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How to Make a Website for Kids

How to Make a Website for Free for Kids

Have you aver wondered how to make a website for free for kids? If you thought that it was difficult then I can tell you it is not. Building a website for kids can be straightforward, even when you do not have any knowledge of website building. Creating a website for free might be more of a challenge especially when you are not a creative designer but with a good website builder and free templates or themes you can build awesome free websites.



Free Website Honestly?

However, nothing in this world is for free so why can making a website be for free? In my honest opinion just pay for a website and a domain, it is not that expensive at all. A domain name will cost you about 10 dollars, euro or pound a year and the hosting of your website will cost between 1 and 10 dollars, euro or pound per month.


A good option is to start building a website using a subdomain of the hosting provider, that can be for free for a short or sometimes long time. It will be more difficult to monetize a subdomain website although it is not impossible.


Building a brand for your website can also be done using a subdomain but owning a domain will be a lot better.


Branding Your Website for Kids

Building a brand is something you really need to look into and that brand must have a recognisable name. That name must be easy to remember and for kids to talk about with their friends.


Your Niche

The website you are building is for kids. The question is more what kids are going to do on your website and stay there as long as possible and although you build for free you still want to monetize that website to keep the website running and maybe in a future stage go for a paid environment.


The first question that pops up what is the age group of the children and will you only look for boys or only for girls or will your website be independent?


What are the Goals?

It is the same as with starting a business, you need goals, a clear path what you are going to do with your website so you can attract these kids to come to your website and do what you want them to do. These goals need to be clearly defined so you have a path to work against.


Building the Website

Once you know the goals you can start building A free website builder will be the ultimate tool but it would be good to learn how to build a website. Not all the technologies but understanding a little more than just following and clicking buttons.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes


A website builder will build your website using free templates or if you want to pay for it, payable templates. The difference between free and payable is often the support on a template. The underlying software of your website is being upgraded every time. Patches will be installed to increase security, for example, the new version will be installed to remove bugs found in previous versions. That is all great but when you have a template will your template, or theme in WordPress, still work after an update?


Quality Content

In other articles, I already wrote that content is important but quality content is extremely important. This quality is a challenge, not only for websites but somehow you want to educate kids because it is not just the kids that come to your website their parent will check you out. Well, that is what they should do and quality content will make them happy.


Ranking in the Search Engines

Kids very quickly will learn to search in search engines like Google and Bing. Although most likely Bing will be used when they search through Cortana on the Windows 10 desktop. The ranking comes with quality content but also trust and authority. You will need to be good, if not the best, in what you do through your website because that will make sure that you will start coming higher in the search engines.


Monetizing your Website for Kids

The making of the website can be for free, the hosting can be for free although as mentioned earlier, you might think of having a paid environment but that can be paid back by advertisements or better a recurrent subscription. In this case, the parents of the children will pay the subscription and that will be a good thing because that is a certain way of trust. And that might result in higher ranking.



Making a website for kids for free is certainly possible but at the end, you should think in monetizing your website. Here at Keenclick we are willing to help you in setting up the website, you just need to contact us and we are more than happy to set up a site for free in for example WordPress which is the easiest way.


We have however other options if that is more to your liking. Contact us so we can discuss your requirements.



Please leave a comment or contact us via chat or check out the forum. We are here to help in building our website for kids.



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