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Get Paid for your Opinion

Maybe one of the bigger sites for earning your money online is MySurvey. The money that is paid for your opinion counts but more important MySurvey can make you a nice income on a monthly basis.



MySurvey is an internationally operating company for users all over the world who want to generate some money online for something extra. You can cash up or redeem in vouchers, therefore you choose how you want to be paid for your opinion.


MySurvey is part of Lightspeed GMY and ESOMAR but as a consumer your opinion counts and then it should not matter who the company is, isn’t it? There are 2 parts that are important, making money and no scam.


MySurvey, What do They Want?

The consumer research carried out by MySurvey is discovering what people like, what people want and by asking for opinions about products and services through surveys and product testing. At My Survey, consumer opinions count in a big way!


Innovations inspired by consumer opinion research include air bags, antilock brakes, cash reward credit cards, and child-proof safety caps, to name a few. These results are routinely reported in publications such as the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Marketing Week, Figaro Digital and other international publications.


With the strong support of panel members such as you, MySurvey has developed the world's largest consumer panel and are the premiere global provider of marketing information to major corporations worldwide.


How to earn money online?

  • Complete Surveys for points and prize entries
  • Complete Mini polls for prize entries
  • Refer friends for points


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes



If you have a webcam and you would like to use the webcam to earn additional money online then use it. Great points can be earned that you can redeem in cash or vouchers.


Any Other Surveys?

There are plenty of surveys and there will be surveys for you, surveys making you some money. These “lifestyle” surveys can be based on:

  • Your health
  • Your finances
  • Your lifestyle
  • What you drive
  • Your working life
  • Any much more, it is basically you, your thoughts. MySurvey will know everything about you and if you are happy with that, please sign up and start doing surveys.

MySurvey Mobile

MySurvey has a mobile app and that can be good fun, doing a survey while travelling by public transport, in the car you, will not be able to do that unless someone obvious is driving you. Just watch this video from MySurvey and Go Mobile.


The All Important Money Factor

Earlier I wrote “some money” because it is only a little. As a matter of fact, you will not run a household on the money you can earn with MySurvey or with any survey site out there. Although MySurvey writes that you can earn up to £5 for a survey, well think more in terms of £0.50 or even less. You will need other sources of income if you want to make some money online that counts.


So Many Survey Videos on YouTube

The interesting part of YouTube is that there are many videos on survey sites and how good they are to make money. The majority of these sites are a scam especially when they ask you to pay money to become a member and then surveys follow.


Let me be clear, the surveys that you do are based on what the big companies want to know. They pay for that, you do not need to be a paying member to make surveys online. Do not fall into that trap.


Surveys Not Recommended

I filled in many surveys a few years ago and really got fed up with it because of I was not qualified or half way the survey the survey broke, or worse at the end of the survey where I have filled in all the answers and then not getting paid. But because I filled it in, they have all my answers already and this happened too many times. I got fed up with the Survey sites and absolutely do NOT recommend it.


It is not just the privacy but just the fact that sometimes you do a survey and earn only $0.20 for 30 minutes work, there are better ways to make decent money.


I do not mind to work hard but surveys start out to be fun but soon will become very frustrating when you work for half an hour and then the survey breaks or you only get paid the so important $0.20


Quick Rich Scheme

Doing surveys is not a quick rich scheme, not even a slow one because you won’t get rich. But is rich the only keyword or is being satisfied with what you do also important? Why not work as a freelancer, start your own business then you work for yourself and that is easy to do while you still work for a boss.


Alternative Opportunities to Make Money Online

Here at Keenclick I explore other opportunities and personally I like to make money with this site writing about “how to make money online”, testing websites and apps and helping out you and others in the best way to make that money online generating factor happen.

The best for me so far to learn how to make money online or better to learn how to set up a business and a website that generates money, doing my Keyword Research and all that you have to do to make a site good to very good. I am still in a learning process but I do not want you to miss out that opportunity. Just check out Wealthy Affiliate or contact me, they are simply the best in the field.


Teaching / Coaching

In life we all need a teacher, you had multiple when you went to school, college, university and all kind of training and courses. In a later stage, you will need a coach that more or less helps you to think different, at the end, it all should come from you but the coach can steer you in a way that you did not think of before.



Get in touch with me on MySurvey or any other money generating opportunity. I do not bark, I will try to help, coach, try to find the solution helping you making money online.

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