The SEO Keyword Research is one of the most important steps in the SEO process. A keyword finder would be absolutely helpful although many keywords you probably already know because it is your business. Nevertheless, finding the right keywords is not easy. At Keencick we use SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker rank tracker and this gives us a competitive advantage over rivals who compete with you on the same keywords because they sell the same or similar products or services.


It can be extremely difficult to compete against a company that is running around in your niece for many years but if you are not strong in budget or manpower, then be smarter than them and just find alternative ways. Search for non-traditional ranking methods without going into black hat techniques to rank your website and do not follow the same pattern on keyword research as the biggies because you will lose unless, as mentioned earlier, you are smarter than them.


David beat Goliath and so can you.


Having a tight SEO budget means that a lot of research has to be by yourself like the keyword research and there are absolutely ways to do so.


You might ask yourself the question if there is any keyword finder that is free or if the SEO keyword research is really necessary.


Well, you absolutely know your business and most likely also the keywords but researching each keyword and see what the competition is doing is important. We already wrote about competitor analysis and competition keyword research is part of that. It is not just searching the keywords that you want to be found on but understanding the keywords your competitors are using to rank in the search engines and use that knowledge in your own deep level keyword research.


There are plenty keyword finders online but they are not SEO Keyword Researchers, that is a process you need to do yourself. Comparing keywords, understanding the differences and finding and thinking what to do with the keywords your found.


We here at Keenclick follow a straight plan for the keyword research and discuss with you our findings. The plan itself is not just a list of keywords but also where to use the keyword.


It is clear that looking at keywords there is an intent with each keyword.


Intent of a keyword search

One of the main elements of a keyword is the intent of the keyword.


  • What is the intention or purpose of the search query?
  • What is it what the searcher is looking for?


We see 4 different intentional reasons for the search query.


Navigational Intent

Searching for a company name or a service within that company is called the navigational intent of a search query.


In the image below it is clear that I was searching for Google and it links me direct to Google with some options in the rich cards.


google navigational intent


Informational Intent

The internet is a bucket full of information, the only thing is a way to find it. For that we use search engines that has indexed the pages that contain the information we are looking for.


The informational intent on YouTube for example can be a query like “How to cook a pancake?” or understanding “how to <something> on a governments website.


Investigational Intent

Researching or investigating on the best product or company that can help you delivering a service so you can outsource are investigational searches.


Yes, you are searching for information but you go a step further because you put that information together so you can compare the search or better research or in short, your investigation on which you then base a decision.


These are not transactional searches because the intent is not to buy anything… yet


Transactional Intent

These searches are searches with the intent to buy. These are the ecommerce searches and if you have an ecommerce website, the keywords here are important because the searches are for users with the intention to buy your product.


Finding a keyword is not just that simple because as we have seen you need to understand the intent. Which searchers do you want to get on your website? It is useless to have someone who wants to buy shoes come to your website where you “only” give information on making the laces for example.


Advanced Keyword Research

Finding the correct keywords just does not stop with understanding the intent of the searcher. Searching for the right keyword will bring you much deeper in the keyword research process where you will use advanced techniques to find words that will help your potential customers really find you.


As mentioned at Keenclick we use SEO Powersuite Rank Trackerrank tracker for our extensive keyword research. which is an advanced keyword research tool that will find the keywords that help our clients to rank high in the search engines for these particular keywords.