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Best Online Jobs From Home Without Investment

Working from is what many people like and the question is basically how to get online jobs from home without investment. This is certainly possible, as a freelancer there are many opportunities to work at home, no investment to make and start working online.


These online jobs at home without investment are not really difficult to find it all comes down to your skills. Just go to websites like or upwork and you will find many opportunities to work as a freelancer and do what you like, using your skills and make a decent income. 

The competition is fears, but once you have a reputation employers will come to you and ask you to perform a certain task or request you to work on their project for a long time.


There are short tasks that you can do in a few days or even in hours but you also see opportunities where employers ask you to work for a year or so.


It is not just building a website if that is what you think, but translating can be a skill you have and these opportunities are certainly available.


First, you need to understand the skills you possess. What have you learned over the years? What is what you like? What are your skills?


Personally, I have been managing projects since 2000 but that is not the only thing I have done. With a technical background in IT, I can do a lot more, obvious there are certain tasks I cannot do like the development of application but I can manage developers.


I also do some translations from English to my native language which is easier than translating from my native language to English.


freelancerAre you a skilled designer and know how to work with Photoshop, for example, you will find jobs at or


And if there is a job that you like but have never done before then you still can try to get that job and learn it. Did I know for example PrestaShop? I had never heard about it but managed a migration from a Windows environment to Linux and it works well.


This led to the management of a drop shipping PrestaShop and the owner has asked me to do the Search Engine Optimisation for the website that includes citation building, updating the blog site which is in WordPress, migrate the website to later versions of PrestaShop.


I manage developers and soon will start with Adwords campaigns to drive more traffic with the following step to convert traffic to buying customers.


This is all possible and I did not invest anything, I just started at freelancer, got my first jobs, made money, did some exams at and got more request to work on certain websites.


If you are looking for an online job working from home without investment then this is certainly possible. The rate may be low if you need to compete with freelancers from cheap labour countries but what is cheap?


I now come into the situation that I get so many jobs that I delegate the work to others and keep a small margin, and do then basically the project management which I have been doing since 2000.


All great fun, hard work, and I do many hours but work from home.


I do not have colleagues in the sense like many who go to an office.


Of course, you will need to have a CV or a LinkedIn profile and copy the main parts to these freelancer sites so employers can find you but also when you bid on a project they can read what you have done.


The projects can have a fixed price and then you just need to think how long it roughly will take but be aware that companies ask more and more, which is scope creep, but there are also projects paid by the hour. And these projects can run for a long time.


I run for example several projects for a fee per hour through and every 5 minutes or so an application makes a screenshot so the employer can see that you are busy with the project and are not just doing nothing.


It might be that I even have jobs for you but that depends on your skills. As mentioned I do not have graphical design skills but often that is asked, I do not have development skills so will not be able to develop a plugin for WordPress but since I am freelancing I know other people who can do that so I hand over that development work to them.


What did I pay? Absolutely nothing to start. You will need internet access and a computer and with that, you can start working.


You will learn more once you are working as a freelancer and the online jobs will come.


If you want to know more then contact me and I might have interesting opportunities for you.


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