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Niche Marketing

What does Niche Marketing mean?

The whole concept of niche marketing is about marketing something in a small area of any given subject.

Wikipedia writes it perfectly “A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment”.

We now know what nice marketing is but what does this really mean?


Diving in the Concept of Niche Marketing

Let me dive deeper in that concept of niche marketing and come up with some examples.

Take a helicopter view or let’s say a view from outside the universe then you will see many topics. This can be a topic like the Big Bang, and you see many of these already that includes video on YouTube, to the smallest particles like quarks and leptons that we know off.

In between these, there are so many subjects like a galaxy, a star, the earth, the environment, health, food, nature, the way we live, you name it there are plenty of subjects.

Are these niches? Well in a certain way they are but making money online from these subjects will be extremely difficult.


Is the Galaxy a Niche?

For example, if you write about a galaxy then you do need to know about that galaxy and although there are not many that will have that knowledge it will be very difficult to write about it and keep on writing about it.

Of course from a Galaxy point of view, there are many topics to discuss like gravity, space-time, light years.


How About Planet Earth?

Maybe it is easier to get it down to the earth. Well, even the earth will be a niche that is too broad and extremely difficult just looking at the topics, like the atmosphere, nature, food, living, flora, fauna, deep sea and much more.

Do you have all that knowledge, can you research on all these topics, maybe it is better to dive deeper like for example health.


Writing About the Niche: Health

Health is a niche, absolutely but still very broad, you can set up a site about living healthy like eating vegetables or fruit. Going to the gym, start running. You see, now we come to a level in a topic that is something you understand because you eat healthily or you go to the gym. And within health and gym, you can go even deeper like what to wear in the gym or headphone that you wear in the gym. Within health you can think about vegetables, fruit or cooking, losing weight, supplements, there are so many topics to think about that you will not be the only one. The concept of a niche market is not difficult to understand it is much more difficult to find a way to make any money.


 the expert


Expert in your Niche Market

Making money online will be easier when you are an expert in your niche market or become an expert. This means that you have to be on top of what you do, you write about your niche or get more knowledge by reading and of course experience.

If you set-up a Pay To Click service then you do need to understand what it means for your customers, how are they going to use your service, why should they come to you instead of going to someone else. You need to have that answer and not just a sales pitch, deep knowledge that is helping customers to use your service or buy your product.

Same is for a site like Keenclick. So many topics and that means reading, research, understanding, do it yourself, get the experience because with that experience I can help visitors. This also means that I do not work 15 hours a week, I work a lot more but I love it.

Whatever your niche you do need a strategy.


What is a Niche Marketing Strategy

So many sites write about a certain topic and you finally have found your niche, it is something you have been doing for a long time and now it is time to make money using all that you have learned in your niche.

In order to success you do need a strategy, a plan because it will be your business. Too many people just start writing and think that visitors come to their site and click a banner or buy a product. Well, that is not enough. If you are really serious about making money online in your niche market then you need a marketing strategy.

Large multinationals have a marketing strategy, the local shop around the corner has a marketing strategy and so you should have one too.

These large multinationals spend millions and millions of dollars on marketing, just look at all the commercials on the TV advertising new products.
The smaller business place advertisements in the local newspaper or you get these leaflets in your postbox which might be interesting but for the majority of us, we throw them straight into the bin.

The same will be for you, you need a strategy, it does not mean that you need a TV commercial or place an advertisement in the local newspaper but you want people to come to you for your services, for your products and because you want to make money online you are using online marketing strategies.


What is Niche Marketing Strategy With Example

Just look around on the internet. What do you see when you go to a news site or social media site? You see advertisements but not all sites are good enough for you. It all depends on what kind of visitor you want to come to your site.

Do you have a product for babies? Are you interested in men over 60 to come to your site? What is the change that you sell something? Okay, his wife, grandma, is interested but that means that your target audience is changing to women over 60 to buy a baby product for their grandchild.

  • Do you know everything about the NBA?
  • Who do you expect to come to your site?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Create a strategy to target NBA fans.
  • Think about advertisements on the NBA Facebook Page
  • Think about the Google+ page of the NBA
  • Check out any of the teams on Twitter


Write a Marketing Plan

If you want to be successful you need to know how you are positioning your brand in the online world. There are plenty of sites writing about How to Create a Marketing Plan like for example Wikipedia ( Of course, if you are a small business, maybe on your own you do not need to make a 100-page document however it is good to understand what is involved and take the parts that you are going to use.

And it is good to go back to your marketing plan and find answers on:

  • How do I progress with my niche marketing?
  • Am I still on track?
  • Do I need to make changes?
  • Is my budget as expected?
  • Have prices of advertisements been increased?
  • Do I see my targeted audience coming to my site?

So many questions that need answering but important to make your business successful.


No Budget, No Advertisements

Making money online in your niche does not mean that you need to advertise your business, there are other ways to get people come to your site and buy your products or services.


Search Engines

We all know Google, Yahoo and Bing and when you know that Google alone takes about 60%, if not more, of the searches then it is only a matter that people will find you on Google. Easier said than done, I completely agree.


Social Media

The usage of social media is an excellent idea to get more exposure. Just think for example about Twitter. You have followers and your followers have followers. When you Tweet a message and your followers reTweet that same message how many followers will see that message?

Of course, the disadvantage of Twitter is the lifespan of a message but still, it is a cheap way to do.

Same is for Google+, get yourself a Google+ page and just look around on Google+, see what it is all about and you will find out that it is a great way to get exposure and not only that, having messages with links to your own site is positive for your overall ranking.

All this should be part of your marketing plan.


What about Facebook?

Facebook is similar to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and you can basically name all the social media sites. It gives you exposure to potentially millions and millions of user.


What is a Niche and how do I Market it?

Hope this article is helpful in the sense that it gives you an idea what a niche is and what niche marketing is. Many people think niches are scary, they have problems with thinking about what to do when they want to work online and make money in their niche. The majority do not know what their niche is.

How many sites do you see on health?
How many sites do you see on making money online? Yes, this is one of them.

It is not easy to find a niche and become the expert and then to market that niche. You can become an expert in something but when nobody is asking for that, then it will be difficult to find any way to make money out of it.


What is Your Niche?

I am really interested to hear about your niche.

  • What is your niche?
  • How are you planning to make money out of your subject?
  • Are you struggling?

We are here to help, we do not bark but listen to you, therefore, leave a comment here or in the forum and for sure I will respond to that.

Alternatively, please read the following post + video to understand what is a niche is all about.


Are you still Struggling?

It is not always easy to understand by the majority of the people to think about a niche, and if you are still struggling why not check out this post about what is niche is. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and members add blogs and content writing about their passion and helping others answering their questions.



Check Out This Blog: What is a Niche?




I really would like to be in touch with you, helping you out with a niche. You did not read this far without questions, and I am more than helpful to answer these questions. Leave them here at comment or place them in the forum. You can contact me by sending me an email at the Contact Us page however placing a comment here or in the forum will be quicker.




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