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Grandbux is an online advertising platform where you can earn money online. You might think that they are SCAM like other Pay to Click site but as long as they pay out why would they be a SCAM? Reaching thousands of clients will increase your sales earning you and clients money online and that for referring other members, watch an advertisement, playing Grand Grid and joining a variety of contest.

Grandteam LLC started their first product Grandbux back in 2013. The team based in Santa Monica took a year to create the Grandbux formula. That vision turns Grandbux into a global opportunity were members and advertisers can be anywhere in the world to benefit of the Grandbux making money online opportunity.


Depending the country you live the normal age to become a member is 18, so once you reach that age join Grandbux for your hunt to make money online for free and cash in. Earn money online for free and have some extra cash for your holiday.


Grand Grid is the game where you can make even more money online, depending the membership you have you up to 100 tries to find the price. Clicking a box on the grid and watching the advertisement will give the opportunity to reveal the price. This online money is for free but first, you need to win it. There are boxes with prices going up to $10. A list of winners is shown and hopefully, soon your name is showing up too.


Micro Job Offers

Advertisers pay you to sign up and execute a task. The registration is straightforward but you need to do these job, you need to proof that you have done the Micro Job to earn the cash.


Once the proof is accepted the advertiser will pay within 96 hours but when you have not done the job then you not get paid. Do not abuse the system because you will be blocked and you might lose the money you earned online. If the advertiser abuses the system they also will be blocked like for example doing a job within 24 hours which is not possible or purchase an upgrade.


You need to be login frequently and frequently means at least one time in every 10 days. Your account will be suspended and if you wait another 10 days your account will be reset and you lose your money. You can, however, logon with any device as long as you are not behind a proxy server.



The payments are done to your Paypal account but make sure that you also have the Paypal fees which are about 10%. Payments are done instantly but if something goes wrong please wait about 4 hours before contacting them by creating a support ticket.



To keep the optimum of your referrals log on daily and click 4 advertisements at least. Remove your inactive referrals, they are useless and keep the active referrals. You can rent referrals but once you upgrade your membership you can get better referrals who pay you more.


Referrals should view at least 10 advertisements in 4 days for them to become available in the referral pool. Keep track on your referrals, once they become inactive change them for active referrals. But it might be that a referral is just on holiday and will come back in 2 or 3 weeks.


A good way is to use Auto-Pay where you extend your referrals automatically. If the referral clicks an advertisement you already pay the member so you keep that referral for an extra day. You pay the referral in advance, before the referral’s due date.



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