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The Best Paid Online Survey Sites

One of the easiest and quickest ways of earning money is by filling in surveys. Many people want to earn money online with surveys, it is straightforward, it can be fun and it represents you and together with many others advertising companies and manufacturers understand what people want and based on that they may take a different approach to the development of a new or on the next product.


Surveys are normally anonymous to the manufacturer although the website you are taking the survey through obvious at least has your email address. Always check that they write that they will NOT sell your email address to a 3rd party before signing up. Using a fake email address will not work because you get notified when new surveys are ready and you want to get paid in Paypal.


Are the Surveys Interesting?

Some of the surveys are not really interesting but go through them, take your money and forget about it. There are also very interesting surveys about new movies that are upcoming and they just might ask which trailer is the most appealing to customers.


Best Paid Online Survey Companies

I have tried a few companies and websites and let me just name a view.



Clixsense is good. You can make a nice income by doing surveys or just even be clicking or watching an advertisement and some advertisements are really nice to watch. So far so good, great site, lots of opportunities to make money. Do not take my word for it check it out yourself become a member for free and start earning some cash.


It is free to become a member so there are no any issues, no investment up front, just sign up and start making money online. Check the offers they have available like playing games, surf the web, online panels, radio loyalty; how great is that, to get paid listening to your favourite music. Get paid for reading email, isn't reading email not what we all do.


Clixsense Survey

This article is not about how good Clixsense is but about Surveys and the survey option at Clixsense is crap. Really the biggest problem with ClixSense is the message "Unfortunately you did not qualify for that survey". And you get that all the time. Waiting, go through the initial questions and 5 minutes later you find out that you are not qualified.

And this happens all the time, after 30 minutes you might be lucky to fill in one single survey which takes 20 minutes and that means that after 50 minutes you have earned $0.30.

I wrote a more detailed review on Clixsense.


Vindale Research

Another great company is Vindal Research they pay in $ but once you have earned $50 online at Vindal Research they will pay out. You will easily get $50 in a few days. And Vindal Research has quite a lot of surveys to fulfil.



At iPoll, you will find a lot of surveys paying from $0.50 and up. You can enter your email address into a sweepstake but it might take 4 to 6 weeks before getting paid out. There is an interesting reward program but read the terms and conditions before you apply.



Cashcrate pays out at $20 but first payment will be a check before PayPal can be used and if you are willing to accept that then they have offers, surveys, shopping and tasks that all can pay you some money. Together with other sites, it adds up making that income you are looking for.


How to Earn Money Online in a Day

Making online money quickly in a day is definitely possible with surveys, it is not much that you make. You do need to take into account that you get the message that you are not qualified but after a hard days work you can make indeed a few dollar. If that is what you are after then start looking at Clixsense or Vindale Research and make money.


Making Online Money with Surveys

It is indeed possible to make money with surveys, do not expect to get rich, however. The money generating is slow, see it more as a bonus at the end of the month but it cannot be your full-time job. If you want this then looks elsewhere or think about starting a blog. I have some interesting articles on blogging. Just read them and let me know, leave a comment and I will reply. At the end, I am here to help.


My Survey Verdict

The sites mentioned, and there are a few others that I have not mentioned yet are sites where I have filled in surveys, I have been going through the frustrations of not being qualified and therefore I do not do any surveys anymore. I do not send you off to a survey site and try to make an income from the affiliate part of these sites.

That I am not doing any surveys does not mean that you should not do it but if you are looking for ways to make money online then look further look at starting a blog or starting a business, your own business.



Please leave a comment here or in the Keenclick forum to discuss surveys and other money generating opportunities.

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