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A mobile website design built for the visitors using a mobile device is a service I deliver. Not just a responsive site but a real dedicated mobile freindly website designed for the mobile user.

There are many reasons to think of why a mobile website is more interesting than just a responsive site and you might have one of these businesses where you get more mobile visitors and less desktop/laptop visitors.

The call to action for you means that visitors call you, you are not interested in receiving emails sent via a form but also do not want to develop a dedicated APP that will costs a few thousands pound. 

Mobile Site

The point is that you need a mobile site that can load within 2 seconds and preferably within 1 second and that can be done by building websites dedicated to the mobile user.

Responsive Website Design

You might have heard of responsive websites and indeed responsive websites change the screen layout to the device that is connecting to the site.

One site that will service desktop users but also mobile users and that is great however being responsive means that this all costs time and time is what we want to lose, especially when a website is being loaded.

AMP Website Design

You might have heard of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which is just very fast however AMP are not the only way to build fast loading mobile websites.

The AMP Website Design is part of the services I deliver.

Stunning beautiful websites that are fast and built with the mobile user in mind.

How do I know if I need a Mobile Website?

The data that data collectors like Google Analytics show is that more people are browsing the internet with a mobile device than with a desktop or laptop and with Mobile Index First Google simply list your mobile website and if that does not exist your desktop/laptop website.

Let me have a look at your Google Analytics data and then we can have a chat on the best way forward which might be a responsive site, migration to a dedicated mobile site or a completely new site or we just leave it as is.  

Migration to HTML5/CSS or AMP

It might be that you have a website and want that to be fast for the mobile which is certainly possible but making it responsive for the mobile costs time.

Migrating your website to HTML5/CSS or AMP, especially when you have static pages then the migration to AMP is a way to satisfy your clients.

I have built WordPress and Joomla websites but before but moved completely to AMP and have now all pages loading within 2 seconds and the majority even within 1 second.

The sites I built are responsive like with a menu in the top but when you switch to a mobile you will get the “hamburger” as menu but still the website is really fast. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

I am not going to write everything about AMP because there are so many others who can do that much better than me more importantly is why you should go for a website and use AMP.

It is not to say that a WordPress site is not good enough because they can be very fast with the right caching software and the speed of the hardware itself and there are so many website built in WordPress, Joomla or other platform where you can get an AMP plugin but a loading a plugin and rendering a page for mobile just costs time.

Developing a website in AMP means that the rendering is done a lot faster and that makes customers happy. 

Low Budget Website

Having a website is great, you might get traffic but when you are on a low budget you simply cannot or will not rent “expensive” hardware and therefore you are on a shared environment.

With a shared server you will “share” the hardware with other websites but security wise these websites won’t bother you, they only run on the same server and of that sharing the price stays low.

Heavy applications like WordPress and Joomla your site will make the site even slower and, on the desktop, you might not notice it but visitors using a mobile device might even leave before your site has been loaded at all. 

Free Website Builder

I hear you saying that there are plenty of free website builders available and that is indeed the case. Many advertisements about or SquareSpace for example however, I am not interested in these and if you think they can do the job for you, be my guest.

Google Analytics is a Start

Looking at the Google Analytics is a perfect way to check if it is interesting to built a website with mobile first in your mind, not just a site built using AMP but just overall.

If there are lots of visitors coming from a desktop then you might stay in your current environment however if there are more than 50% you might indeed consider to migrate and do not forget that more and more people are searching the internet using a handset.

WordPress AMP Migration

Migrating a website from WordPress to AMP involves a few steps but basically the main thing is that nothing can be used except for the content itself.

Everything else is useless but at the same time it gives the opportunity to not only have a new fresh site but also updating the content to make it just better.

One site that I migrated, next to my own site Keenclick from Joomla to AMP, was New Sky Thai Massage in Southampton and although nearly everything stayed the same there were absolutely some improvements and the main improvement was the speed.

Although caching was installed as a plugin and other measures were done to speed up the site, for mobile it was just not good enough until it was migrated to AMP, suddenly the site is loading with 2 seconds, even better it is loading within 1 second.

People can call straight from the mobile and that is particularly handy because, as I wrote, over 75% of the visitors were visitors using the mobile. 

Mobile Website Design Service

Building a website for mobile devices because your clients are contacting you directly from that mobile phone is the service that I deliver and does not need to be expensive. Main thing is that you get the speed next to a return on investment with a certain amount of time.

Spending thousands of pounds and the investment is only returned after 5 years might be okay for some but a small business would not be happy with that.

Contact me today for a mobile website design and we discuss the opportunity for both of us.

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