Catholic All Year received a Crucifix for their chappel

Sometimes a product that is shipped for review is used in a way that was not expected. Yes, when I approached Catholic All Year I knew they were building a chappel and that it would be a great idea to have a Crucifix from Holyart shipped and placed. Within a week the product did arrive but obvious as Catholic All Year was busy building their chappel, it did take time to write the review.


rsz300 catholicallyearThe initial request was to have a guest or sponsored post hosted at their website but that is not what Catholic All Year wanted to do but there were some alternative options:

Quote: I don’t accept guest posts, but I do accept items to be featured on my accounts and I think we could be a good fit for one another there. I’m currently in the process of creating a home chapel and and almost everything in it has been a gift. The process has been very popular with my followers. (10.5K on instagram, 17K on Facebook, plus the blog) I’d love it if you would contribute a standing crucifix (12-18 inches, traditional/antique look, with gold color) or wall art (again traditional/antique look, with some gold color, I especially love the illuminated manuscript prints).


Yes, we had to wait for the article to be written however the Crucifix was posted on Facebook and Instagram to the followers.

From a linkbuilding perspective Facebook and Instragram are less interesting because of the "nofollow", however from a branding perspective Holyart is absolutely greatful they are mentioned and making their name go out for others to see. Question that always pops up, do they indeed get more traffic and better getting more sales.

As Keenclick we are not in the position to see that and obvious if we knew that we could comment on that however for every linkbuilder the goal is to get targeted traffic to the clients website and as long as that is happening and the client is happy we are happy.