How to Start an Online Business with no Money

Starting your own online business can be very lucrative. You work for yourself, be your own boss, and starting a business is not difficult You can start an online business with no money at all.


Just think about the skills you have or your passion. You can start this online business in that niche. I wrote an article "What is Niche Marketing About?" and you will read there what a niche really means.


It is not that difficult, it is more keeping the focus on your business so you can expand it and yes, if you have no money at all, no investment, no investors, then you just have to start isn't it?





Start an Online Business

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Start an Online Business from Home

It sounds all so easy to start an online business from home and if possible start this online business for free. No investment, no money to pay to whoever but earn an income starting from 0. Do not expect that you run from $0 to $10,000 in one month because setting up a business takes time, effort and just hard work.


The advantage of setting up this online business from home is that you can start early morning and finish late or start late morning and stop early afternoon. Do not underestimate the time you have to put into it but with dedication and passion it will pay off.


Business Name

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Good Business Names

The name of your business is important because you want people to remember the name of your business. It is not easy to find good business names that reflect your business and where the domain name is free, especially if you are looking for a .com domain name. Online business name generators are easy to be found on the internet and they are for free.


There are online business name generators that may help you to find a catchy business name for free and there sites where you can register the domain name if it is still free.


If you, however, are not directly looking for a .com but a local domain name like then you have more chance to find that domain name you are looking for.


Digital Marketing

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What is an Internet Marketing Strategy?

The internet is full of “magic” phrases and Internet Marketing Strategy is just one of them but just a very important phrase if you want to make money online.


Who Does Not Want to Make Money Online?


A marketing strategy is something you start to increase your revenue or give attention to your product or your business. Just like businesses in the “real” world, in the virtual world if you have a presence of your business than an internet marketing strategy is something you should have.