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Business Name

Good Business Names

The name of your business is important because you want people to remember the name of your business. It is not easy to find good business names that reflect your business and where the domain name is free, especially if you are looking for a .com domain name. Online business name generators are easy to be found on the internet and they are for free.


There are online business name generators that may help you to find a catchy business name for free and there sites where you can register the domain name if it is still free.


If you, however, are not directly looking for a .com but a local domain name like then you have more chance to find that domain name you are looking for.


When you have found a good name for your business it does not mean that you use that name for your niche website. You can have a business name but set up a website writing about a niche within your business market.


loan application

This site is called Keenclick but I have a different name that I use to communicate with my accountant and the HMRC here in the UK. Obvious you can use your personal name but you also can think of something totally different where your first site is just a small part of your business.


You might think of a second website already and put that under the same business name however when you create a brand then it is good to use one name that is recognisable.


Large brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM, for example, use a domain name as their brand but looking at for example Apple, they also have iTunes with the domain name and the same is for Microsoft with for example and so you can think of many others.


When you set-up a business and you want to make it a brand then think of a name that is easy to remember although looking at the .com domain names, many good names are already registered. It does, however, not mean that the domain name is used. People often register a domain name and try to sell it later and examples of that are and although both are not a brand but just a high-level domain that is recognisable in what they are doing.


Starting a limited company does not mean that you put limited or ltd in your domain name although you do see that because the domain name itself is already gone.



The name of your business is important, people need to remember it, but it does not mean that you only need one word. You can combine words to name your business.


Just have a look at Cool Name Ideas  and try it out. Plenty of names are generated and once you found one you can register the domain name.

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Register your Business Name

Once you have a name for your business then you can register it in your own country. This is important especially when you are creating a brand. You do not want to have a name of your business, setup your websites, have created content to find out that you cannot use that name because there is already a business using exactly that name.


Register your Domain Name

The business name and the domain name go hand in hand, register the domain name at a registrar and preferable where you are going to setup the business website. If you can internationally you might think of domain names in the countries where you are going to operate like or (United Kingdom), or (Belgium), (Germany) and you can do for as many countries as you can.


It is not always possible to register a domain name in a country when you do not have an office besides that domain names are not for free. They can be very cheap but you will have to pay a certain amount, and that can be as low as $10 for one year, nevertheless it will cost money.



By law, you might need an accountant when you set up your business and although no money comes in at day one, hopefully, you can but normally it will take time before your online business sets off. You will need to check with an accountant or just search on the internet what the law writes in your country.



When you think about the name of your business, write the names down and go over it. Do not rush, you have plenty of time. The name is important but there are so many things to do when you start an online business.



Leave me a note in the comment section so we can discuss the name of your business or contact me by chatting with me. You will see on the right if I am online and I am more than happy to have a chat discussing the options with you. I have been through the process and I know how difficult it can be, a helping hand can sometimes be very helpful.



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