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Advertise, Marketing & Share Revenue

LOtraffic is hopefully not what the name suggest. They are not an investment company which sounds good in that sense that you do not need to give them money for an investment however what they really do is selling advertisements and share the revenue and that in combination with a long-term business strategy with you. It sounds as a good business opportunity and if you do not have a business then start a small business, advertise, marketing and with Lotraffic the revenue is shared.


This sounds great because they will be able to boost traffic to your website, where you are selling your product  and with thousands of real humans, read prospects, you have a good chance to increase your own revenue. But because you are a member of Lotraffic you also earn from their shared revenue and that all because of the high-quality advertising plan.


There are a few ways to earn cash at LOtraffic
  • Cash Link
  • Referral Clicks
  • $1000 Point Contest
  • Share Revenue
  • Purchase 1 Advertisement package for $10.
  • Advertise
  • Commission


Cash Link

As an advertiser, you will get traffic. That is high-quality traffic and LOtraffic can help you boosting your own revenue. Once you login you see Cash Link and from there you will see at least 6 advertisements a day which you need to click to earn money and at the same time you earn from your direct referrals.


Referral Clicks

You need referrals to boost your online income and at LOtraffic you can earn 50% on the referral clicks. Once your direct referral buys and advertisement package of $10 you will earn $1.1 and that for only having a referral.


$1000 Point Contest

New members can earn $1000 and in order to win the $1000 LOtraffic have a point system. If your referral clicks 1 advertisement then you get 1 point and once you have the most points then you can win or share the $1000. This is not clear from the LOtraffic website. Do you win $1000 or do you have to share the $1000?


LOtraffic present it all in a nice table and then suddenly the $1000 is only $400 for the winner. They also do NOT mention a timeframe.


Rank Status Bonus
1 On the march $400
2 On the march $200
3 On the march $150
4 On the march $50
5 On the march $50
6 On the march $40
7 On the march $40
8 On the march $30
9 On the march $20
10 On the march $20


Share Revenue

LOtraffic is an advertising company that will share the revenue of the advertising profits with you. You can buy a revenue share plan to benefit from the advertising profits. The daily advertising profit pool is used for you to gain profit and at the end, you will make more money online.


Purchase 1 advertisement package for $10

When you purchase 1 advertisement package for $10 then you will get the following:

  • 2500 banner expressions
  • 2500 Text Ad credits
  • 100 Cash links
  • 1 revenue sharing position
  • you will receive daily profits when you click at least 6 ads daily and these profits will be in your account within 24 hours.
  • each share can generate $11.5 profit your account, it all depends on the advertisement sales.



You can advertisement your product and earn money

  • Pay to click advertisement
  • Banner advertisements
  • Fixed Banner Advertisements
  • Text Advertisements
  • Login Advertisements
  • Use credits to advertise when you buy a share position.



  • You earn 11% from any purchases of your direct referrals
  • You earn 5% of the direct referrals clicks

As with many other sites you need referrals before you can make any good money but there are billions of people around the world and they all can be your referral. Register at LOtraffic to earn the money you deserve into your Paypal account.



Do I recommend Lotraffic? If you ask me then I would say no but that is more because the income is so low, you click for pennies and without a strategy you simply make nothing. It is just not worth it. Of course, you can or better you have to find alternative ways at Low traffic to generate money and for this, I would recommend creating a Lotraffic strategy. The best strategy I have found so far is from Rich PTC Kid.


I personally would recommend you to start writing a blog and why not write about Pay to Click sites. If you do not know how to write a blog then please check out my BLOG section or go straight to Wealthy Affiliate where I learned about writing and making money online, that is really the best recommendation I can give you. Others might say differently, so be it, it is my personal opinion and I feel good with what I do right now and that is making money online but not just by clicking away.



I really would love to hear from you if you consider Lotraffic as a good value for money generating more money then you invested in. I can read the testimonials and just like everywhere else, I just do not trust them. I rather hear from you, real people, who have tried Lotraffic and would like to tell the true story about them. If it is possible to earn good money, then perfect but so far I have my doubt unless you are satisfied with beer money.




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