PTC Paid to Click Sites

Make Money Online with PTC

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The so-called PTC Pay to Click website are better known for Pennies to Click and even that is not what you get.

The money you can earn is lower than low and for that, you click a website, wait a specific amount of seconds before you can click the next website.


Make money - PTC strategy

If this is how to make money pay per click then I can tell you this is not going to get you anywhere. You will need to follow a strategy to get referrals and let these referrals click and for every click they make, they make money, but you also make money. The more referrals you have to more you make.

It is easy to work from and make the money online by clicking the advertisements and websites but there is only one "how to make money pay per click" and that is following a strategy to get members who earn the money online for you.


The Best Paid to Click Sites

We are reviewing paid to click sites and give our verdict and with paid to click it means sites that really pay out. You will find sites that pay out but only when you log in every 30 days or so, that is not a good site, you will loose your money and for me that is SCAM. We have done some reviews and will continue to do so for the best paid to click sites but would welcome your comments on the sites we have reviewed and shared your experience with us and others.