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The SEO Keyword Research is one of the most important steps in the SEO process. A keyword finder would be absolutely helpful for this keyword research process although many keywords you probably already know, it is your business.

Finding the right keywords is not easy hence that a keyword research process is part of every SEO project. A SEO keyword research will give you a competitive advantage over your rivals who compete with you on the same keywords.

Do not underestimate the power of large companies, it can be extremely difficult to compete against these companies that are running around in your niece for many years but if you are not strong in budget or manpower, then be smarter than them.

Finding the right keywords and alternative ways to beat your competitors is what I do as a SEO Freelancer. Search for traditional and non-traditional ranking methods without going into black hat techniques.

Advanced Keyword Research

What is the intent of the search and does that particular keyword help that person to find what he/she is searching for?

These sophisticated techniques on keyword research takes time but the benefit is that you get individuals on your site who are interested in your product.

Intent of a keyword search

One of the main elements of a keyword is the intent of the keyword.

• What is the intention or purpose of the search query?
• What is it what the searcher is looking for?

We see 4 different intentional reasons for the search query.

Navigational Intent

Searching for a company name or a service within that company is called the navigational intent of a search query.

Informational Intent

The internet is a bucket full of information, the only thing is a way to find it. For that we use search engines that has indexed the pages that contain the information we are looking for.

The informational intent on YouTube for example can be a query like “How to cook a pancake?” or understanding “how to “something” on a governments website. 

Investigational Intent

Researching or investigating on the best product or company that can help you delivering a service so you can outsource are investigational searches.

Yes, you are searching for information but you go a step further because you put that information together so you can compare the search or better research or in short, your investigation on which you then base a decision.

These are not transactional searches because the intent is not to buy anything… yet  

Transactional Intent

These searches are searches with the intent to buy. These are the ecommerce searches and if you have an ecommerce website, the keywords here are important because the searches are for users with the intention to buy your product.

Finding a keyword is not just that simple because as we have seen you need to understand the intent.

Which searchers do you want to get on your website? It is useless to have someone who wants to buy shoes come to your website where you “only” give information on making the laces for example. 

Find Competitors Keywords

As mentioned earlier It can be very difficult to compete against a business that is running around in your niece for many years and with budgets 10x or 100x the money you can spend.

However, it is absolutely needed to understand which keywords your competitors are targetting and I use SEO PowerSuite SpyGlass to find these competitors keywords.

Once I find these keywords I will share them and we discuss the best way to target the keywords ourselves. 

It migth that some keywords are are not really relevant to your business so they just will be dropped.

It can be that your clients just  do not search for these particular keywords then it is easy to drop them.

But once the list of keywords is finalised then we can use these keywords in the right way by creating high quality articles outranking your competitors on "their" keywords.

Focus on searcher intent. This should underpin all of your activities
research, creation and distribution. What is the searcher really trying to achieve and how is your content helping them reach this goal?
Simon Ensor,

Long Tail Keyword Finder

Whatever the SEO Keyword Research budget is, I will find the right keywords for your business. These are not just single keywords because single keywords are very hard to rank for.

I will search for long tail keywords and also think about different keywords that make that long tail keyword even longer or can be split in two different search queries.

Like "Long Tail Keyword Finder","long tail keyword" is just what I wrote but another is "keyword finder" which basically means that I target two different search queries.

The tool that I use RankTracker which is part of the SEO PowerSuite because it gives me the power to search for alternative long tail keywords.

One other alternative way to find keywords is to browse Wikipedia or Amazon. There are so many words that are "unpredictable" but still people are searching for them and that might be in different search engines than just Google.

There are so many different search engines and each give different sites and yes I do understand that the majority of the people search through Google.

However, did you never search on eBay or Amazon and if you have a business selling on one of these platforms then you need to search for keywords good for eBay or Amazon and that is not necessarily Google.


The research of a keyword might show your own brand or technique which you can use to get more traffic.

Let's assume you are a gymnast and found something absolutely unique and give it a name. People will search for it when they hear it.

Find more Keywords

I alreay wrote that I use SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker to find keywords however that is not the only tool that I use.

My competitors and your competitors might use the same source Google Keyword Planner and basically it means that there are no alternative when we all look in the same pool.

Therefore I have other means to get keywords relevant to your business products or services and that will drive traffic that you can turn into leads or better happy paying customers.

You will find some of my clients here below with a description what I have done for them.

Keyword Tracking

Finding keywords and updating the content is great and with that comes the tracking of the keywords in the search engines, that includes tracking the competition and also for this I use SEO PowerSuite Ranktracker which can be downloaded for FREE and used "forever", it is more than just a trial version.

Do not hesitate to download the SEO PowerSuite tools and you might even save yourself a load of money by doing lots of the Search Engine Optimisation yourself.

Clapham Common Clinic

The clinic in natural health care based in Clapham, contracted me for a typical local SEO project.

First task was to search for words targeting internetters in London SW4 and neighbouring postcodes and then advertise in the search engines bringing relevant traffic and customers.

Nicmar Admission

Nicmar asked me to create a list of keywords to be used in advertisments where the target group were students for the upcoming academic year.

Requirements; 13,000 impressions and 90 clicks a day through Google Adwords.

The scope for this project was a little different than just SEO searches, nevertheless it was a good result for the client.

WordPress & Keyword Research

To find the right words in a highly competitive market like watches is not straightforward and therefore keywords were used that were more national and brand related.

Keyword Research

I had been requested to build a list with a number of keywords to be used locally for a realtor in California, USA.

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