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Paid Online Surveys from Home

A good way to earn money and getting paid is by filling in online surveys. This can be good fun and in certain cases pay very well. The top sites offering these surveys pay out millions every year and you can earn your money by joining them and start filling in.

What kind of surveys?

The surveys are on anything you can think of. For example a new movie comes out and you might have seen a trailer on TV or in the cinema. The survey will be about that particular movie and scenes might be shown during the survey asking questions for you to fill in.

Or think about car insurance

  • Do you own a car?
  • Do you have an insurance?
  • Are you thinking about changing car insurance?
  • Have you seen or do you know insurance X?
  • What do you think about insurance company X?

There are so many categories that each category will have surveys however you will not be able to make all surveys. Always when you register you need to create a profile

  • Where do you live?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you have childeren
  • Do you own a car?
  • Are you maried?
  • Are you male or female?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your profession?

You can think of many other questions and with each answer a little of you will be used for you to get surveys that fit the profile.


Does Paid Surveys at Home Really Work?

Once surveys becomes available you will receive an email and you only need to logon fill in the survey and once filled in you will see immediatelly the balance of your wallet increase however for the more advanged surveys it might take longer due to the fact that someone will need to validate your entry but you will get paid so Yes, paid surveys at home do indeed really work but there are drawbacks.



Paid Surveys Home - Scam

One of the major drawbacks is that when you start the survey the same questions you filled in for your profile will popup and often you are not the target and that means that after filling in all the requirements before even starting the survey itself it is all over and you can look if there are more surveys available and hopefully you can finish the survey and make money.

Not getting paid would be a scam and sites that look like a survey site but only collecting your email address and other personal information are scam sites and these indeed exist. It is for you to check that you register with a site that is Ligit.


Paid Surveys Home - Ligit

Check the forums if people are paid, take notice on the number of users that are participating in the forums. What kind of brands are participating with the site. I have seen sites with all the major retailers participating and in first intance you would think it is Ligit but still check before registering.

marketing pays

Marketing pays

The ligit sites do pay and pay on a montly basis and payment will come in a check or in a virtual wallet. The majority of the online survey sites use Paypal therefore having a Paypal account is important.

Billions of dollars are spent each year on product and services marketing. All large companies need to know how well their products or services are and the easiest way to get that information is by requesting end users to fill in surveys.

This gives them a very good indication how well their products are known and if potentially people are interested in buying them before they are launched. It is a very cheap option to gather information from millions of users all around the globe and for that information these corporations pay you.


Full Time Job

If you thought about quitting your day job and become a professional survey filler then please put both your feet on the ground. It is not a full time job but see it more as some extra cash which is always handy for the vacation or just the odd thing you wanted to purchase but never did.



It is wise not to stick with only one site but register at multiple sites getting paid even more. Here at Keenclick we review sites providing online surveys for you to benefit. In the meantime please leave a comment here or in our forum to discuss the Online Survey Sites.

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