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1 year 9 months ago #10 by Fedor Alphenaar
Fedor Alphenaar created the topic: Pay To Click
I have been to several PTC sites and to me they are all the same, a lot of crap, clicking for a few pennies unless you get referrals but even then at the end of the day it is just beer money, and I do not even drink anymore, okay, make it restaurant time with my wife and son.

Well, I do not want to be blunt, lots of people like to click for money and watch advertisements and I will review these sites and give my honest opinion but if you want to make money start your own business and become your own boss.

You might even think about starting your own PTC site, I believe that will make you more money than becoming a member.

Do you think the same or do I miss something why PTC is very interesting?

Let me know because I would like to have that conversation.

Fedor Alphenaar

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