Scam or Ligit

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PayPal Online Money Adder - SCAM

Would it not be great for PayPal to transfer money to your account for free. You did your research, you know that there are different PayPal Money Adders, download and online solutions and scripts and wonder what is the best which solution is working isn't it?


You might have done your research in depths, have a good knowledge but still, wonder which way to go as you do not want to lose any money because you are afraid that PayPal Money Adder is a SCAM. After reading all these reviews you finally want to know which PP Money Adder solution really works, the solution that solves all your money problems.


You might have opted already for a PayPal Money Adder online version or a PP Money Adder download version and these did not work so you want to know which version does work. You want to believe that money will flow into your PayPal account as you have seen on all these promising YouTube videos and that all for free.


Free money for all, not just you but everybody on the internet. Seeing your wallet grow every day with a few bucks or maybe even the big money. Is this a SCAM or not?


Find out the true story about PayPal Money Adder.

Spin the Wheel at Qriket

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Qriket a Spin Wheel Game

Not that long ago I came to a site that was more fun than thinking you can make money out of it. Seeing a wheel spinning with 2 colours, blue and yellow.

Select a colour and when your colour is chosen you win. The winnings are not that much but what can you lose?

You cannot run this game on your laptop you need to download it to your mobile and then only iOS or Android.

But before I download the app on any of my mobiles I had a search on Qriket and that shows me that this site is around for a couple of years. This sounds great isn’t it but searching more then it shows that this company went from bad to worse and there are almost no winners anymore.

And when you win it is not that much money, not even beer money. It might have been better a few years ago but reading all the information from people looking for a great way to earn money online the best would be to avoid Qriket.


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There are a lot of scammers out there. To avoid falling into the trap check out many sites like ours who have done the research. But just as with SPAM email, you do not register on every site. Do not fall into the trap of the quick rich scheme. It just does not work otherwise everyone would do that and everyone will be quickly rich and who is going to pay for that? The companies? They will go bust that way, isn't it?

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Paid Online Surveys from Home

A good way to earn money and getting paid is by filling in online surveys. This can be good fun and in certain cases pay very well. The top sites offering these surveys pay out millions every year and you can earn your money by joining them and start filling in.