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Gold Opinions Online Surveys

Make Money Taking Surveys

Doing surveys online is probably the easiest way to make money. Make money doing surveys, isn't that great? What if I tell you that you can make $5 for a survey that last abot 10 to 15 minutes? How about getting paid $15-$30 for 30-45 minute surveys? Yes, this is possible but you only need to know how.

You have your own opinion about life and large companies pay for that opinion of yours. Make Money Taking Surveys is a really good option to have extra cash at the end of the month.


And with extra cash I mean that it can be quite substantial, earning $15 to $30 for a 30-minute survey, isn’t that what we all want?


Let me tell you how you can do that. 

I have been doing online surveys for some time and that makes money but I have been annoyed with the $0.75 surveys because why would I fill in a survey that makes me $0.75 and it took me 30 minutes to fill in and it can happen that you fill in parts of who you are, it takes you 5 to 10 minutes and then you are not the target.


Really Annoying and not worth the effort until........


I can across the Gold Opinion site where they claim to have paid over $8,000,000 to their members filling surveys. Although the $8,000,000 still did not convince me but after reading the following:


  • Get paid $5 dollars for 10-15 minute surveys
  • Get paid $30/ per hour on focus group and panels
  • Get Paid $15-$30 for 30-45 minute surveys
  • Get paid $50 for premium surveys


I know what you think right now, If this is indeed the case, paying these numbers for surveys then it is a real opportunity.


But it must be SCAM, isn’t it?

Telling your opinion for free is your right but telling your opinion and getting paid is perfect but at the same time this company wants you to be a paid member. This sounds like SCAM.


They claim to advertise on MSNBC,, and much more and if it is SCAM these large companies do not advertise them, these companies do not want to be associated with SCAM.


If NO SCAM, what is it all about?

At Gold Opinions, you get paid for doing surveys, not the peanut money but better money that can make you a few hundred at the end of the month. Although you will see an interesting calculation on the website of Gold Opinions the numbers are great but are you doing surveys for 8 hours a day?


Just image that you work for $20 an hour and do that for 8 hours a day:


  • Daily Income: $160.00 *On days that you work.
  • Weekly Income: $800.00
  • Monthly Income: $3,200.00
  • Yearly Income: $41,600.00


That sounds terrific, isn’t it?


The biggest question is can you indeed work for 8 hours a day making $20 a day? That is the big secret and something you have to find out.


If you have a day job then I just do not see that you are going to make the 8 hours a day but then you probably do not need that and only work 1 or 2 hours a day making an additional $20 or $40 a day.
Start counting with $20 a day, that is $100 a week and if you also work the weekend for a full 8 hours then the numbers start adding and so does your bank account.


Enjoy the Good Life and you definitely will Making money in the comfort of your own Home


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Why Should I Join Gold Opinion?

Gold Opinions take all the hassle away, you only need one website to login to and start making money. No need to go to many sites where you try to earn pennies where are Gold Opinions you can make dollars and not just a few dollars, it really can go in the thousands of dollars that you can make online by doing surveys, just filling in your opinion.


Just think about it for a moment.


Can you say your opinion at work? You probably can but when your opinion is different than anyone else's opinion you already feel these eyes on you from your colleagues thinking how strange you are. Proud as you are not being the same as everyone else already can put you in the corner, so you go along with the opinion of others.


Not at Gold Opinions, here your opinion matters and it is your opinion. You do not need to follow the others, you tell how you feel about something, your remarks and you get paid.


When you join then think about the following:

  • Get paid $5 dollars for 10-15 minute surveys
  • Get paid $30/ per hour on focus group and panels
  • Get Paid $15-$30 for 30-45 minute surveys
  • Get paid $50 for premium surveys
  • Flexible working hours, work when you want to
  • Work at home, make money no matter where you are in the world!
  • No experience needed to join!

Yes, parts of it you already read but I want you to read it again so you do understand the money that can be earned is no nonsense. 


How Do I Get Paid

Working without getting paid is maybe interesting for some people but we are not a charity, we work for money and nothing less but at Gold Opinion you have several payment options:


  • Air Miles for Canadians Only
  • Airline Miles
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Cash Paid by Cheque
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Donations to Charity (if you are generous)
  • General retail gift cards
  • Home Depot gift cards or e-vouchers
  • And there are much more to Visa Prepaid cards and other gift cards.


Although there are many ways to get paid I assume that you will go for Paypal, Bank Transfer or any other direct cash payment. I just do not see why someone would go for a gift card unless it is because of taxes. As it is work you might be taxed on the amount you earn but if that is the same for gift cards like paying $13 for a $10 gift card where the $3 is a tax then I definitely would go for Bank Transfer or Paypal but that is obvious a personal choice.


Your Opinion Pays you Money

Many companies will be paying for your opinion and these are not the smallest companies. Just have a look at the next picture:


rsz logos


You see all these companies, they make loads of money but that is because of you. If you did not buy products these companies would not exist but you buy the products you like and that is what they want to

know so they can make these products you and other consumers buy.


Gold Opinion is the middle man bringing all these companies in one place and that is just easy for you. Going alone to all these companies will bring you nowhere but joining others to do surveys will give Gold Opinion the contacts and the surveys for you.


World Wide Opportunites

It really does not matter where you live because the surveys are not just for one part of the world. These companies are interested in opinions from everywhere in the world. We are all different and items that sell in the USA might not sell in Europe or Asia.


We are all different, we have all our own consuming tradition and behaviour and that is what companies are paying for. It is useless to bring a product to the Japanese market when they are not interested.


Developing products is not cheap, there is a lot of research and development, the manufacturing and I can go on and on and on. Looking at what these companies pay for marketing then you will be astonished but it is well worth the money but not without your opinion.


100% Money Back Guarantee within 60 days!

Gold Opinion is a paid service but earning the amount of money they mention it is almost a no-brainer, I write almost because what if I do not earn money enough?

Well, you get 60 days to test it out and get your money back when you do not make enough money online doing these surveys.


What Does it Cost?

Just like you I also do not like to pay for surveys but nothing in this world is for free therefore instead of doing surveys for pennies it would be better to pay $27 a month and earn a couple of hundred a week or per month, this depends on the amount of time you have to do the surveys.


As mentioned, there are a 60 days guarantee money back and there also will be sales promo’s where you do not need to pay $27 but only $1 for a 7 days trial. In these 7 days, you will make enough to pay for the $27 a month.


Just imagine when you do surveys and earn $20 an hour, that can lead up to $800 a week and a very interesting $3200 a month but then you will need to work at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week.


On average though you will earn $5 to $10 per survey which is good money and the fee is then paid already after only a few surveys.


I do understand that you do not like to pay the fee but comparing the $27 a month fee to the earnings you make on other sites it is just a no-brainer. Gold Opinions do not take commission, they are paid by the fees where the other sites take a commission of 20 to 70% leaving you with peanuts.


Paid Survey Secrets


I do recommend to join Gold Opinions to get paid for your opinion. The monthly fee is paid back after only a few surveys where other free sites you will not even come close to the money you can earn at Gold Opinion.


A 60 day guarantee money back, it is just a no-brainer. Yes, it is an investment but can’t you effort $27 a month but getting paid a lot more than that?


My verdict on Gold Opinions is 8 out of 10 and the reason that it is only 8 and not higher is because the sales promo is not continuously. An option of 7 days trial for $1 including the 60 days money back guarantee is something you would take straight away.


Only one survey and your $1 is already paid, a few surveys more and you have the money ready for the monthly fee.



→ Join Gold Opinions NOW ←



If you are still not sure then please get in touch with me because I want to know why.



Please leave your comment on Gold Opinion and I will have a chat with you. Also, check if I am online, that is a lot quicker.


Please leave your comment on Gold Opinion and I will have a chat with you. Also, check if I am online, that is a lot quicker.

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