelancing job.


Where can I start?

Look at your skill set and start looking around but a great source to start is or both sites have excellent opportunities for you to start as a freelancer working from home and earning your money online.



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  • Earlier I was sceptical about freelance opportunities. But once something exploded in my mind, and I tried these writing jobs. Since then I am confident that freelance is much better than daily routine work. This is just my opinion.

  • Freelancing has its advantages but also disadvantages. Working from home is great but is not for everyone and the competition can be fierce. But freelancing also gives a lot of freedom which is an absolute advantage, on the other hand, I do not have meetings or talk to colleagues because I just do not have them which can be great for some or is just a disadvantage for others. At the end, I personally like to work as a freelancer and be my own boss.

  • Freelancer job is quiet interesting as in this job you don't have to go anywhere for work, you just need to sit at home and do the work which you assigned by the client. Recently I have a project of E liquids Canada for brand marketing and I have got this project through online.

  • It all depends on the type of freelance work. If you are a photographer shooting wedding images or video for example than you are not at home. In other words there are plenty of freelancing jobs out that you cannot do from home. But indeed there are also plenty of freelance working options working from home.