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1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #3 by Fedor Alphenaar
Fedor Alphenaar created the topic: Vindale Research
Why do some people think that Vindale Research is SCAM? They do pay and although you have to earn at least $50 before payment is done the photo's on their website of people showing the payment seems to be real.

Is it a SCAM in the sense that these pictures are not real?

You tell me, would like to know from you if you have been paid or are waiting for your money. To me they seem legit although it indeed takes time to get the $50 especially because the majority of the surveys I am qualified for are $1 or sometimes even less and that is not too much.

I did wrote an article on Vindale Research and you can comment here or at the article but just let me know your experience making money online.

Fedor Alphenaar
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