Building Links

Internal and External

Over the years I have created a number of backlinks for my clients following a link building strategy the client is happy with.
Before building a link, I will run a website audit before any link building process will start.

It is well known that a backlink from a trusted source can bring your website relevant traffic and gain ranking in the search engines.

Backlink Strategy

I will create a strategy, if you do not have one, and once approved turn that strategy in a plan.

Part of this strategy is to analyse the competition and use input from that research into the plan which is executed and reported on.

During the project the strategy will be revisited and SEO Backlink results will be compared against the expectation as mentioned in the backlink strategy

Competitor Backlink Analysis

Your competitors might have a very good strategy and researching that is a good way to avoid pitfalls or wasting money on building processes that do not bring the expected traffic or increase in ranking.

The backlinks of competitors will be listed and used in the plan to also build links from them.

To analyse the backlinks of the competitors I use SEO PowerSuite SpyGlass which is part of the SEO PowerSuite tools and do have a FREE Edition that can be not only downloaded for FREE but can basically be used "forever", it is much more than just a trial version.

Once you know the backlinks of your competitors nothing is there to stop you to start building links by contacting the same website owners and start the process of linkbuilding and as we know backlinks are a big ranking factor in the search engines.

Backlink Builder Software

I use SEO PowerBuilder Link Assistant which is a great SEO Backlink Builder Tool to help me with searching for prospect websites from which one or more backlinks would be great.

The prospects will be contacted to build a “trust” relation requesting collaboration between them and you and hopefully that turns into a backlink that benefits your website.

Local Influencers

In your area there will be local people who have an influence in the community and it would be an option to approach them to write or talk about your business.

It can be a view in the local newspaper but it also can be that you set up an event and have that person giving a speech and then write about it in a local blog with a link to your website and that would be a great backlink.


Have you ever thought about winning a price at a cake cooking contents?

The reward can be an award, local recognition about that cooked cake.

On your website you will have that award and can setup a campaign around it with maybe even a discount for the first 100 visitors that order online.

We already talk about marketing right now but you see that this is a great way to build backlinks by focussing on the local community.


Outbound: An interesting option to get backlinks from other relevant local sites is to write about upcoming events in a relevant niche and afterwards write an article about it, assuming that you went there.

Inbound: Another way to generate backlinks is to create content that is so interesting for the local community that website owners link to it

Local Competitors

Analysing the competition and with SEO SpyGlass I will find the websites your competitors have backlinks from and this way we can contact the owner of that particular website to get an inbound link as well.

You might even find that certain links from websites are going to a page that is gone, a so called 404, contacting the website owner requesting them to link to your site is a great way to get another backlink.

Again, multiple ways to link building based on researching your local competitors.


One important element in building backlinks is to list your business in directories that can drive relevant traffic to your website.

There is absolutely no need to add your business details to 100 of the directories because from a ranking factor perspective they are nearly useless however certain larger business directories are worthwhile.

Other Local Link Building Ideas

Various websites already write about Local Link Building and that is great, we learn from it, you can learn from it and put that to the test on your own website.

One of these websites that is very interesting is Nifty which gives so many link building ideas although not all might be right for your website right now.

Choose what is the best for your business and I can definitely help you with that.

Building Backlinks Piece of Cake

Do not underestimate the work that is going into building backlinks. The search and contacting sounds all great but the main problem is that people do now know you therefore do not trust you.

Like with every business you will need to gain trust and that can take time, contacting by phone or even face2face would be a great option to gain the trust however that is not easily done when people are at the other end of the countries let alone the other side of the planet.

Of course you always can use a tool for face2face communication and there are plenty of them but it all takes time and time is money, isn't it?

And for that time and money you hire an agency or better a SEO Freelancer building these backlinks but keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity.

In the end it all comes down to a good mix between high value sites and sites with less value but also a lot cheaper in case you need to pay for backlinks in the form of sponsored posts, product review or whatever tactical backlink plan has been set out at the start of the campaign.

Get Backlinks Today

You will find parts of my portfolio of companies below. All the backlinks I managed to setup are white label backlinks where the customer always approved the link itself.

It cannot be that backlinks are setup without your approval hence there will be always a close communication between me and the client and I hope you would want to become that client.

It would be great to get in touch with me today and let me get backlinks for you.

Club Manager Game

Find football game related websites, contact the site owners asking for requirements to publish an article about the football game.

I produced a list of a few thousand sites, filtered the sites and once approved my client wrote the articles including 1 or 2 backlinks using the right anchor keyword after which it was published by the publisher.

Catholic Sites

Scope was to find sites for a) guest post b) sponsored post c) product review.
Blog articles were written by the website owner or my religious write in the USA.

In case a product review was requested Holyart shipped the product after which the website owner wrote an article about it with a nice backlink to my clients website.

Radio stations from the UK

Client has setup a UK radio portal following their sucessful setup of other radio portals in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

I used SEO SpyGlass to search for backlinks the competitors had and approached them to have their radio stream going through UK Online Radio as well and in return the radio station placed the logo with a link to their radio page at my client site.

Authors novel fiction

Following the success of a Dutch website my client created a site for English fiction novels and asked me to search for authors who would love to have their books listed and in return place a backlink on their website.

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