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MusicXray - earn money listening to music

How to Get Paid to Listen to Music at MusicXray.

Can you imagine the world without music? What if you can get paid to listen to your favourite music? Well, at MusicXray you get paid to listen to music.  Getting paid listening to something you already did is just great, isn't it? Listening to your favourite songs and making cash out of it. You might nog earn as much as your favourite artist nevertheless, earning something for only listening is great.

Well, only if that was true, at MusicXray you might find a new artist and you might get paid listening to that music. It is not easy for upcoming artists to get their name out so they are looking for opportunities to share their music and MusicXray does exactly that, give an artist a platform for the wider audience to listen to their music.


I have been a member for a while now and indeed received emails writing me that music is waiting for me to listen, however, so far I always ended up on MusicXray listening to no song at all.What can cause that? Too many people that signed up


What can cause that? Are there just too many people that signed up and they receive the email earlier than I did? Is MusicXray a SCAM? Well, I did not pay anything but it is not worthwhile to receive an email writing that a song is available only to find out that the song is not there.


You will earn $0.10 for each song you listen to and although it is not much you can become a fan and that means that you can support them by using your earned money by tipping the artist. And when they grow big you are on the front seat when they reach your town.


The artist will upload their song and ask MusicXray to send an email to potential fans, you might be a fan because during the registration process you gave a list of genres you like listening to.


Often the artist give their music for free because they need a fan base they can rely on, they need support and that support comes from you the listener of their music.


It is expensive to be on the road and not making money, also the Rolling Stones started a long time with no money at all but they grew big, better enormous.


Listening to the music of the artists, however, will not make you reach, you will earn money listening and it really does not matter if you like to listen to that particular song that is matched with your favourite bands. You might even hate the music but you still make money.


It does, however, not mean that you always will earn money listening to the music at MusicXray, this depends on the number of listeners the artists wants to send his song to. If there are many subscribers in a particular genre and the artist is only asking for 20 people you might be too late listening to it.


If you hear a song you can subscribe to the newsletter, know when they are close to your hometown so you can visit them and that way the artist will earn money because you still need to pay for the ticket to go to the local hall seeing the artist performing live.


The interesting part is obvious that when the artist or band becomes big you will have a special relationship because you are one of the first fans.


If there is a band you really like then you can tip them with money or tip them with virtual burgers or guitar strings.


When a band does upload their music but nobody is listening to it, or they do not get any virtual money then they know they are on the wrong track and need to work harder making music to attract more fans who are willing to buy their music and that way they can make a living.


Signing up at MusicXray

You have the choice of 3 different accounts but you only can use one per email address so you need to make that decision straight from the start.


If you are not an artist or a music professional you will choose for the Music Fan account and by doing so you can earn good money listening to music when you sign up at Music Xray.


When you sign up as a Music Fan at MusicXray they will use your Facebook account and if you do not have one, then please set one up. Without a Facebook account, Music Xray will not be able to run properly and then you also do not make any money listening to music.


Once you have connected your Facebook account you will see your email address, your date of birth, Country, Region, State and you have to select the genre you would like to listen to.


Then you can add your top 10 bands you like to listen to. It will take a few minutes to analyse your musical preference and check it with the music Music Xray have in their database.


Straight away you will see on the right-hand side that you have not made any money yet, which is obvious because you are waiting for the music.


Payments are done to your Paypal account, so if you do not have a Paypal account, make sure that you have one. A Paypal account is free and you already get paid once you reach $20.


Making Money Online Listening to Music

You can earn $0.10 listening for at least 30 seconds to a song and that calculates to $12 per hour. That is not bad for listening to music and as mentioned you will even earn when you do not like the song.


This sounds all very interesting but you might think that MusicXray is SCAM but when I tell you that they are around for a few years and their business model works then I can tell you that they are not SCAM.


There are plenty of reviews and reading these shows you that MusicXray is a great way for the artist to get their songs out to the public and get a large fan base.


The artist also learns if some songs will work or not, being an artist is not easy. The money they make is low because we all want to listen to music for free.


Reason You do NOT get to Listen to Songs

It happens that you will receive an email telling you a song is available only to find out that the song is not there. The most obvious reason is that MusicXray is SCAM but what is the reason to be SCAM? Is it your email address?


Or is it just that other Music Xray members already listened to the song before I received the email and went to the site, which is most likely.


At the end it is frustrating receiving notification of a song finding out it is not there, why is Music Xray good for? At least not for my wallet and as I do not listen to a new artist I will not know them so never will buy songs.


 If you still want to join MusicXray despite you might not get any songs. Maybe you are lucky when you live in the USA or Canada but for other parts of the world, I would say READ ON somewhere else to make money online and forget Music Xray.


Success Stories

On the site of MusicXray, there is a blog about success stories and although MusicXray normally does not hear about them because they do not get involved in the contracts between the artist and the producers.


Reading the stories, however, is interesting because it shows that it works. We all love music, just imagine a movie without music, that movie must be boring.



Getting paid by listening to music is a great way to earn some extra cash. If you are not looking for that cash but pure want to listen and support the bands you hear then MusicXray is a great platform to join and become a fan of bands and artists in the early stages of their musical career.


Update 31 December 2016

After a few weeks being a member of MusicXray I received an email in which they complain that I do not listen to music, well, the problem is that the music is always gone once I login after receiving the email. In other words, MusicXray is SCAM. Chasing me for not listening, they should look at their own service that does not provide the music they promise.


Update 22 February 2017

I am now a member of Music Xray for a few months and indeed get emails about music. Not daily but every other day, unfortunately, the music is never there when I log in. And it really does not matter if I go to the Music Xray site the minute I see the email coming into my mailbox. I have not been able to listen to music and Music Xray sent me a few emails warning me that I need to listen to music.


Update 23 February 2017

Today the 23rd of February 2017 I deleted my account at MusicXray. What supposed to be a good site is nothing but CRAP. I have received many emails but never got to listen to any music and therefore cannot earn any more or help the artist giving my oppinion about their music. Maybe you are more lucky to listen to music from Music Xray but sending me a warning that I not listen is absolutely stupid. I replied to the emails several times that there is no music when I log in but so far no answers. I will not go to say that they are SCAM or maybe they are but warning members where their own site sucks is going too far. I have removed the link to Music Xray because it is better to forget Music Xray.



Forget Music Xray It Is CRAP


How Do You Want to Earn Money Online?

Interesting question, how do you want to earn money online? Have a chat in the forum on this or below in the comments.





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