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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #14 by Fedor Alphenaar
Fedor Alphenaar created the topic: Traffic
Keenclick is now a few months going and traffic is going up which is good. More and more visitors searching for ways to make money online and that is what we aim for isn't it?

Although lately, I see a lot of traffic on Paypal Money Adder which is clear SPAM. There are people out there searching for a quick way to make money but Paypal Money Adder is not the best way. It is not creating a business, it is trying to make money but at the same time you give your PayPal account away.

Then a lot of visitors come here to read about Crowdtesting which is a good and legit way to make money. You will not get rich but with so many sites you can make a couple of hundred dollars a month easily.

Traffic goes up and that is great. To see that people love to read about making money online. Keep on the searching, reading about money making opportunities and share it because there might be certain ways that you do not like, or I do not like, but others definitely will.

Fedor Alphenaar
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