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Link Assistant is the SEO Backlinks Builder Tool that is part of the SEO PowerSuite software and as you can understand this tool is the ultimate tool for building links as part of the SEO Link Building process.

Like the other 3 applications RankTracker, SpyGlass and WebSite Auditor, Link Assistant comes in 3 editions which are the FREE, Professional and Enterprise Edition.

If you don't want to wait and want to go download LinkAssistant then you should have clicked that link already. However, it would be good to read on and learn about LinkAssistant, you always can download later as it is for FREE anyway.

After using Link Assistant for a few years I definitely do not want to move away from this link builder tool that I have been using, it is convenient, it is local, no cloud needed and with a reasonable price it is excellent for freelancers who are not willing to pay hundred of pounds a month for something they can get a lot cheaper.

We already wrote on our link building page that there are a few different types of links and one of is the incoming external links.

The Link Assistant focuses on the external incoming links better known as backlinks which are very important for the search engine optimisation process.

These are the links that bring juice to your website and can gain you momentum to ranking higher in the search engines.

Not all links will be beneficial to increase the ranking of your site. Think about the infamous black-hat links but and links from non-relevant sites.

The Link Assistant software will search for relevant sites based on your criteria and when a site is found you can check if it is worth to pursue a link.

Getting this link can be straightforward but often it is not, especially when the targeted website is a high authority website.

SEO PowerSuite

Search Engine Optimisation is not doable without a SEO Tool and SEO PowerSuite is simply the best out there and can be downloaded and used for FREE.


Finding keyword and researching them and when found simply track them with RankTracker which is part of the SEO PowerSuite SEO Tools.


Understand your competitors by analysing them and you use SEO PowerSuite SEO SpyGlass to do this and even for FREE if you download the FREE Edition today.

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor is understanding of any website, technical SEO is part of Search Engine Optimisation and starts with WebSite Auditor.

Link Assistant Three Editions

As mentioned, there are 3 different editions with SEO PowerSuite Link Assistant, the FREE, Professional and Enterprise Edition where the FREE can be downloaded instantly and for the others you only need to purchase a subscription.

All these editions have their benefits where obviously, the FREE edition is indeed completely FREE but has its drawbacks where the Enterprise version might have features that you do not need. 

Is there a maximum number of backlinks the link builder tool can find in any search query?

The FREE Edition will show a maximum of 1100 sites after a single query where the Professional and Enterprise Edition do not have a maximum number of sites however the query stops after 5000 sites. When you add keywords in another query, sites will be added with again a maximum of 5000 sites per query, this can continue "forever", only your hardware is the limitation.

Is it possible to save projects?

The FREE Edition does not allow to save any projects but the Professional and Enterprise Edition gives you the option save unlimited projects to your own storage or Dropbox. In case you want to use SEO PowerCloud than there are limitations.

Can I make use of the SEO PowerSuite Cloud Services?

The FREE Edition does not have access to the SEO PowerSuite Cloud, incase you want access you need the Professional Edition to store a maximum of 5 projects or the Enterprise Edition to store 10 projects in the SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

Can I create HTML reports?

Only the Enterprise Edition allows you to create HTML reports.

Can I publish reports to the web?

Only the Enterprise Edition allows you to publish reports to the web.

Can I Email reports to clients?

Only the Enterprise Edition allows you to email reports to clients or colleagues.

Can I save reports to your computer?

The Enterprise Edition allows you to save reports, it will be saved in an organised folder structure that includes the name of the customer, website and the date the report was created.

Is it possible to create profiles that automates productivity?

Only the Enterprise Edition allows you to create a publishing profile that automatically starts a number of actions once a report is created.

Is it possible to export link data?

Only the Enterprise Edition allows you to export backlink data to different formats like HTML, XML, TXT or SQL.

Are there templates available to export data?

It is only with the Enterprise Edition where you can use templates to export data gives the option to export in different formats.

Is it possible to print reports?

The FREE Edition does not allow you to print however the Professional Edition allows you to print with a SEO PowerSuite watermark and the Enterprise Edition is white-lable where you can print without a watermark and also you can include your own logo and branding.

Is it possible to automate tasks?

FREE: No automation of task possible.
Professional/Enterprise: A task scheduler is built in and therefore you can run certain task at the time that you want.

Is it possible to copy/paste data to other tools for analysis?

Only the Professional and Enterprise Edition allow you to copy/paste link building data to the clipboard and make that data available to other tools for further analysis.

Can I create different custom report templates?

It is possible to create customised reports per project or per customer.

Are there reports template available to use?

The software already has 2 templates available for use, that are the Link Building Report showing your link building efforts and the Link Partner Management Report that summarises the data of the link partner.

How many search engines do you support?

As of May 2019, there are 597 search engines supported both international as regional, for you to choose.

How many different search methods are available?

There are 6 different mechanisms available to search for relevant high-quality sites.

Which website's ranking factors do you check?

For both your domain as your webpage you can easily check the Google PageRank or find out how popular your website is counting the number of incoming and outgoing links in Alexa next to the domain rank in Alexa, check listing in DMOZ or Yahoo.

Do you estimate the quality of the prospects?

The FREE Edition estimates a maximum number of 1000 of prospects on Alex Rank, Age, IP and Country, Link Popularity and much more.

The Professional and Enterprise Edition estimate the quality of an unlimited number of prospects on a wide variety of factors which are Alexa rank, age, IP and country, link popularity and much more.

Can I manage the link exchange?

You can manage simple and complex link partnerships like 2-way, 3- and 4-way links and other schemes that you can think of.

Can I promote multiple pages?

You can promote multiple pages that belong to a single project giving the advantage that a campaign containing multiple pages is more search engine friendly.

Can I vary anchor text?

It is possible to have multiple anchor text and descriptions of your backlinks making your campaign to build link much more efficient.

Is there an email client?

An email client is built in and can be easily used to send receive and manage emails to and from prospects.

Are there email templates available?

There are several email templates available that you can update next to that it is possible to create your own personalised email templates.

Can you automatically complete link exchange forms?

Filling link exchange forms with LinkAssistant is very straightforward after previewing these forms in the built-in browser and the auto-complete functionality, it simply can save you tons of work.

Can I build a link directory that fits my website?

You can build a link directory and upload it directly to your website fitting in with the design of your website.

Which link exchange directory structure are possible?

You can build a link exchange directory with a plain list or tree-like shape that contains categories and subcategories.

Can I customise the link directory?

You can customise your link directory to fit in with your website design including the number of links per page, PageRank, category and subcategory.

Can I verify and re-verify links?

Once a link has been added it is easy to verify and re-verify that link and check if it exists, if the link is a so-called “nofollow” link, or that the link is placed inside a frame. It is good to run a monthly verification check through the scheduler.

Are the searches safe and friendly?

The searches are 100% safe and search-engine friendly, that includes the usage and support of search engine API keys.

The searches make use of an advanced Human Emulation technique that tells Google a human is searching. 

Can the workspace filter be customised?

The workspaces are fully customisable in such that you can enable or disable columns to show or hide data elements to your own interest.

Can I search quickly within the results?

No matter how many records you have gathered a quick search functionality is available to filter through the results in an efficient and fast manner.

Can LinkAssistant make use of a proxy? 

It is certainly possible to make use of a proxy when you are behind a firewall, as a matter of fact proxy rotation is fully supported making it able to send thousands of search queries to the search engines.

Do I need to update the tool manually?

There is no limitation to the number of keywords that you want to search for.

Is there a limit to the number of keywords?

There is no limitation to the number of keywords that you want to search for.

How many links can be managed per project?

The FREE Edition has a limit of 50 links were the Professional and Enterprise version have an unlimited number of links that can be managed per project.

Can I keep the history of the backlinks?

Only the Professional and Enterprise Edition allows you to keep the history of the backlinks.

Can I save the project history?

The Professional and Enterprise Edition allow you to save the history of the project locally, Dropbox or the SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

Can I track the ranking of competitors?

FREE Edition: 1 competitor can be tracked
Professional Edition: 5 competitors can be tracked
Enterprise Edition: 10 competitors can be tracked

Do you support white labelling reports for clients?

Only the Enterprise Edition allows you to create white label report having your own branding.

Is it possible to schedule automatic report deliver?

You need the Enterprise Edition for automatic report delivery using the scheduling feature.

Is it possible to compare backlink profiles?

The FREE Edition allows you to compare 2 backlink profiles where the Professional and Enterprise Edition allow you to comapre 5 backlink profiles.

Do you provide support?

SEO PowerSuite support team is available 24/7 via live chat or email answering your questions pretty quickly.

Which languages can I choose for the interface?

Today, June 2019, the following languages are available for the interface and the reports; English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Polish and Slovak.

Link Assistant in more Detail

Overtime the User Interface has changed and more and more search engines and functionality have been added. No doubt, that in a few years or probably even months features have been added which is a natural for software.

The development never stops but after seeing the current features as of June 2019 it would be a good thing to go in some more detail with some screenshots. 

Find Link Builder Prospects

Finding prospects is really the important step, obviously, you can try to search them manually but a link builder tool is not only faster, it gives really so many prospects which you have to filter.
As you can see the Search Method that you chose focuses already on certain prospects like sites that are open for Guest Posting or Directories. 

LinkAssistant main page

Using the keywords that you think are relevant for your site the Link Assistant will search sites within the search engine of your choice.

This also means that you can run search queries for local backlinks by selecting local search engines. The majority will be search engines from Google however there are plenty of other search engines that you will find in the list.

Send email to prospects

Sending emails is very easy when you make use of the inbuild client. You will need to configure it with the IMAP/POP3 and SMTP service although you might only be interested in the SMTP service and use an external email client to deal with all the emails.

Sending emails through 3rd party providers is possible however you must be aware that when you use these 3rd party providers and start importing emails, they will ask if the email addresses have been verified and unfortunately that is not the case.

As you can see the email client has an inbox and you also can make use of the created templates although I would recommend to clone a template and update the new template to your satisfaction. 

The templates can be updated using a wide variety of variables to make the emails more personal because it is also clear that the email response is not very high so you need to make a good effort for prospects to open the email and reply or lead them to a landing page for more information.

One of the main issues with sending email is spamming which you have to be careful of, sending email through a 3rd party provider solves that because receivers can opt-out but at the same time they have never agreed to a list therefore think twice before sending out emails.


You will see that there will be many records without an email address or an email address like or next to many other variation where “abuse” is used. It is clear that emails send to these email addresses do go nowhere.

Link Builder Browser

A browser has been built in which sometimes you might choose over the external browser and this all depends on what you are building.

As you can see it is straightforward to open a website, not only by typing the URL but you also can use additional mouse functions like “right-mouse-click” and then open in external or inbuild browser. 

linkbuilder browser

Domain Strength

You can quickly see how “powerful” your domain is and the option to add some information like PA/DA metrics from Moz, you will need to request a FREE API.

domain strengths

Searching for prospects gives you the opportunity to update the MOZ DA/PA stat that so many people in the SEO world use. Moz does have the option for a FREE API but FREE is really limited and for me doing SEO for clients it is important however when you do SEO for your own site and not for clients then drop DA/PA and use the ranking method that SEO PowerSuite holds, that is really good enough to find good powerful sites that helps you ranking in the search engines.

Reporting to Clients

The reporting part might be less interesting for you if you just want to do your own website or for a few clients and then just use Snippet or Snip & Sketch to copy the detail into your own branded report that you can send to your client.

In the end all the information is there and you can add information or create your own templates that you then can save as a PDF and send to clients. 

report templates

Happy Working with Link Assistant

I am convinced that you would like Link Assistant  just as I do and enjoy the backlink process part of search engine optimisation.

It does not matter of you use the software for clients, the main thing is that it works, it is affordable and does not need too much explanation although there are always more complex scenarios to think off and for that it would be good to talk to a freelancer SEO expert having the skills to get backlinks. 

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