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Instant Paid Clix

Instant Paid Clix Review Strategy Legit or SCAM

This review of the new kid on the block Instant Paid Clix is telling me that they are paying from $4.00 into your account and by doing that you can consider them legit and no scam. However, looking at the average rate of the advertisement it will take a long time to get to this $4 but at Instant Paid Clix it can be easily reached by having referrals and following your own Pay to Click strategy. The money you make will be earned by going to the Offerwalls, Minutestaff and Revenue Shares and do what is requested but as mentioned always follow your money online strategy.


This all sounds perfect the only problem is where to get the referrals and if that is the difficult part then follow a strategy that easily can be obtained and when you follow that the money is yours. Do not expect 6 figures but some extra cash in the pocket or beer money as some will say, at the end of your salary when there are always days left would be good isn't it?


Becoming a member is straightforward you just sign up and you start clicking but you will need to log in at least once every 14 days otherwise your account goes inactive and you just not make any money. Re-establishing your account is easy, just log in and start clicking again.


If you want to sign up then just go to and follow the steps for becoming a member and once you are this member you will find out that they have very good benefits for you and your referrals.


Why should I become a member?

There is much reason why you should become a member but just look at the following


  • You can earn money and more money easily in the following areas: recruitment, minute staff, offers, adverts, membership upgrade
  • Generating points make you earning money even when inactive. Think about member points, upgraded member points, skilled member points, experienced member points and master points.
  • Are you inactive you still will earn points through PTC ads, forum, referrals, investment and the offer wall? 
  • Payments: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payza and Paypal
  • An interesting part of their benefits is auto profit day giving you a 10% bonus, check out when the auto profit day arrives and be sure you are part of it when the day comes.


I will go into more detail about the benefits of joining and after reading it you will realise that it is not an opportunity to miss.




Benefits of Instant Paid Clix

Are there any benefits of becoming a member of Instant Paid Clix? Yes there are benefits becoming a member and these are:


  • You can make money every second without clicking. Shares, Offerwalls and much more ways to make money.
  • Earn up to 100% Referral Earnings
  • Earn up to 150% Profit on Ad Share
  • Enjoy no referral limits for all Members
  • Cashout at just $4 Fixed for everyone


For advertisers, they also have interesting benefits


  • Advertising here gives you real visits from real members at amazing prices! Many Advertising types are Available.
  • All Advert Exposures start from $1
  • Daily Unique Hits and Mass Traffic
  • Great Value Ad Packs and Specials
  • Global Targeting and Statistic Reports


And you will be an amazing customer of Instant Paid Clix.


  • Your experience will be second to none with amazing customer service and a lively forum!
  • High Security and Cheat Prevention
  • Extra Bot, VPN & Spider Defences
  • Secure Cloud Server storage and Cloudflare
  • Online and Paying Since August 2015!


Not only do you click for money but also for points and when you have referrals it will even go faster.


Get Paid To Click

Point System

The point system at Instant Paid Clix is straightforward.


Points that you earn can be used on Advertising or Upgrades. It is for you to choose which you prefer.


  • Member - 2,000 Points = $1
  • Upgraded - 2,000 Points = $1
  • Skilled - 1,500 Points = $1
  • Experianced - 1,000 Points = $1
  • Master - 1,000 Points = $1


You need to stay active through to accumulate the points.


An overview of the point system at Instant Paid Clix


  • PTC Ads = 1 Point/View
  • Forum = 1 Points/Post
  • Refer a Member = 5 Points
  • Investment = 10 Points/$ Deposited
  • Offerwalls & Minutestaff


You can refer an unlimited amount of members to Instant Paid Clix. You will earn from each member and their referrals activities. The earnings comes from PTC Ad Clicks, MinuteStaff Clicks, Offerwall Offers & Upgrades:


  • 20% Of Referral PTC Clicks and Minutestaff Clicks.
  • $1 Bonus when a Referral Upgrades
  • 40% Of Referral PTC Clicks and Minutestaff Clicks.
  • $2.50 Bonus when a Referral Upgrades
  • 60% Of Referral PTC Clicks and Minutestaff Clicks.
  • $5 Bonus when a Referral Upgrades
  • 80% Of Referral PTC Clicks and Minutestaff Clicks.
  • $10 Bonus when a Referral Upgrades
  • 100% Of Referral PTC Clicks and Minutestaff Clicks.
  • $25 Bonus when a Referral Upgrades


Do not let this serious site get passed by, enjoy Instant Paid Clix and become a member today. You will generate a nice income and will tell your friends about it.



Instant Paid Clix is doing very well but as mentioned you will not make a 6 figure salary but it will give you some really interesting cash at the end of the month or when you can save it up an interesting vacation. You even make points when you are not online or with an inactive account and not many Pay to Click sites will do that.


Pay to Click Strategy

Earn money online with Pay to Click

This book from Chittaranjan Durant will not set you back and when you follow the advanced tips and tricks  it will definitely help you to make more money online.


Chittaranjan taught me all the ins and outs of Pay to Click Websites, especially you will learn how to read about SCAM sites and with are Legit.


You might have been clicking away for some time without making any good cash, this book will not set you back a lot and before you know you will have this extra cash at the end of the month.


At Amazon you will find some more amazing Paid To Click books and some are even for free and then you have to think about books like:


  • An Introduction to Earning from Paid to Click Sites
  • 20 ways to supplement your income: The "Paid to click" Method
  • How to earn more $$$ with Paid To Click (PTC) Websites


My Recommendation

Instead of clicking away at any of the PTC sites I recommend you to follow a strategy. You can search online or buy an e-book or paperback which will not set you back more than a few dollar or pounds, depends on where you buy it.


If you really want to make money online and get paid by PTC Website the following book can be purchased at Amazon and will open your eyes and absolute make you benefit and more important make you profit.


Alternatives Ways of Earning Money Online

Obvious there are many ways to earn money online and when Pay to Click is not your thing then why not become a freelancer or start your own blog? Both can make you good money and if you do it properly it even can give a normal income, not the small beer money with Pay to Click.

Another option is to start setting up an online business, and you might not know what kind of business you want but why not contact me, so we can discuss. There are so many opportunities out there and I am confident that there is something that you will love.


Build Your Own Website in 30 Seconds and Start Earning Money

How about making your own website in 30 seconds? I bet you can do that, then you also can start earning money with that same website. Do you think that is possible or not? It will be hard work to start but it will pay off and no more stupid clicking or trying to get referrals, build your own website in 30 seconds and learn how to make that website successful.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes



I would love to hear from you about other Paid to Click books or strategies that can help me and others to make a nice income with Pay to Click sites. Or if you have a question on Instant Paid Clix please place that question here or in the forum and I will get back to you.



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