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Fedor Alphenaar

Making Money Online

I registered on the 3rd of March 2007 which is a long time ago, especially in internet terms but I do not remember why I registered, I cannot remember what I really wanted to do with that domain name it was more that I was searching for a nice domain name and I still love it.


In a sense that domain name is great because everyone wants to be on the internet doing something they like, something they are keen to do or better to be “keen with your click”.


It can be just clicking around and browse for information, find interesting articles or entertaining games. No matter the reason for you on the internet, there is a purpose otherwise you would do something outside of the internet.


Being outside of the internet is still possible although without the internet I bet that 99% of you would say that it is not possible. Your whole life is on the internet, whether it is work or pleasure the internet is a thing that is so important in our lives that we cannot be without it.


Over the years I have not done that much, it only really started in 2016 that I started to write about “How to Earn Money Online”.


I loved the writing about ways of making this money and at the same time exploring ways to earn money.


It did mean that I was reading a lot, testing out many ways and indeed did earn some but for sure I do not make the dollars in 6 figures. It sounds nice to have a 6 figure income but I learnt that doing what I did make me no money whatsoever.


  • Yes, I clicked at the Pay to Click sites but stopped it because that is not the way for me to make money.
  • Yes, I started an affiliate site but stopped it because my heart is not there, it is not my passion.
  • I even bought the products that I wanted to write about, absolutely great but it is not for me.


After having content I found out that content on its own is not the way to make money, the content that I wrote is not great content and without great content, nobody comes to my site.


The best article, which is doing okay, is an article I wrote about PayPal Money Adder and that this is all SCAM. I still love that article and update it every now and then but it does not make me anymore. I do not have any PayPal Money Adder software and never will because I do not believe in it.


What I do love is testing websites and apps, it is great to work and makes indeed some money and it is possible to earn good money being a crowd testers. I still test every now and then but it is not my passion.


Project Management

When I started to work I was an IT engineer who moved into consultancy before becoming a project manager. Managing projects can be great but also very challenging but again, my passion moved away from project management.


Over the years it became clear that I needed to find something else and I do not mind to work from 10 am to 2 am which I often do and that 7 days a week.


I do have my breaks, especially around 9 pm to watch a movie although I should exercise more than what I do right now.


March 2016

In March 2016 I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate because I thought that writing about products could be my passion, became an affiliate marketer and indeed had some success but nowhere near that I was expecting or was hoping for.


Obvious, that was my fault and it all has to do with the word I mentioned before “passion”. Nevertheless, I learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate and although I left them I recommend them if you want to learn about blogging and the aspects that come with blogging.



I have been contracting for a number of years and that was great because I worked on a wide range of different IT projects in different countries in Europe and Asia.


Clearly, my passion is in IT and although I do not do much project management anymore I still like managing projects and started to work as a freelancer.


I signed up at and got some very interesting projects like keyword research, website testing and migration of e-commerce websites.


I migrated PrestaShop websites and had never heard of PrestaShop before but with the help of Google, I found websites that wrote how to solve certain issues and this way I really learned a lot.



Having an eCommerce shop sounded very interesting and I have been exploring that but again it is not my passion to sell products and therefore never started an eCommerce shop


In the meantime, I wrote more and more articles for Keenclick and really like it. Using my skills learned through Wealthy Affiliate I got some pages high in the search engines and this led me to search engine optimisation.


Search Engine Optimisation

Writing articles is great, it is not just the writing but also the research around certain topics or products. Owning the products, test them and write about it.


Write with SEO in mind and here I found my passion.


Search Engine Optimisation is an interesting passion which is huge. There are so many topics involved in SEO that it is not easy to comprehend because it all is important.


From having a very fast website to using the right keywords in your text making it interesting for the visitors to read, keep them engaged.


Browsing through the jobs at it is clear that there are a lot of requests for SEO specialists but it is also clear that there is a lot of work involved in SEO to get websites high in the search engines.


Search Engine Ranking Page

Everyone who has a website wants their pages on the first page of Google. Nobody is asking for Bing, it is all Google and from that perspective, the question is what do I need to do to have my pages on the first page.


A long time ago the search engine to use was Yahoo or Alta Vista and search engine specialists were targeting for these search engines using all kinds of techniques like backlinking.


It is now 2017 and there is only 1 search engine that is really important and that is Google, however, vertical search engines come also now in play because Google is more the generalist and do not have 100% of the websites.


Next for Keenclick

I have now decided that I start writing about Search Engine Optimisation and, yes, I know there are many websites already doing that but at the end, there is no website that is perfect.


Some websites write that you have to add content and more content but there are also guru’s that write that you do not need to refresh content every day or week.


What do Internet Users expect?

After reading and researching so many websites to me it is clear that there is only one thing important and that is quality. You can write a million articles but when these are of a low-level standard nobody will come back, there is no engagement with the visitor.


I wrote earlier that I have an article about PayPal Money Adder and receive a lot of traffic because of the article. Is the article good? I would assume so, although I get still questions from visitors to send them a money adder and that means that they had not read my article properly because any PayPal Money Adder is SCAM.


Some of the articles I wrote are just bad, not enough research done and that automatically means that they have no ranking. Then there are articles which are okay like some of the articles about crowd testing.


Did I do much on SEO?

No, I did not do much on SEO itself. I found interesting keywords and wrote my articles around it in the hope that it will end up high in the search engines, well they do not.


In the meantime, I got more and more involved with SEO for clients and I just love that. I see so many websites that are interesting but the SEO is crap in many aspects and therefore I now change Keenclick to write about SEO.


Making Money Online

I have a few domain names that I will use to test SEO. These domain names are:


I will go in more detail later when I found my so-called niche for these websites.


I will write the process for not only having a website online but also the understanding of a niche and how you can optimise your website to get traffic and at the end monetise your website to start earning money online.



You will find the following categories but these are the categories as they are today, which is 4 May 2017. Over time I will change that to change the categories to the categories that are part of SEO like keyword research, backlinks, ghostwriting and much more.



There are so many websites already you might think you never will earn money with a blog. It might be difficult but there are absolutely ways to earn money with a blog. You can start blogging for free or have your own website with your own domain name and write about what you like, what you know, what you love.It can be anything as long as people are searching for it. If people are not searching for it then you basically write for yourself and then indeed you will not make much money.


It can be anything as long as people are searching for it. If people are not searching for it then you basically write for yourself and then indeed you will not make much money.


There are multiple ways to earn money with a blog like writing about products and have visitors following a link so they can buy that product, this is called affiliate marketing, or place advertisements from an advertisement network on your website and hope that people click that advertisement earning a few cents per click.


You can blog for other companies and when approved they will place that blog on their website and in return, you will get a fee per word or page or an hourly rate on which you become a freelancer.


Please check out our BLOG section to learn more what blogging really is and how you can make money from blogging.



Setting up a business can be done very easily. You will have to check what you need to do in your own country about TAX but when you want to start small then normally there is no reason than just to start. You might need a limited company but for example, here in the UK you can start as a Sole trader and do your own TAX.


Maybe you do not need to start a business at all because the money you are going to earn is not enough to make it worth starting a business but you might think about starting to sell products online and then you a business is a good idea but it has its consequences.


Not only do you need a website, but you also need to think about marketing, search engine optimisation and so much more. Here at Keenclick, we go through all that because a business sounds great but there is a lot more than just starting.


Check out our BUSINESS section for more information.



One of my favourites of making money online is testing websites and apps. There are plenty of companies where you can earn money testing websites and apps. This testing can be testing and searching for bugs but it also can be usability and user experience testing.

I wrote reviews on companies like UTEST or Whatusersdo but there are plenty more that you will find in the CROWDTESTER section.



There are many people who like to earn some extra cash with data entry. There are sites that want you because their customers have a lot of small jobs to enter data in a form or in an excel sheet.


You can become a freelancer and check the site where freelancers are welcome, there are many opportunities to make an extra buck for an easy job. The payment is not that much but data entry is for sure an interesting way to earn money online.


The DATA section writes about companies where you can make money with data entry.



I just mentioned freelancer and freelancing is a great way to earn money. Many freelancers start a business and use their skills to expand their business and get more customers. Sites like Upwork or have many opportunities when your skills are matching the requirements of their customers.


These customers can be anywhere in the world but so are the freelancers, there is a huge competition but I earned my money as a freelancer using skills I gained testing websites.


Thought about becoming a freelancer then check out the FREELANCE section.


Pay to Click

If you like to browse, click an advertisement then you can earn some interesting money. You, however, should not stick to one site but you will need multiple sites and you need referrals.


Without referrals, you will not make much money. Clicking a link to an advertisement, waiting 10 seconds, and earning $0.001 is not really much. However, when you have 1000 or 5000 referrals, then you will earn money from the clicking of others.


You do not need to be careful because there are small sites out there that might go bust and you lose all your money. And when you have many referrals making you $100, you will lose that money if you are not having that money paid to your Paypal account on time.


Learn more about Pay to Click in the PTC section.



I have never been a fan of shopping, to me it is boring and normally I go to the city, buy what I want and leave as quickly as possible but what if you can make money out of shopping?


I do not say earning money from shopping in the retail shop in the city centre but online. You buy something and you get 5% back and it becomes even better when a friend, a referral, is doing the same because from your friend's earnings you earn.


The SHOPPING section is in the footer but after a re-organisation of this site it will move to a more prominent place but please check it out.



Who has not done a survey? People that come to your door and start asking questions but doing surveys online can make you money. And if you follow the right strategy you can make good money. Many of the surveys you see will earn you less than $1 for a survey but how about earning $15 for a survey or even more.


It is certainly possible when you know where to go but I would start here at Keenclick to learn more about surveys in the SURVEYS section.



You might call this generation the video generation but you can make very good money making a video. You can do that professionally and start a business or become a freelancer but you also might think of selling products that you advertise through videos that you place on video channels.


Of course, you know YouTube and Vimeo, but there are a lot more out there and once you know how to create a video and you like to make a video it is a very good way to market yourself and make money online.


YouTube and Vimeo are two big video site but please read more in the VIDEO section.



There are so many websites out there but building a website for yourself that generates money or becoming a website designer working as a freelancer or starting your own business with hosting the websites and do the search engine optimisation, the marketing, the advertisements.


There is so much to discuss here and I should not just call it Website Building because we all have a smartphone now and we enjoy this smartphone more and more.


The WEBSITE section will grow enormously in the next couple of money because there is so much to write about it. If you want to know more than do not forget to sign up for our newsletter.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes



I am also looking at SCAM sites and other money-losing opportunities. Nobody likes SCAM but the world is full of it. You might have been looking at the earn money quickly but hesitated and that is a good think. If it was that easy to make money quickly then the whole world would do that, isn't it?


Do not lose your money on SCAM, it is just not worth it. You will feel like having a thief coming over to your house and that is something you want and should avoid.


The SCAM section will help you to avoid SCAM on the internet, check it out and let me know about sites that are nothing but scam sites.



I would love to hear about opportunities and will add then after I have done my research. There is a forum where I will place articles or ask/answer questions and if you have questions please let me know. You might even see me online, therefore, do not hesitate to have a chat with me.


I might be able to help you, mentoring is a big word, but the least I can do is give you my honest opinion and advice. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter to learn more about making money.

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