Free PayPal Money

Would it not be great to transfer free PayPal money directly to your PayPal account. You did your research, you know that there are different PayPal Hacks solutions available but you have not found the real PayPal Money Adder that is like an application you need to download or an online free PayPal money solution that pays money directly in your account. You also know that you it might be a scam or maybe it is legit, is there any way to know which solution is best to make free money on PayPal?


PayPal Hacks

You might have done your research for a free money on PayPal Hack solution and have indeed good knowledge of these hacks but still wonder which way to go as you do not want to lose any free money because you are afraid that any PayPal Money Adder you download or buy is not really free but a clear PayPal Money Adder SCAM. After reading all these reviews you finally want to know which money adder really works, the solution that solves all your money problems and that if possible for free.

You might have opted already for a PayPal Money Adder online version or a PP Money Adder download version and these did not work so you want to know which version does work. You want to believe that money will flow into your PayPal account as you have seen on all these promising YouTube videos and other websites that promise gold and that all for free.


Free money for all, not just you but everybody on the internet. Seeing your wallet grow every day with a few bucks or maybe even the big money. Is this a SCAM or not?


Find out the true story about PayPal Money Adder or is it just common sense?


Sitting in your chair watching your screen, sleeping at night, going to school or work and money is being generated and deposited into your PayPal account. You tell your friends about it and they will do exactly the same as you, just nothing and see their balance increase on a daily basis and more importantly, they are happy all the time.


Just imagine what you can do when you get an extra $1000 a month into your own bank account and start shopping, go on holiday, pay off your debt whatever you want to do with the extra $1000 a month, the money is flowing endlessly into your account and the world is yours.

PayPal Pays Free Money

061614 0828 1The free money coming into your account must come from somewhere and you might think that PayPal is paying you for free. They are a big company with loads of money and just do not do anything with it. They do not have stock, shares, or other assets.


Guess what, they have the money into an account waiting for you to use PayPal Money Adder to move some of that money in your own account. It is just the money that goes into your account because they do not want to have a bad name for sure they do not want to be named as a site that is hacked.


PayPal wants you to have that money because they do not want the world to know that they are hacked. Damaged reputation is the killer in that business and they will be gone very quickly.


Indeed they are big, have a good name for not being hacked so far. Personal accounts have been hacked because of easy passwords or you wrote your password in a file that someone else has.


In the early days, PayPal paid $5 when someone opened an account and it was easy to make nice money because of that. Creating a script opening PayPal accounts receiving their $5, move the $5 to one single account and withdrew the money.


Is this hacking or just unethical? Is it not just being creative and make use of it making money? Anyway, these were the early days and PayPal closed that door a long time ago.


Read On for the PayPal Money Adder SCAM Solution


Add Money to Your PayPal Account

Adding money to your PayPal account is straightforward. You need to register with your email address and from any PayPal, account money can be sent to your account. Link your account to your personal bank account and you can withdraw the money. That is easy and the way it works.


PayPal money adder works the same it will use your email address and make the payment and that is what you can call free money. Free money added to your account and doing absolutely nothing isn’t that all that we want or does it sounds too easy? Just imagine what you can do with the money, what would you do?


The money is coming in on a daily basis or maybe weekly basis it depends on your schedule but if for example, you go for $50 then it will add up. With $50 each day, you generate $18520 after one year. Isn’t that great? That is a lot of money and that is extra, just on top of your monthly wages.



Time Amount Total
1 day $50 $50
7 days (1 week) $50 $350
91 days (13 weeks - 3 months) $50 $4550
365 days (52 weeks - 12 months) $50 $18,250



What are the PayPal Money Adder Options?

There are basically two options if you want to start working with the PayPal Money Adder and that is the online version or the download version. I will come to the download version in a minute but let’s first look at the “no download” option PayPal Money Adder Online No Download.


As you can imagine the “no download” option is basically just a website that you visit by using your browser and add your PayPal email address twice, add the amount you want and hit the confirm button. Easier than this is almost not possible.


I have seen sites writing “CONFORM” instead of “CONFIRM”, maybe it is the intention but it looks strange and it is something I would not trust that much. If you give this a try, do not use your private email address but instead create an email address you only use for PayPal Money Adder and that is it.


PayPal Money Adder Software Options

  • Create email address
  • Create PayPal account
  • Add the email address  and see what happens


I bet many people will do it this way, not to reveal their own email address and once you have gathered enough send the money to your personal PayPal account and close the “fake” account.


Maybe create another and do it again, when it works and it makes you happy why not? You do not give away your personal email address, the PayPal Money Adder Online Service only knows your “fake” address so who cares for sure you do not.


PayPal Money Adder Download - Free

If you do not want to be online all the time then the download version might be an option. There are two options; the free and the paid version. The free version is as you can expect totally free, you do not need to pay for the software, just download and install. Configure the software so it can run all the time or at the time you want, add the amount you want to be sent to your account and that is it. Let your computer run and see your PayPal wallet grow and that all for free.



software download

PayPal Money Adder Download - Pay

Free software? That cannot be trusted, isn’t it? If you do not trust the free software then you can buy PayPal Money Adder for around $100 which is a small investment adding, for example, $50 per day to your account. Same as with the free software you download, configure and let it run.


I saw a "solution" for $40 but are you going to trust me? Let me be clear, it is not my solution, it is someone else's. And the only reason to put it here is to show you what is out there but I guess you already know.


How about the Mobile?

Today everyone has a smartphone and wouldn’t it be great to have an Android or iOS? Instead of using your computer you use your mobile, you can show your friends your account and how the money is flying in. Pretty sure your friends want the same software and they will be happy too. The question here is will Apple or Google allow these APPS in their stores? If not then you have to change the security on your smartphone to be able to install the software and with less security, you are at risk.


PayPal Money Adder That Works

Isn’t it intriguing if this kind of software works? Adding money to your account for free by doing absolutely nothing or is it just a SCAM? Who is going to pay you free money? The only free money I ever received was pocket money from my parents so why would anybody give you money for nothing? Well, no-one, there is no such thing as free money and for sure that free money is NOT coming from PayPal.


For $40 a PayPal Money Adder that works?


Are You Going to Risk Your Money with PayPal Money Adder?



I removed the link to a site where you could buy a PayPal Money Adder solution only as an example but I removed it because it does not work as some of the readers complained. As mentioned earlier, it was not my software, I do not develop software and for sure I have no software like PayPal Money Adder for you to lose money because I sent you to such a site.


Just think about it, a lot of money according to all these videos and website is going to leave PayPal straight into your PayPal account.



Where is all that PayPal Money Adder Money coming from?


Just imagine that it was true, that you could make money with PayPal Money Adder. Where does that money come from? Who is paying that? Is PayPal that giving for free or does it come from other accounts?

I believe you when you say that you need money. Who does not want money? Who does not want to have a house like the house in the image? I certainly do and would love to have money enough to buy it. In a certain way, we all want easy money and that is because we are lazy.


 Worlds Most Beautiful Homes 30


Are you Lazy?

You came to this website in the hope that you found some information on PayPal Money Adder and it started off well, exactly what you wanted to hear and was hoping to find a link to download or a link to a site for the online version. Well, sorry if you thought that way because to me PayPal Money Adder is nothing but SCAM.


You should know better and find better options to earn money. And with earning, I mean that you should not be lazy because lazy people fall into the quick and easy money schemes which are nothing but a trap to lure you in and lose you money or get a valid email address so they can send you SCAM emails.


What is wrong with just good honest hard work and making your money that way?


There are plenty of sites that can help you, that will teach you how to become successful without being scammed.


Plain Simple: You Will Lose Money with PayPal Adder!



What Do Readers Write?

In one of my newsletters that I sent out via MailChimp, I wrote about PayPal Money Adder and in that same letter, I wrote that I can understand that people do not leave a comment here. Interestingly, readers came back via email and one of them wrote:


I thought I would reply to your request about PayPal adder.
I have tried this several times , I was gullable enough to believe all the Utube vids, eve, though like you I had doubts.
I am in a difficult position no money basically, so I gave in even though I doubted this, I mean a big corperation like PayPal who have managed to fleece me several times over the last few years, refunding scam ebay buyers etc. So I thought why not?.
It is a scam you are asked to do a survey as a way in but you are left with syuff on the computor and no PayPal payment.
Then I got emailed by someone asking for money to give me the tools to get in the PayPal adder.
So yes it is a scam I am just a bit shocked that so many people are saying they managed to do it.


Like so many we all want money but PayPal Money Adder is just not the way to go. And when you think about it, if you can create this kind of software why would you share it? Use it yourself, let the money flow into your account, withdraw it and make enough to stop working. Why would you share it with the risk that PayPal finds out and stops the leak, then you have nothing just like the rest of us?


Do not use any PayPal Money Adder solution, it is a SCAM, you compromise your email address that you use on PayPal and in some cases even worse also your PayPal password.


If you have ever used the Money Adder update your password and to make security even tighter configure the PayPal two-factor authentication. An email is sent to your mobile with a code that you must fill in at the PayPal site every time you want to log in.


Do not give your email address that you use to login to your PayPal account away, keep it safe and implement every security measure you can find.


Think before your mind is wandering away thinking how much money you can get, well you do not make any money, do not trust any of the sites that offer PayPal Money Adder services, they only want your email address and password and empty your bank account.


Still considering buying PayPal Money Adder for $40?


NOTE: I have removed the PayPal Money Adder link because it does not work. It is not my software what some visitors think but I wrote this article to warn you. PayPal Money Adder just does NOT work. Stay away, keep your money save or invest in another way to earn money online. There are plenty of legit ways and I will write about legit ways to make money.


A much better solution is to start an affiliate business, creating your own website and promote products that people like to buy. Why don't you write about your passion and make money that way? There are many niches with plenty of opportunities for you and that is what you should look at.


I do not say that everyone now needs to create a website and start promoting products although I would love to help you with that. It can be a simple website or an eCommerce shop. Yes, it means more work and hard work but it is better to look for paying and legit alternatives than PayPal Money Adder which is just nothing but SCAM.


Just have a look if you can build a website in WordPress and learn how to monetize your website, your business.


PayPal Money Adder on Quora

You might have heard about Quora where you can ask questions and get answers. And so there are questions about PayPal Money Adder and as expected I am not the only one that writes PayPal Money Adder is SCAM



There will be always people, unfortunately, who fall into the trap of these quick rich schemes, and how many times have you been warned. Do not trust them.


There are alternatives but these are not quick rich schemes, hard work, labour, blood, sweat and tears but in the end, you will succeed. I do not promise anything because it must come from you but with a community that is helping you make your dreams to come true, I bet you can make that happen.



I am glad that you are still here and did not fall into the PayPal Money Adder SCAM. Even if it works, which I do not believe, be safe with your money.


I love to hear your comment, therefore, please leave it here or in the forum and I will be in touch to discuss the PayPal SCAMS or any SPAM that is flying around on the internet. Check if a site is LEGIT and stay safe.