Here at Keenclick I am using the best free keyword research and keyword finder tool that is out there. This SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker that I consider as simply the best SERP ranking tracker gives me the power to find the best keywords after intense study.

There are many tools out there but we feel that SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker does exactly what we need for a reasonable price. Yes, I wrote the best free keyword research and keyword finder tool and free means indeed free.

You can download a FREE Edition and use it “forever”, it is not just a trial version although it will miss some features that other Editions do have.

It is not just a price issue because if the software does not give reliable results then simply it would not be good but after using it for several years and having multiple clients being very happy, we just cannot say anything else then that we love SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker and will keep on using it.

As a SEO Freelancer I love to share my knowledge and experience on or SEO efforts and part of that is the usage of Rank Tracker. But before going into the detail of our SEO work, it is good to get an understanding of Rank Tracker that includes a description of what it is and what it does.

WebSite Auditor
WebSite Auditor
SEO SpyGlass
SEO SpyGlass


SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker is monitoring the performance of your SEO processes.

The ranking of your keywords for the website you are monitoring will be tracked on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or if you have another schedule then you just configure the scheduler and it is all done for you.

You do need to have the software installed locally on your machine because SEO Powersuite is not running in the cloud, however there are some cloud services that you will make use off but that for later.


SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker can monitor your keywords in over 400 search engines that includes local searches and international searches in another language than your base language.


SEO Powersuite has an excellent process to monitor your ranking in the local search engines like Google Maps or Bing Maps. This is especially great when you are a small business and are looking for local visitors that might come to your mortar and brick store.


Like so many other tools also SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker is full of configuration items including the search engines that you would like to have or configuring the email SMTP setup.

The majority of the options do speak for themselves however there are a few that are tricky and will be discussed on a separate page to really dig into the software so it really can benefit you for to rank better in the search engine by understanding the process better.


The main elements for Rank Tracker are the Ranking Summary, Rank Tracking and Keyword Map. The summary is interesting to get a quick overview to see what the progress is over a certain period that you can configure.

ranktracker visibility
ranktracker visibility


The Rank Tracking sheet gives an overview of the progress per keyword and this is what you will use to see if you need to work on a certain keyword.

You can see the progress of each keyword that you have chosen that includes search engines choice, remember the number of search engines (and counting) available?

ranking progress
When we sort however on number 1 positions then we see the following and it looks good however the KEI is very low for these keywords and therefore it is easier to rank for.

As you can see there is a lot of configuration or sorting to do. Yes, it all looks like a spreadsheet and in essence you would be able to do this in your own spreadsheet and create all kind of macro’s importing data, reading search engines but a) you need to have the time and b) you need to have the knowledge, although you might be able to learn it, but again time constraints.

And why would you, there is a FREE version of SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker and as long as you do not need to save, report or do need to switch off the computer, you can run it as long as you want.

If you have read SEO SpyGlass then you know that this is the tool to “spy” on your competitors. However, at Rank Tracker you just keep an eye on them and their progress.

In the image above you see the ranking for our client’s keyword and where their competitors rank with the same keywords.


You even can see if the keyword that you have chosen can be found in other databases then just the output of the organic results.

Think about video, local, images and more.

The image above shows the SERP icons


Grouping keywords together because of relevance or because you have grouped keywords and mapped them to a particular landing page are options that are available in SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker.

Just imagine that you run a campaign with let’s say 100 keywords then it is easy to map these keywords to the landing page and see the progress in ranking for these keywords. 

In this case there are no groups created yet but obviously that is easy to do and then move these keywords to the correct group.

This can be done in the Keyword Map but also in the Keyword Research section.

In the case below, it looks very nice to have an estimate of 21000 visitors however the competition is high for that particular keyword and the rest of the keywords are not very good but on the other hand easy to rank for.

keyword map


We already wrote a topic on the importance of Keyword Research and would urge you to read that. Understanding your keywords by researching and analysing not only your own business but also your competitors is a must and Rank Tracker helps you with that.


There are so many options within the Keyword Research that we will go through them with our use cases instead of naming them all.

It is obvious, once you have installed Rank Tracker and start using it that you will find more and more information and research possibilities that this software will help you researching the keywords that really help ranking your or client’s websites.

ranking keywords


Plenty of option to research keywords ranging from “keyword suggestions” where you can have the tool collect information from Google Ads Keyword Planner, Keyword Discovery or Yandex Wordstat.

keyword suggestions

Autocomplete Tools

Next to the autocomplete in a variety of search engines including Google, Yahoo and Amazon.


As the name suggest, finding related searches on your keywords is a good way to find and understand what people are searching for and you might need to change or update the content you are targeting.

related searches


You might think to fill in your own domain but why not filling in the domain of your competitor and learn from them?

Researching domains in your niche to get an understanding of not only how the competition is doing but how you can outrank them.

Related Questions

You probably have seen the “People also ask” in Google.

My query “How to wear a scarf” resulted in a list of sites including a video however for the related questions part you will see something like.

In Rank Tracker you do search for it too, you will see that I just collected the keywords and did not search for volumes or keyword difficulty.

related questions


How often do you find an interesting site even though you “misspelled” the keyword, which particularly can be the case for non-native?

Mixing words, combine them or even, as mentioned misspelled words can be attractive to rank for.


All your keywords are automatically added to your sandbox and stay there unless you remove them but it really gives you the opportunity to research each or groups of keywords so you can optimise your content around these keywords and target these groups of people that are most relevant to you and your business.

keyword sandbox


After seeing the next image, it reminded me that I have to work on the website because the domains of the competitors are stronger and because I cannot make them weaker, I have to work on the domain that is in my control.

domain strength


Especially when you are an SEO Agency and have clients then the reporting is a MUST have. No client will do business when you cannot send them at least a monthly report showing the progress and the quality of the rankings.

Make sure that if you have clients that you ask your client to name their competitors, you can find out but always verify with the client and add these clients to the report showing your client how you outrank their competitors.


SEO PowerSuite RankTracker is the best free keyword research and keyword finder tool out there to find the best keyword for your business, analyse each keyword in depths and monitor the progress of each keywords in the SERPs.

It becomes even better that you can work with Rank Tracker for free, indeed it does not cost anything besides a little bit of time to download this fantastic rank tracker tool and install it your computer.