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Making Money with Referrals

Making Money with Referrals

When you have been a member of Pay to Click websites and been clicking for a while then you will know that the only way to make some money is when you have referrals. How to Make Money with Referrals is the question that will pop up or better where do I get referrals?


You can ask your friends or family but that is not going to work, you will not have hundreds of them that will sign up, so you might be stuck with a few and that really does not make a big difference.


You really need to have a referral system in place that brings you thousands of referrals because that will make you money online.


Yes, you will still be clicking but only the necessary, let the referrals do the job and you will see your Paypal account growing.


The question is then where do you get these referrals without spamming people because before you know you get a spam name and that is what you definitely would like to avoid.


You can set up a website and get a mailing list and send them emails about this amazing opportunity hoping that they become a referral of yours. That probably will work but you will need thousands of email addresses, sending all an email and hopefully of 10% sign up then you would be okay.


Let me tell you, that 10% are not signing up, you probably get less than 1% so you need to find better ways to get these referrals and finally start making money clicking at the Pay to Click websites.


I have here some reviews about PTC sites but I stopped adding my personal link to these reviews because I lost interest but at the end, it is a money maker so I came back to the PTC sites and started to look around how I can get more referrals.


After reading and searching, I found the name of David Pate and I downloaded his eBook which costs only $9.99 but writes exactly how to get direct referrals.

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What are Direct Referrals?

When you sign up at a PTC site you will receive a referral link and anyone using that referral link and sign up will be your direct referral. They will bring you the money because you will make money when they click an advertisement, do a survey or purchase an upgrade.


With the internet so full of people there are plenty of people who can become a direct referral but you only need to find them and then let them sign up through your referral link.


Recruit More Direct Referrals eBook

In the eBook written by David Pate, you will learn how to get these referrals and after working for several years with PTC sites this eBook is a must-have if you want to make money through PTC sites.


There are many opportunities to make money with PTC sites but some just do not work, you will learn what does work and also what does not work so you do no spend time on finding referrals in ways that have proven to be a failure.


In all these years there are 13 ways to get direct referrals but at the end, there are really 6 recommended ways that will give you an instant result.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes


The eBook has 80 pages and is split into 5 sections:

  1. The Basics of Paid to Click websites
  2. Recruiting Direct Referrals (15 ways)
  3. Information you NEED to know
  4. Maintaining your Direct Referrals
  5. Tips


Although David writes about only a few PTC sites, the process you learn will work with all PTC sites and beyond but for that, you need to download the eBook.


If you are really keen in making money on PTC and getting more direct referrals then head over to the website of David Pate to learn more and more important how to download the eBook.



Start with downloading parts of the full eBook for FREE




--> Get Your FREE Copy <--




I do recommend to at least download the small eBook which you can get for free before you purchase the full eBook. Although it is not that expensive, throwing money away is not what we want.

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